Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Life in the States

My adjustment here in the States is doing pretty good. I thought I can't make it but by and by I am getting used to my surroundings. Life in the States is not easy. Many people will say when you get to the States your life will be more easier and more nicer but it is really not. Needless to say, living here is tough and needs a lot of adjustment especially when you came from a foreign country. The number one adjustment I dealt so hard was my husbands work schedule. He works offshore and gone for 28 days and being alone is very hard to deal with especially during my 1st and second months in the States. It was really tough for me that sometimes I end up crying and wanted to go home. But I thank God that I have overcome it. Next would be dealing with other people. As a new member to the community, it is so hard to understand what they were saying and sometimes it is hard to explain something to them without making them confused. Language is a barrier on my part because I came from a country that primary doesn't speak English that often. Yes, it was thought in school but not really a daily language to speak and being part of the community that the main language is English, it is really hard. Sometimes, my husband and I don't understand each other. Sometimes, I am afraid to say something because I might say it in a wrong way or I might be misunderstood. Circumstances like that are just one of those experiences I have encountered here in the United States but I don't really regret at all that I came here. I know I will still encounter some trials along my way but I know I will overcome with the help of our almighty God. Many people said that it's the land of milk and honey but it's really not because you don't just get your money anywhere you want to because you have to work hard for it and just good enough to pay your bills and some other things you need which is very high cost. So don't ever think that you hit the jackpot when you are in the States because It is not easy to live here. It takes a lot of work, adjustment, dedication, courage, strength, understanding and patience just to be able to live the life here. I hope you've learn something on my post. God Bless

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