Wednesday, October 31, 2007

my family

my honey's family and soon to be so excited to meet them all one day soon..

Monday, October 29, 2007

my honey and his dog bubba

..this is my honey Forest Eaton..He always make me smile..He completes me..I thank God for him for coming into my life..My life is so much meaningful now because of him and he means everything to me..mmmwwwaaahhhh

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Breakfast time!!!

heres what i had during my breakfast..Actually i bought all the ingredients at SM Davao last night after our seminar at Grand Men Seng Hotel..I have no plans of buying anything at all but when i stepped inside the wet market..geeezzz!!!..the lettuce had just captured my eyes,so right there and then i decided to make a burger...I know for sure everyone knows how to make a burger and the ingredients I'm featuring..

The ingredients:Ady's ala burger sa umaga...


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ham and Fresh Lettuce

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Union and Tomato



>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>My Breakfast...Yummy!!!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Spending time over the kitchen...Menu for the day..Ady's corned beef ala carrots de patatas

This is the other side of me when I'm just at home...COOKING...I knew how to cook since i was a little kid...if I'm not mistaken i first cooked some rice when i was 5 years old and it all started there..It's always been my interest being around the kitchen and it's not because i do love to eat but i just love to cook and discover new menu's by my own..This is what i cooked over lunch for me..I call this dish...ADY'S CORNED BEEF ALA CARROTS DE PATATAS..First off,here are the ingredients:

1.>>>The union, the garlic and the sliced carrots...Make it sure that THE carrots are soaked into the water for a while to retain its freshness and color..

2.>>>The patatas or what we called potato...Patatas is a tagalog and cebuano term..Still it has to be soaked onto the water for a while to retain its freshness and color...Potatoes are sensitive and it has to stay in the water until it will be added into the mixture...

3.>>> The corned beef...I use the canned one because it is ready to cook and it doesn't really needed to be fry for long..You can use the ground beef as alternative on this menu..


1.>>> Saute the union and the garlic with an oil in a pan for a few minutes until the ingredients turns into brown color...Mix it very well..

2.>>>Add on the corned beef to the mixture..Saute it very well for a few minutes..No need to fry it for long because it's already cooked..

3.>>>Add on the sliced carrots and mix it very well with th rest of the mixture..Add a little amount of water and have it boil until the carrots are tender...

4.>>>Add the remaining ingredient..the potato...Mix it very well with rest of the mixture..No need to add water anymore..Cover the mixture and have it boil for a bit until the patatas are tender...

5.>>> Add the seasoning to taste..So this menu is very easy to do..It is good for 4 servings match with rice and a softdrink..


A Day with my Friends...

as i was saying the other day that i am going to shop for a mini skirt because i am running out of mini skirts down here but i end up buying this dress I'm wearing on this picture..I was at the mall and was looking for a mini skirt but this dress had captured my attention and i feel like buying it instead of looking up for some more and so i did..I find it very simple but comfortable to wear..My officemates were teasing me because they could seldom see me wear this kind of clothing..They were like,the baby is now a lady..I felt so much confidence in wearing this clothes because it brings out simplicity and thats me..

this my good buddy Allan Joy,he is my officemate and we get along well..I'm just sad because his stay will only be up to October 31st.He just recently tendered his resignation to pursue his ambition to become a nurse,,I will surely miss this guy and i wish him all the success in life and to his chosen career...

...these are some of my officemates,..from left to right its Allan,Maan,Me and Mommy yong..I already intoduced my good buddy earlier who is Allan..The next one is Maan..She's a pretty girl with a good heart and sweet as well..She is truly a friend that you can count on,,Right now she is pregnant to her first child and its a girl..Her name is "Jessamae" which means "Jesus save me"...She will be leaving soon just like Allan because she will give birth to Jessamae next month..I am so proud being her friend and soon to be the Godmother of her child..

...the working girls...well as to what the picture shows,i just kept the camera rolling..I'm done with my work this time and was just relaxing and gettin' ready to go home..On my background is mommy yong who were very busy with the computer..We all had a great day at work today because no such pressure and all work were done on time..

Thursday, October 18, 2007

waking up

its a brand new day of working again but thank God its Friday once more and the week is almost over...yiippeeee...I'm always been excited to take a day off from work..I just woke up and currently having a cup of coffee right here..My work starts at 8 in the morning up to 6 in the evening,so its a long hours of work again today and i wonder what I'm going to encounter today....Yesterday was kinda weird in the office because my boss keeps on picking on me and i don't know what i did wrong,maybe because us girls were so noisy yesterday..,yes we were talking but at the same time we are working... oh well I'm just doing my job...Maybe he's got a bad day yesterday and i don't care at all...I'm so excited today because its payroll time,YEAH,,shopping once more...yes our payroll is every 5th and 19th of the month, so i don't mind working to hard today because later on the payroll arrives and its all worth it...Don"t know what to shop yet but surely first on my list is to buy mini skirt because I'm running out of mini skirts here..Well its a day to start things rolling and hopefully I'm going to have wonderful day today...Ciao:)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

my adventure......

this are some of my trips just this year,the mountain climbing and the beach trip...i love to travel and i always make it a point to bring with me my digital cam...theres no way to forget that gadget..

fun to ride a bike

Ever since i was 9 years old,my dad had thought me how to ride a bike..I'm so fond of it,it brings so much joy and happiness to me..i run by 80-100 kilometers per hour,pretty fast for a girl like me but i hated low speed because I'm a real speeder..I work in one of the motorcycle dealers here in our place and my job really co-insides with my interest and i love it..As for now i don"t have my bike yet but hopefully one day i want to own a raider 150 bike like what im riding at on this picture..It is real fast,150cc,twin cam with air cooler,6 speed and double overhead get to drive this kind of motorcycle so often so it really encourages me and have that determination in owning this thing someday....Speed up:)

a long day:)

it was a pretty long and busy day for me here,...lots of work in the office, have to do this and that..wheeewww but at least all were done and I'm home now and just excitement happened today,i was just on my desk and was doing multiple paperwork..well typical day for me everyday,thats my routine...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

going to bed now

I'm yawning in here and needed to sleep,i'll work on this thing in a few days and for sure im going to love my stay here because i could write what i want to tell,,,