Friday, February 25, 2011


Oh I am so full. We went out for Chinese buffet tonight and the food was great. We had a great time too with my husband and my daughter. Yes in short the 3 of us went out on a date. That was sweet and I am loving it. For the past days I have also been practicing to drive. I just got my learners permit last Tuesday and thank God I pass on my first take. Hopefully I will be able to take my road test next week but I am not really that comfortable yet. Probably I will practice more and hoping to get my drivers license in one shot when I take my road test. Wish me luck guys.

Shoe Fanatics

I love shopping shoes and when I check marc by marc jacobs shoes wow I just fell in love their product line. I now for sure where to shop for my shoe collection. Looking at their wide selection is very inviting to the point that I just want to them all. They have reasonable prices too so it is within the budget.

Did I say different style, all I can say is wow. They have stuart weitzman boots, jack rogers sandals and many more. They have a huge selection of shoes with different brands for a very affordable price. They offer free shipping for over $150 dollar purchases plus free exchanges. With Jildor Shoes you can never go wrong with your footwear need.

As a shoe lover, I could hardly wait for my first purchase. I so love their style and different designs that has a very huge selection in each brand. The good thing about it, I can't only go shopping for my shoes alone but also for my husband and daughter as well. That is so sweet. One stop shop for my family footwear need, what more can I ask.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wanted : Notebook Template

I have been wanting to change my template into a notebook design template as shown in the picture. But I seem to have no luck in finding one. And if I found the one that I like, the code is just messed up and wont download to my blog. Can anyone help me? Can you share some website to where I can find some nice templates. Thanks in advance.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Why is it so hard to deal with emotions sometimes. It is hard to understand why it comes and go. The very worst thing is when you get hurt. This is where you do not forget things easily. You just want to cry and burst it out to make you feel a little better but after that, it is still there. Pain is so hard to forget and erase. It is something that somebody could get killed or perhaps end their lives, but is it really worth it to leave your love ones behind just for a simple problem? No! Problems comes and go and we have the full control on how to deal with it or how to solve it. Some will take it as a motivation but some will take it negatively and take the wrong path and lead them in so much trouble. Emotions is really there since we were born but to deal with it is a sole responsibility of an individual. God knows everything that's happening and he is the best instrument to fight emotions all the time

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Valentines Day is just few hours away. I bet everyone is very busy planning or talking about where they're going after office hours tomorrow. I want to wish everyone a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY. I hope you guys will have a blast on valentines day. Be careful and enjoy each others company.

Excellent Credit Score

Moving to another country that you are not use to requires a huge adjustment. I can say that I did a lot of it when I move here in the states 3 years ago. The first year was very hard and all I want to do is to go back home. I was having hard time adjusting to their culture and just everything else here. But I thank God that I was able to conquer it with the help of my husband.

Along with my adjustment, I was also amazed with their rules over here. For example, in getting credit, in the country where I come from Philippines to exact, they prefer to loan people who has no other credit to a particular company. Unlike here, we do not do credit scores over there. We do investigate if somebody is making a loan. Here in the states, the poorer your credit score is, the more tougher you can get a credit.

I am very particular with our credit score. I always make sure it is stable or as much as possible bring it higher for a better reference. Right now I am very happy with our credit score and good thing also because we talk about buying our own house soon so this could help us big time in purchasing it. This means that we have a huge chance of getting it with affordability in our pocket. That is what we are really shooting for with a lower monthly mortgage because we have an excellent credit score.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cityville on Facebook

Do you guys play Cityville on Facebook? I guess most Facebook users could relate to what I am saying. Cityville is a game where you build your own city. Design it, build buildings on it and put decorations on. Actually, it's my husband who started playing it but now I got hooked to it. The game is very addicting and it really fascinates me to see the city I have created in this game. Most of my facebook friends are here too. So guys if you have spare time, play cityville now!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Went shopping for hubby yesterday. Actually it wasn't on the plan but when I saw their clearance sale on Mens' shirt, I couldn't resist. They seldom do clearance sale on the shirt that he like so I grabbed the opportunity yesterday. I bought him 3 and I hope he will like it.

Watching HBO

Thanks for the article from Glenda Hanson

I've heard a lot of people complaining that the hit show that aired on HBO a few years ago has been canceled and will never return back. The show is known as Carnivale and I have to agree that I'd love to see the producers make a third season of it. I used to watch this show all the time in HD on my satellite tv(that I got because of their awesome Sunday Ticket Deals. The show is based on a carnival that is set in the early 1920's. This particular television show is absolutely fantastic and I absolutely adore every single episode of it. I used to have it on DVD but the discs actually got ruined and I no longer watch them all the time like I used to.

HBO actually said that the show was out of their budget and cost too much to produce. It was canceled after only two seasons and I can not understand why, since it was such a huge hit. All of my friends used to watch this show and had their favorite characters. My favorite was Lila who was the carnival's bearded lady. She was definitely my favorite character and I loved any episode that had her in it. I try to catch the show whenever I can, but it's rarely ever on anymore and I'm very upset that they deciding to completely cancel it.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Superbowl XLV

It's superbowl time everyone. Enjoy the game and I hope your team will win. Go Steelers!!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Crazy Weather

It was crazy here today. If most state has winter storm, here down South is pouring with thunder and lightning. That was insane. The wind was terrible and was raining so hard. We thought we are going to experience a very bad night tonight but Thank God the weather calm down and I feel relieved. I hope everyone is safe and stay safe guys.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Baby Stuff

Being a mom is very challenging. It is a learning process everyday. When I got pregnant with our daughter, I was a bit nervous but excited. Of course, as a first time mom you do not what to do because of the lack of experience. But it was very amazing when I gave birth to our daughter, I just knew everything to do. I think it is an instinct for every mother that they know what to do right away.

Having a baby has a lot of preparations to do. It is very important to have a bunch of small baby blankets stock up before your baby is even born. It is also important that baby bedding is also in your list. They are very handy when your precious little one is born. This things are such life savers for first time mom like me.

And also, having a baby is also equal to baby gifts. That's right people you know just keep sending gifts for your little one. I think it is already a tradition. Everyone is just so excited for the upcoming baby and a new member. But from all the preparations and everything, all will be worth it the moment you see and hold you little one.