Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Laptop

It was terrible for the past few days because I don't have my computer. It shut down and can't get it back. I had it fixed but there's no way to fix it, so today I decided to buy a new one. I hope this will last. This is more updated compare to the other laptop. I am just glad I have a new laptop now to work on and keep myself busy like I use to. So I am back guys and I am very glad to be back.


Dezz said...

Congrats sa New Pc hehe...

daan lang ako sis..

time to return favors kasi wala ako weekdays hehe..

weekend lang tawon ko makalaag..

hope, you're doing great over there..


Grace said...

Hi Ady, I am planning to buy a laptop, too. Asa ka nakapalit? Pila man?
By the way, thanks for the visit.
Ok ra man ko, medyo sakit lang akong ngipon, I don't know why. :(