Saturday, July 31, 2010

Prayer Of The Day

AS I have mentioned before, I will share some religious thoughts, prayers, word of God to enlighten our day. For today this is our prayer.

May There Be Peace Within

May you trust your highest power that you are exactly where you are meant to be...
May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith.
May you use those gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you...
May you be content knowing you are a child of God...
Let this presence settle into our bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love. It is there for each and every one of you...

If there is peace there is love and if there is love everybody is happy.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Good Morning

We are going to help our neighbor today so we are up and ready to go. Hope you guys will have a wonderful day. Ciao

All Time Favorite Snack Treat

This guest post from Norris Beard

Can you picture this? You had a long day at work. You finally make it home to kick your shoes off your tired feet. Now you can plop down on the couch to relax, but before you do you this, go into the kitchen and grab your favorite snack. There is nothing like eating your favorite snack while watching satellite television. What is my favorite snack you ask? My favorite snack to eat while lounging in front of the satellite tv is butter caramel popcorn. I can taste the creamy flavor in my mouth just thinking about it. I first found my favorite snack in my local grocery store one day, but little did I know how much I would fall in love with it. Butter caramel popcorn became an addiction to me and to my luck I was able to find it at the dollar store for a dollar cheaper. So whenever I make a grocery run, I keep my pantry stocked with my favorite snack. Now get your favorite snack and enjoy the show.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Relaxing Moment

It has been a relaxing day so far. It is raining and the baby and the husband are taking their nap. In short this is my alone time..Lol..Just watching Filipino channel right now and at the same time updating my blog. It is nice to have a break sometimes from a very busy day. I am thankful that we have a Filipino channel because it does help my home sickness at times. Watching it, is like I am just in the Philippines, so it really helps. I hope you guys are having a great day!

Furniture Shopping

Home improvement is normally done in every household. It is done so that house will look more inviting and more relaxing. I cannot think of somebody living in a house full of dirt. Like me and my hubby, we have been doing some rearranging and some improvement in our living room. It has been three days and finally we are almost done and have seen our progress so far.

Now that we have a very precious baby girl, things are different. We had to remove some of the stuff in our living room to give more space for the little one. One of the things that were moved is our glass top dining table. How I wish we don't have to do that, but we have to. Our computer has to be place somewhere in the corner to really give us more space. In general, we are doing our home improvement for our little.

Yes we did remove some stuff, but also we need new once. Most probably we only need stuff that won't take so much space in our living room. Looking forward to purchase an end table for our couches. As soon as we are done with our cleaning, we will probably know what furniture to purchase for our living room. So it's like the baby has her space and me and hubby has our own space as well.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

General Cleaning

Busy busy busy. We have been cleaning our living and made some new arrangements to it. We are half done and when we get rid of most of the stuff that we do not need, I could map the floor tomorrow to make it look more nice. I am a little but seeing our progress is great. Hopefully we'll get it done tomorrow so that I can start cleaning the baby's bed. Well guys off to bed. Night everyone!

A loud night owl

Guest post written by Loretta Tate

I’ve always been a night owl but my husband grew up on a farm where he literally had to get up at the crack of dawn to milk cows. I’m not even kidding.

Unfortunately we’re both stuck in our ways and that’s been a problem since we were married 50 years ago. A lot of nights I’ll stay up later than him and watch late-night talk shows in the living room while he’s sleeping in our bedroom. I’ve had a bit of hearing loss over the years and he hasn’t so it’s bothered him some and even waken him up a few times.

This last time he said that there was no need for that TV to be that loud just so I should get a hearing test. I obliged him, really because I didn’t want to hear that sermon again. Although I knew that he was probably right, after all.

So I went in for one and ended up getting a miracle ear hearing aid.

I haven’t stopped watching TV late at night but at least now it doesn’t disturb my husband.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bad Mood

Just got done cooking. I made pork barbeque today because it is my hubby's request. Unfortunately he is asleep right now. Probably just tired or something. But at least cooking is already done and when he gets hungry food is already there. Well so far just having a bad mood today and hopefully it will pass before it ruins my day. We just had a little misunderstanding a while ago but hopefully will get it settled. Have a great day everyone.

Deal or No Deal

Posted by Tommie Wells

Deal or No Deal is on satellite tv and is hosted by Howie Mandel. The contestant chooses one of the numbered 26 briefcases for themselves and is kept closed until the end. Each case has a different amount of money inside. The player then chooses briefcases to be eliminated and their amount is revealed instantly. After a certain number of rounds the banker will offer the contestant a deal. The player can accept the deal and thus ending the game or deny the deal and continue playing. The game ends when a deal is made or until all the cases have been opened and the money amounts have been revealed. If a deal is made then they play out what would have happened to see if a good deal was made or not. The banker's offers change each time based on the values left on the board. Usually the offers are low at the beginning of the game but can exceed the average of the remaining values at the end of the game. Very few people have ever won the top prize. It is fun to see the player struggle over whether to take the deal or not. The game can be really suspenseful and you may find yourself yelling at the screen, like I do when watching my team on direct tv Sunday ticket in Dallas, to accept the deal, instead of losing a lot of money.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Quite Busy

Had quite a busy day today. Went out and run some errands but I'm glad I'm home. I am a little bit tired but I am okay. It is so hot outside. I guess it is 94 degrees in there but all in all my day is doing good so far. Hubby just left a message on facebook that he doesn't know the crew change would but hopefully within this week. Can't wait to see hubby, I miss him so much. Hope you guys are having a great Tuesday morning.

Heading to Los Angeles!

Guest blog post from Kayla Larman

Being a college graduate is a reward all by itself, but finally getting out on your own--earning a living and starting a whole new independent life is a gigantic step. I will be moving to LA to follow my modeling career. I have signed with an agency in Santa Monica, CA. I am very excited and look forward to meeting new friends. I have a close girlfriend whom I will move in with, until I can get out to search for my own home. I plan on buying a home near Malibu or Laguna Beach. My parents are loving and caring and want to make sure I am safe. I said that I would let them know my new address, and that no matter which home I chose, I would sign up for Adt security. Home is a big deal to me--it is where you can "breathe" and "be yourself". I am going to decorate with lots of pastel colors and find a home with a good sized yard. I would really like to have an underground outdoor pool.

I will be busy packing after graduation, and driving will be not so much fun--from Minnesota to California. Ouch! When I make the trip I will keep in touch with my friends and family on my cell phone. When I see the lights of LA----Yippee!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Dell, EBay to test Microsoft cloud 'appliance'

Microsoft Corp. is getting some help from eBay Inc., Hewlett-Packard Co., Dell Inc. and Fujitsu in testing a new "platform appliance" to be used with its new Windows Azure cloud-computing service.

The new "platform appliance" can be used, Microsoft (Nasdaq:MSFT) said, to run a company's Windows Azure service in data centers.

The new platform is being announced Monday at a conference in Washington D.C. It is aimed at businesses who want to use Windows Azure to run hundreds or thousands of computer servers themselves rather than use somebody else's remote data center.

EBay (Nasdaq:EBAY) will reportedly test the platform for its own use, while Dell, Fujitsu and Hewlett-Packard will reportedly test it in their data centers where they will offer Windows Azure to their own customers.

Round Rock-based Dell, the No. 3 computer maker in the world, employs an estimated 16,000 workers in Central Texas.

The Big Bang Theory

Guest post written by Keshia Bowers

When I first caught an episode of “The Big Bang Theory” a few years ago, I instantly fell in love with the four nerdy physicists Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj. I may have a things for nerds, but their awkward hi jinks and interactions kept me tuning in week after week.

I knew that I recognized one of the characters from something else he’d starred in, so I used my wildblue satellite internet to look him up and found out that Leonard played Chevy Chases’s son in “Christmas Vacation.”

Every year my family gets together with another family we’ve been friends with as long as I can remember and eat dinner, exchange presents and watch the classic Christmas movie. I was so excited to realize that he was the same person!

After that I used wildblue texas and rented all of the seasons of the show from Blockbuster’s website on DVD so I could catch up and enjoy the current season even more. I’m c urrently in the process of finishing out the first three seasons, (I’m re-watching the third) in preparation for the new season in September.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Healt and Beauty

Just a thought of sharing this informative article that I have read:

5 Common Culprits in Skin Damage

The sun, free radicals, smoking, irritants, and facial expressions can cause skin damage. Find out how to fight back.

Our skin is assaulted by everything from the sun to irritating laundry detergent and cigarette smoke.

And it can show. Wrinkles, redness, and even skin cancer can result. But before you resign yourself to the aging effects of your environment, consider the five most common culprits of skin damage and learn what you can do to avoid them.

  1. Sun exposure. The sun is the biggest cause of skin damage, says Faramarz Samie, MD, PhD, a dermatologist at Jefferson University Hospitals in Philadelphia. The ultraviolet rays of the sun break down collagen and elastin, which help keep your skin looking plump and smooth. They also affect melanocytes, which can lead to changes in your skin’s pigmentation. The aging effects of the sun eventually show on your skin as wrinkles, age spots (patches of brown spots), and possibly skin cancer.

    To avoid the skin damage that can be caused by the sun, dermatologists advise staying out of the sun during the middle of the day when the sun’s rays are strongest, using a broad-spectrum sunscreen — one that protects against both types of harmful ultraviolet rays, UVA and UVB — with a sun protection factor of 30 or higher, and wearing protective clothing such as a hat when you’re outside.

  2. Free radicals. One of the ways the sun damages your skin is through production of harmful substances called free radicals. Free radicals are unstable oxygen molecules with a single electron. In short, doctors think that ultraviolet light from the sun can lead to damaged DNA and skin damage, Dr. Samie says. Free radicals may even play a role in the development of skin cancer. They are also the result of exposure to tobacco products or other factors in the environment. Some skin care products contain antioxidants such as vitamins C and E that help to lessen the aging effects that free radicals have on your skin. Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, which contain antioxidants, is also good for healthy skin.
  3. Smoking cigarettes. Overall, the skin of a smoker isn’t as healthy and doesn’t heal as well as a nonsmoker’s skin. It also has a tendency to wrinkle easily. That’s because smoking cigarettes causes all of your blood vessels to constrict, or get more narrow, including the vessels that feed the outer layers of your skin, says J. Greg Brady, DO, a dermatologist and skin cancer surgeon at Advanced Dermatology Associates in Allentown, Pa.

    When you smoke, your skin gets less of the oxygen and nutrients it needs to stay healthy, and that leads to wrinkles. In addition, smoking causes elastic fibers in the skin to thicken, which means your skin won’t snap back into shape as well and you can experience sagging, Dr. Brady says. “The more you smoke, the more likely it is to happen,” he explains. “If you smoke two packs a day and you’ve done it for 20 years, you have a 40-pack history.” The bigger that number, the more skin damage you’ll see.

    Nicotine gum, inhalers, lozenges, nasal spray, and patches can all help you quit, along with prescription medications such as Zyban (bupropion), Chantix (varenicline), Aventyl (nortriptyline), and Catapres (clonidine). Talk to your doctor about the best option for you.

  4. Irritants. Chemicals in cleaning products and laundry detergent can cause red, irritated skin and allergies in people who are susceptible, Samie says. Ammonia and bleaches have a tendency to irritate skin. These chemicals may cause contact dermatitis, which is scaling and irritation, and sometimes even a chemical burn. People with more sensitive skin will experience more skin irritation than others. There are also more than 3,000 substances in our environment that can cause allergies.

    The easiest way to protect your skin from irritants is to avoid contact, either by wearing gloves when you clean or do dishes or by switching to less irritating products. Also, moisturizing your skin can help. Some people may need an antihistamine or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for treatment.

  5. Smiles and frowns. It’s a simple fact that as you age your skin loses it elasticity and doesn’t snap back into place after you make facial expressions the way it did when you were younger, Samie says. As a result, your skin will show wrinkles even when you’re not frowning or laughing.

The Right Way To Introduce Your Child To The Internet

Guest post written by Daniel Kilten

There's nothing scarier than thinking about the terrible things that might happen when your child starts using the internet. We all know the horror stories and the awful people who are out there waiting for a young person to prey on. Instead of running from this reality, however, the best way to deal with this situation is to make sure your child understands the benefits and risks that come along with using the satellite wireless internet. They also need to understand the fact that you have to be able to trust them when they go online. If you lay this foundation, your children will have a better chance of using your hughesnet packages safely and effectively.

Just like life, you have to help your children understand that there are good and bad people in the world. Their best bet for staying safe is to remain in areas where they are comfortable. They would not, for instance, get into a car they did not recognize. Compare this to going to a site that they are not familiar with. Stress to them that if they have any questions or concerns about an area on hughes wireless internet, they should come to you for information. That way, they won't end up on any sites where they could possibly be targeted by a predator. This is one of the most important aspects of the internet to make your child aware of.

Today's Inspiration

This is the today's inspiration:

Tools to Strengthen Self-Assurance

Self-confidence is within us all, but sometimes when the world is throwing us constant curveballs, it can get lost. Learning how to rebuild and maintain self-confidence is essential to having a fulfilled life. There will always be events that make us question if we are good enough. When that happens to you, try these tools to get back in touch with your inner strength and assurance.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Soccer Players Leave Fans Amazed Every Time They Play the Game we All Love So Much

Post written by Leonard Dukes

Soccer is the original football and keeps fans entertained throughout every second of the game. Athletes that play soccer must exhibit a strong physical fitness and unique strategical skills in order to excel. Soccer is a sport that everyone can enjoy playing though, regardless of your age, size, or ability level. Players use their feet and legs to strategically move the ball around and ultimately score by kicking the ball into the goal.

Soccer has gained popularity all over the world because it offers a sense of national pride and the best total body workout around. Manchester United is a British soccer team that has truly touched my heart. There is nothing like watching a game on television and hearing the excited fans chant and sing and fill up the whole stadium. I love to watch soccer on satellite TV, which is why I looked to find the best TX directtv deals. It takes me to a state of mind that is free of worry and totally intertwined in the game.

Manchester United fans in particular live for the sport and their team; they come to matches dressed in red, black, and white and their passion for the game cannot be ignored. Soccer players leave fans mesmerized every time they play the game and invoke some of the most heartfelt emotions around. You should look and see what matches are coming up; you don’t want to miss out on the action.