Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Touch Screen Monitor

Our technology nowadays has really brought an innovative style of touch screen monitor. It is an easy way and very convenient on our part. I sure do that everyone wants to have a touch screen like this. It doesn't only make your life a lot more easier but it also brings an elegant look on your living room. Here are some information about the new touch screen monitor.

HP L5006tm Touch Screen 15" LCD Monitor

One of the newest additions to HP’s line of flat panel monitors, the HP L5006t 15-inch Touchscreen Monitor is the only HP business monitor to feature touchscreen technology for easy onscreen interactivity in a variety of point-of-sale (POS), hospitality, educational, banking, manufacturing, and kiosk environments.


  • Innovative technology: Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) touch technology allows accurate input through a finger, gloved hand, or stylus. The glass screen offers a more durable, damage-resistant alternative to film-coated display screens that continues working even if scratched. The display's touchscreen input is designed not to drift for accurate, fast input responses.
  • Sturdy design: The stable removable base is engineered for the physical demands of touchscreen use. The sturdy design helps foster intuitive operator entry and flexibility with a variety of applications to help reduce training time and costs and operational errors, and help increase employee productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Improved compatibility: USB and serial ports enable easy device connectivity with a variety of peripherals.
  • Maximum technology investment: The touchscreen technology can help minimize hardware investment costs by offering an alternative to separate keyboard and mouse hardware devices.
  • Environmental considerations: HP monitors meet stringent worldwide environmental, ecological and recycling standards as part of our ongoing commitment to growing environmental concerns and regulatory requirements.

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