Sunday, November 30, 2008


I had a great day today at church. The service was great and lots of foods were donated for the food mission. I am so proud that we manage to contribute some of our food in the house and just knowing that lots of families will be feed for that food, it felt so amazing. We also resumed on our Christmas decorations in our yard and wow those decorations are so wonderful. Christmas is really fast approaching. It's going to be my first Christmas here in the States and I am looking forward to it. I am currently talking to my mom back in the Philippines and I am glad to hear that they are all doing fine. And any moment from now, it's my bedtime, so I wish you a fruitful evening guys and sleep tight..Goodnight everyone

Saturday, November 29, 2008


For more than 100 years of providing shoppers the best quality products in a very affordable price Kmart has now unveiled an unparalleled assortment of exclusive, exciting gifts for the home and family from America's most respected brands. This is to respond shopper's biggest influence in buying holiday gifts this year and Kmart is giving away more than 25,000 gifts under $25. Choose from coveted brands such as Craftsman, Celebrations by Radko, Martha Stewart Everyday and more. Kmart shopper's can also continue to find unbeatable prices for exclusive brands and products for everyone on their Christmas lists.

Kmart is not only giving away 25,000 gifts under $25 but they also thought their shopper's how to save through their layaway program and no payment, no interest for six months just to provide the value and savings to make this holiday season shines for all. Out of their 25,000 quality gifts, I plan to buy my husband a Craftsman 23-inch hand tool box with comfort handle for only $19.99 and this will be he perfect gift for him as he travel a lot. Their Leapfrog Leapster Learning Games is what I plan to buy for my Godchild for only $24.99 and she will absolutely enjoy the different kinds of games. And for myself I would like to have a Route 66 girls fashion hoodies and embellished jeans for only $16.99.

This is really a great opportunity to shop at Kmart. And not only that, their complete collection of 25,000 gifts under $25 is also available on where customers can easily navigate to great gifts, useful shopping tips, creative decorating ideas and exclusive offers. You can also sign up for free to receive the latest Kmart news via email that includes updates on special store hours, in-store deals and online-only sales to find the best value during holiday shopping. Go to your nearest Kmart store now or shop on and complete those lists for the holiday.Click HerePost?slot_id=27140&url=http%3a%2f%2fsocialspark


As usual, it was a slow day today. I stayed more inside the house because it was raining. All I did was to do some creative stuff that I love to do. So far I have done two items already. I also helped my mother-in-law went through to the pantry and have some stuff ready for church tomorrow for the food mission. I just did some things that will keep myself. Hope you, guys had a great day today


All the members in my family are wearing eyeglasses but they always complain about the price and the quality they get when they purchased and before the year end, they have to replace their eyeglasses to a new one for a more comfortable vision for them. This has always been their problem when it comes to purchasing time because they can't find the right shop that will provide them what they want. I want to end up their burden so bad, so I did a thorough research on how to provide them the best quality of eyeglasses that they want

As I was doing my research, I found Optical4less online that sells different kinds of eyeglasses in a very cheap price. They are the world's leading discounted prescription eyeglasses store and an expert that will provide what you need. They have all kinds of eyeglasses that my family can choose from such as tinted sunglasses, bifocal reading eyeglasses, progressive reading eyeglasses, photochromic sunglasses and a complete prescription eyeglasses that includes anti - reflective coating, UV protection coating and a quality glasses cleaning cloth all for free. Wow that's a good deal.

Their clients can also prove on how well their service is and how well they provide an excellent eyeglasses that features virtual try on system that also includes free world wide shipping if you order more than two pair with a trendy, fashion, stylish frames in a fast delivery service within a week.

I am so grateful that I have found this site for my family's eyeglasses need. They are not only producing a high quality eyeglasses but you can also purchase it for as low as $15. Where can you find a cheap eyeglasses like Optical4les does. I will truly recommend Optical4less to all my friends and will tell them the satisfaction that my family got in using their product in a very cheap price. Try it now.

Here are some of their trendy, fashion and stylish eyeglasses:


Just a thought of posting this. It was a gift that I received from my husband during my bridal shower. Infact, I was with him when he bought this, i mean we were together as we were doing our shopping that time but without my knowledge, he sneaked to Hallmark to buy this while I was busy looking for something at Victoria Secret. It is a heart shape glass with two swans on it with an engraved wordings of " I will always love you" how sweet. He said, that the reason why he bought this, is because of the song I use to sing for him. A song entitled " I will always love you by Jim Brickman. I really love that song because it describes the feelings that I have for him. I am so grateful for my husband because he makes me so complete and I couldn't ask for more. He his all that I want and need for the rest of my life.. I love you so much baby.


It is the holiday once again and Christmas will be here before you know it. It is the season of gift giving and most people right now are getting their Christmas lists done as soon as possible. Some must have completed their lists already and some may not have yet because they do not know what to give. Most of the time, they end up giving money as a gift. But worry no more because here is a great website that offers great personalized holiday gifts to cater your need on this holiday. It is Pexagon's holiday offer from now until the end of the year with 20% discount for four awesome personalized holiday gifts. Here's what they've got.

Their Personalized Thumb Drives are available in 14 colors, up to 16GB in capacity with FREE custom laser engraving! Choose from one of their 32 exciting themes such as "#1 Teacher" or "Happy Holidays" and engrave two lines of personalization text on the reverse side! Starting at $7.99 after discount and also their Personalized Pens with three unique styles, multiple colors and a FREE line of personalized laser engraved text! Starting at $1.59 after discount are awesome. Their Business Card Flash Drives are the perfect gift for the business person or administrator in your life! It looks like a business card but the back side hides a small USB cable (huge 2GB capacity) and the front side can be engraved for FREE with three lines of personalization text! Starting at $15.99 after discount. They also offer a Wooden USB Flash Drives which are environment-friendly, wooden design with attached cap and two color choices. Available in 2GB and 4GB capacities with 2-sided custom laser engraving absolutely FREE! Starting at $15.99 after discount. Was it a great opportunity for everyone to get? Yes it is. Check out Pexagon now!Opp-300x300Post?slot_id=27110&url=http%3a%2f%2fsocialspark


Good morning everyone. It's another once again and today it is so cloudy outside that in any moment from now, it will rain. I had a good sleep last night and didn't even noticed that it was really raining so hard and the weather was really bad according to mom and dad. Well, I am glad I didn't know about it because it will just scare me. Our weather here is not really good at this time and hopefully, it will be over soon so that we can put our nativity set outside for the upcoming holiday..Have a great day ahead everyone


The soap opera "Dyosa" on ABS-CBN is now a phenomenon. Each episode is getting more exciting and leaves the views the anxiety on what's going to happen next. I am so thrilled with this soap and I always make it sure that I have watch each episode. Anne Curtis as "dyosa" has played an excellent role on this TV series and as well as Luiz Manzano and Sam Milby. They did a great job in keeping their audiences thrilled and excited. I am just so grateful that I can still watch this soap, eventhough I am in the States now. Each day I look forward on what's going to happen to each character. The staff are giving their 100% performance to produce an excellent work and I salute them for giving such tremendous experience of being an audience to this soap. Keep it up!

Friday, November 28, 2008


Have you heard of flat belly diet? If not this is your chance. Prevention magazine is giving away flat belly diet membership. The first 500 people to sign up on the Flat Belly Diet Facebook group will receive free 3 month memberships to the Flat Belly Diet Online Companion Program, including:

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Flat Belly Diet was created for people who have tried everything to eliminate belly fat. It offers a science-based solution that combines a cutting-edge nutrition plan with expert tips and advice. The Flat Belly Diet is one of the fastest growing diets in the world that uses fun terms like MUFA'S and Sassy water and allows you to specifically target belly fat. Sign up now and be one successful member who tried this program.Fbd



It's a rainy Friday today and until now it is still raining. It's cold and I am bored. I didn't do much today. I just went out to pay our bills and went back to house again. I feel so lazy today and I don't feel like doing much around the house. I also talk to my husband today and I am so glad about it. I hope he will be home soon because I miss him so much. That's it for now guys and I'm wishing you a wonderful evening.


This reservation-only adventure allows guests to experience the most exciting animal encounters the world has to offer – swimming with dolphins, playing with stingrays, and coming eye-to-eye with sharks and barracuda.

Located adjacent to SeaWorld in Orlando, interacting with bottlenose dolphins is the highlight of a day-long adventure that also includes snorkeling through reefs teeming with thousands of tropical fish including stingrays, and lazily swimming down a tropical river under a rocky waterfall into a free-flight aviary.

This "ultimate dolphin experience" starts with a brief orientation through an informative video and trainer talk. Guests learn about dolphin characteristics and how trainers use hand signals and positive reinforcement to communicate with these amazing animals. The actual dolphin experience provides a rare opportunity to spend 30 minutes in the water getting acquainted with dolphins through hugs, kisses, rubdowns and the occasional dorsal tow or belly ride.

Your day's adventure doesn't end there. Guests don snorkels and masks for a glimpse into the amazing underwater world at Discovery Cove's Coral Reef where thousands of exotic fish surround guests as they explore the remains of a shipwreck while coming eye-to-eye with sharks and barracuda. After enjoying a freshly prepared meal, guests may drift down a relaxing river as it winds its way through unique landscapes – a sunny island beach, a tropical rainforest, an underwater cave, and an interactive aviary where you can play with over 200 tropical birds.

"With Discovery Cove, we've created an extraordinary family adventure and have given guests an all-new reason to come to Orlando," says Frank Murru, Discovery Cove's general manager. "Discovery Cove has truly become Central Florida's newest vacation destination."

Indian commandos storm besieged Jewish center

MUMBAI, India (AP) - Masked Indian commandos dropped from helicopters Friday onto the roof of a Jewish center in Mumbai where suspected Muslim militants were holed up, possibly with hostages, as sharpshooters kept up a steady stream of fire at the five-story building.

The assault came as commandos freed nearly two dozen captives from the nearby Oberoi hotel as they searched the building for attackers still holed up more than a day after a chain of attacks across India's financial center by the militants left at least 119 people dead.

Security officials insisted their operations, which had been going on for nearly two days, were almost over.

"It's just a matter of a few hours that we'll be able to wrap up things," Lt. Gen. N. Thamburaj told reporters.

The commando attack on the headquarters of the ultra-orthodox Jewish outreach group Chabad Lubavitch was punctuated by gunshots and explosions from within the building as forces cleared it floor by floor, according to an Associated Press reporter at the scene.

Hundreds of onlookers, many with binoculars, crowded onto roofs and in narrow alleys of south Mumbai, trying to catch a glimpse of the dramatic commando assault.

It was not immediately clear if there were hostages in the building or their fate.

At the Oberoi hotel, at least 25 captives were rushed out and loaded into waiting cars, buses and ambulances.

The group, many clutching passports, included at least two Americans, a Briton, two Japanese nationals and several Indians.

Some carried luggage with Canadian flags, and two women were dressed in black abayas, traditional Muslim women's garments. The group included one man dressed in chef's uniform who was holding a small baby.

"I didn't see anything. I just heard loud blasts," said a man who smiled and waved to reporters. He said he was British, but declined to identify himself. "I was in my room. I didn't get out till an hour ago."

The well-coordinated strikes by small bands of gunmen starting Wednesday night left the city shell-shocked, but the sporadic gunfire and explosions at the Taj Mahal and Oberoi hotels dwindled overnight.



Military are known to be the heroes of our country. They always fulfill their duties and responsibilities as the fighter of our nation. Their job comes first before anything else and being away from their family is just one of the rials they are facing because of their commitment. Imagine how a certain family could manage the loneliness and the sadness they feel when a member of their family is not present on a special occasion. It's hard for the family and it's hard for the military one too because he/she is missing the different activities of his/her family especially this holiday season that is really time for the family.

When we hear such stories like this or instances that occur to somebody we knew, we always wish to do something for them. But this holiday season you can be a hero to somebody's life by way of fulfilling holiday wishes of 30,583 military families through online contribution. To know what they really need for this holiday season, visit Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry to read their stories and their wishes that they are aiming for this season. Be a hero and give our heroes and their families the credit that they deserve to have.Post?slot_id=26830&url=http%3a%2f%2fsocialspark

Chihuahua Breed

Coat: The Chihuahua coat comes in two varieties: The Smooth and Long coat. The Smooth coat has a glossy, soft, and close coat which is full textured over the entire body, but quite scanty on the head and ears. The Long coat has a soft, longer coat that can be slightly curly or flat. This variety does have an under-coat. Either coat type comes in a variety of colors such as fawn, brown, black, and white. The coat may be solid in color, marked with splashes of color, or tri-color. They are an average shedder. Overview: The Chihuahua is the smallest of all breeds and has the distinction of being the oldest breed in America. They were named after the Chihuahua region in Mexico. It is believed that this breed descended from ancient breed that was larger in size and highly prized by Aztec royalty. The Chihuahua of today has a very fine bone structure, but are actually quite muscular. Character: The Chihuahua is a very individualistic breed. They each have their own unique personality, so only a few generalizations can be made. They are commonly referred to as a "Chi". They are energetic, graceful, and display a human-like expression. Their life span is the longest of any size dog. Temperament: The Chihuahua is deeply devoted and fiercely loyal. They typically become extremely attached to one or two people. They are bold, fearless, and highly protective of their masters. They thrive on inordinate amounts of attention. The Chihuahua is by nature gentle, loving, and sweet-tempered. They are wary of strangers and make excellent watchdogs. This breed is not well suited for children or other pets. However, they are sociable with their own kind. Chihuahuas are excellent companions in the right circumstances. Care: The Chihuahua requires minimal grooming. The Smooth coat variety requires only occasional brushing. The Long coat variety should be brushed several times a week with a soft bristle brush. Both varieties only need bathing once a month using a mild shampoo. Special care must be given to not get water into their ears as they are prone to ear infections. Dental hygiene is a must to prevent tooth loss. The health issues that affect this breed include slipped stifles, open font or soft spot, eye problems, and heart disease. The Chihuahua does not tolerate cold climates and must be protected when taken outside. Training: The Chihuahua can be difficult to train, but with patience, love, and consistency do well. They respond best to positive reinforcement. Chihuahuas can be housetrained by either the crate method or the paper training method. Early, extensive, and intensive socialization is an absolute must for this breed. Activity: The Chihuahua is an excellent apartment or condominium dweller. The majority of their exercise needs can be met indoors with toys or play sessions. However, they greatly enjoy going with their owners and benefit from daily walks. Using a harness is recommended instead of a leash is best given their delicate neck and bone structure. Ownership: If you are looking for Chihuahua puppies for sale from reputable Chihuahua breeders or to adopt a Chihuahua from a Chihuahua rescue then make sure you understand as much about the dog breeds you are interested in as you can. Every puppy breed is different. Begin your research by reading the breed information about the Chihuahua puppy above. Search our dog breeds section to find Chihuahua puppies, dogs and puppies that make great pets.

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park

The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is located about 50 km north of the city of Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines. It features a limestone karst mountain landscape with an 8.2 km. navigable underground river. A distinguishing feature of the river is that it winds through a cave before flowing directly into the South China Sea. It includes major formations of stalactites and stalagmites, and several large chambers. The lower portion of the river is subject to tidal influences. The underground river is reputed to be the world's longest. At the mouth of the cave, a clear lagoon is framed by ancient trees growing right to the water's edge. Monkeys, large monitor lizards, and squirrels find their niche on the beach near the cave.

This is one of a kind opportunity for this gorgeous place. Philippines has got so many beautiful places to treasure that could compete worldwide. I am so proud that this place is currently on rank 1. Hopefully one day, i can visit this place.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

WALL - E 2008

WALL-E (2008) Poster

Watch the Trailer
After hundreds of lonely years of doing what he was built for, Wall-E (short for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) discovers a new purpose in life (besides collecting knick-knacks) when he meets a sleek search robot named Eve. Eve comes to realize that Wall-E has inadvertently stumbled upon the key to the planet's future, and races back to space to report her findings to the humans (who have been eagerly awaiting word that it is safe to return home). Meanwhile, Wall-E chases Eve across the galaxy.
Also Known As:
Wall E
Production Status: Released
Logline: A young robot looks for a home in outer space.
Running Time: 1 hr. 37 min.
Release Date: June 27th, 2008 (wide)
MPAA Rating: G
Buena Vista Pictures Distribution
Production Co.:
Pixar Animation Studios
Walt Disney Feature Animation
U.S. Box Office: $223,280,427
Filming Locations:
Los Angeles, California, USA
Produced in: United States


When I heard about black friday, I was blank because I have no idea what it is. You know, I came from a country that doesn't have this madness and for me everything here in the Unites States is new. Finally, my mother in law told me about it and black friday here in the United States is the beginning of the traditional holiday shopping. Shoppers will shop from dawn to midnight on this day and gets a very low price on different products. A lot of shops in the United States will offer huge discounts during this madness and Charter Communications is just one of them. Their black friday madness offers great deal which they call the ultimate bundle. On this package, they are giving away $250 gift card with Digital Home, HD, on demand Digital View, Sports View, HBO, Cinemax, Straz, Encore, 10 Mbps High - Speed internet and Unlimited calling for only $165.97 a month and payable for 12 months plus if you order now you will automatically get a chance to win a, Xbox 360. That is awesome and a great start for the year 2009. Their offer will end on December 5, 2008 so hurry and do not miss their ultimate bundle. Visit Charter Communications now and start your black friday madness online.




Wednesday, November 26, 2008


BOTH Golden Boy Promotion and Top Rank top executives are now downsizing and downplaying their earlier huge forecast on pay per view (PPV) buys for the December 6 (December 7 Philippine time) fight between Oscar dela Hoya and Manny Pacquiao.
From a high estimate of topping or equaling the 2.15 million buys generated by the Dela Hoya-Mayweather Jr. ticket last year, the promoters of the Dream Match are now saying 1.5 million PPV buys would already be a 'smash hit' given the recession that is hitting the US economy.

Scalpers who anticipated to make a killing earlier cornered the live ticket sales are now reportedly having a hard time moving tickets valued at $1,500 where before these could command a pricey tag of up to $35,000 each.

That is why this corner has always prodded Pacquiao lawyer Jeng Gacal, a fellow 1977 graduate of the Marist Notre Dame school system in General Santos, to always include in the fight contract proviso of Manny a guaranteed purse clause.

For the Dela Hoya tiff, a $10 million dollar guaranteed pay slip plus substantial share on the upside of the PPV and other sales (live and close circuit television tickets and cable and free TV proceeds) were broached.

After all, it was money above all that made Team Pacquiao decide to take on Dela Hoya's offer aside from a shot at boxing immortality.

Dela Hoya's initial offer to Manny was a flat out 70-30 split on PPV buys that was promptly rejected by Team Pacquiao and which turned out to be a good decision.


I use to follow Pacman's fight when I was still in the Philippine. Generally, he is my countrymen, we live in the same place particularly General Santos City. I am really looking forward to his fight this coming December 6, 2008 against Dela Hoya..Here's some glimpse about Pacman's preparation:
LOS ANGELES — At the end of Manny Pacquiao's long workout at the Wildcard Boxing Club in Hollywood, after the 100 or so lucky fans who have been waiting outside in the parking lot have been let in to see their hero, Team Pacquiao calls for a moment of silence.

Then Pacquiao walks to one corner of the ring, bows his head into the ropes, and the noisy gym becomes respectfully silent.

A minute or so later, Pacquiao raises his head and walks across the ring, smiling at the admiring crowd.

"Amen," some of the fans say.

Pacquiao, the 29-year-old Filipino lightweight champion who is considered the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world, repeats this routine daily as he prepares for his much-anticipated showdown in Las Vegas on Dec. 6 against Oscar De La Hoya.

The ring prayer represents half of what Pacquiao says makes him such a great fighter, a fierce competitor who started as a 106-pound teenager and has held world titles at 112, 122, 130 and 135 pounds.

The other half is what he has just done in the two hours before his prayer — a grueling, non-stop workout focusing on speed, strength, strategy and endurance.

"What I have done in my career," he says, "is because of my hard work and my belief in God."

It's a career that would take a quantum leap if he can take down De La Hoya at 147 pounds, the welterweight limit. Pacquiao has never before fought in a division higher than lightweight, where the limit is 135 pounds. De La Hoya will presumably have an advantage in power, as well as in height and reach. So it is De La Hoya, though he is six years older, who is considered the favorite.

That's precisely why Team Pacquiao believes a victory will be a turning point for the feisty southpaw who is a national hero in his native Philippines.

"Twenty years from now, 30, 40 years, I want my name to be at the top level of boxing history," Pacquiao says. "That's why it's really important for me to win this fight. It's the biggest fight of my career.

"The point of this fight is to do something that people will never forget."

Freddie Roach, Pacquiao's longtime trainer, says a victory "would elevate Manny to superstar status. He's not quite there yet. This is definitely a turning point."

Their strategy to pull off the upset is partly obvious and partly a secret Roach says he learned when he trained De La Hoya in a losing effort against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

"It's no secret Manny has to take the jab away from Oscar, get inside the jab, fight at short range," Roach says. "Oscar is a distance fighter. He has long arms. I don't think it's a huge problem. But it is our biggest problem.

"And it's no secret we're going to attack the body first and break him down."

So what is the secret?

"All the techniques we apply right now, we don't tell to anybody," Pacquiao says. "Just me and Freddie only."

Roach says this much: "I know why Oscar's jab in the Mayweather fight stopped working. Mayweather didn't make an adjustment. Oscar forgot to do something."


"You'll see," Roach says. "That's part of our game plan, of course. It will happen in the fight."

The much-discussed jump in weight is really much ado about nothing, Pacquiao says.

"My regular weight when I'm not training is 155," he says. "Right now I'm about 150 and I think I'm in better shape than I've ever been. I'm ready to fight."

As for a game plan if Pacquiao wins, Roach says he'd like Pacquiao to fight twice more.

"I'd like to see him fight Ricky Hatton (the 140-pound champ) and beat Hatton, which I think we can," the trainer says. "I think Floyd Mayweather will come back. I'd like to see Manny fight Floyd and beat him, and then call it a day. He'd have nothing else to prove.

"He'd be considered one of the greatest fighters of all time. He'd be a champion in five weight divisions."

How does that sound to Pacquiao?

"He said that?" Pacquiao says. "Two more? OK. That's fine. That's enough."

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


My dad use to tell me that he needs a jacket whenever he is on duty or in an operation or doing an investigation on a particular case. Yes, he is a policeman and been on the service for 20 years now. I come to realize on what to give him as a gift on Christmas and I decided to give him a Tactical Jacket as he works on a night shift. And since it's been raining in our place lately, he can still use it because it contains waterproof parka and a waterproof insulated reversible. My dad will truly love this as it keeps him warm and comfy during his work time.

Monday, November 24, 2008

The history of NOKIA

In the world of mobile phones, Finnish company Nokia is king. The icy nation of Finland, near the top of the world wouldn't seem to be the most likely place for electronic innovations, but a company with humble beginnings transformed itself into the largest manufacturer of mobile phones in the world. The journey for Nokia to become the leader in this race is a seemingly unlikely one, but it became one of the world's great success stories.

From there, thanks to years of working with NMT, Nokia now focused upon the development of GSM;.in 1991, Nokia equipment was used to make the first GSM call. In 1992, telecommunications was declared to be the main focus of the corporation. The Nokia 1101 was the first GSM handset released, and established the pattern of Nokia branding most of their phones with a numeric identifier. Things really picked up with the first satellite call being made on Nokia equipment, as well as the first Internet capable (WAP-enabled) phone. By 1998, they were the world leader, and by 2005, had sold their one-billionth phone.

From its humble beginnings on the banks of a Finnish river, through the social, economic and political upheavals of the 20th century, Nokia emerged as has maintained its position as a leader in not only the telecommunications field, but changing how people live their lives. Everyday, millions across the globe rely upon Nokia mobile phones in their personal and professional lives. Nokia continues to live up to its slogan: "Connecting People."


Yesterday, I wasn't expecting this to happen. We went to the church yesterday and we had a great service. As we got home, I rested for a while and went to my room. I saw yeng our kitty cat and played with her for a while. My mom in law asked me if I have heard what dad said a while ago? I'm like I am not sure mom because I wasn't paying attention at all and she said, her sister died, OOhhh my God. I was confused for a while because I thought it was dad's sister who died,lol but mom said, no it's yeng's sister. Ohhhh, I feel sad about the news because she is such a good cat, although sometimes she is grumpy but still she is a good one. Dad said, she didn't went home last night and just stayed outside the house the whole night and she was hit by a car when she attempted to go to the other side of the road. I feel sorry about yang. How I wish it didn't happen to her and now her sister is all alone and missing her for sure but we will make it sure that she will be nourished and won't feel that she's alone.


Thanks so much for the tag sis Ria

Be thankful that you don't already have everything you desire,
If you did, what would there be to look forward to?
Be thankful when you don't know something
For it gives you the opportunity to learn.
Be thankful for the difficult times
During those times you grow.
Be thankful for your limitations
Because they give you opportunities for improvement.
Be thankful for each new challenge
Because it will build your strength and character.
Be thankful for your mistakes
They will teach you valuable lessons.
Be thankful when you're tired and weary
Because it means you've made a difference.
GRATITUDE can turn a negative into a positive.
Find a way to be thankful for your troubles and
they can become your blessings.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Romantic Date Ideas


is in the air, or perhaps you are hoping to help it blossom a little more. Romantic date ideas can be hard to think of, much less plan. A woman wants creativity on the man's part, but it seems all of the good ideas have been done before. Candlelight dinners and rose petals aside, if you are looking to go the extra mile for your sweetheart, here are some romantic date ideas to get you started.

Ice Skating

Whether you are an expert skater or a beginner, ice skating has a zest that exudes romance. Why else do you think couples always hold hands while stumbling around on the ice? Guys, this would not be time to display your killer hockey moves. Instead, help your date find her balance, or even better, catch her when she falls to bring the two of you closer together. Do a little ice skating and then laugh about it later over some hot chocolate.

Take A Walk

Believe it or not, the most romantic thing a man can do is take the time to listen to what a woman has to say, and then open up and share his thoughts and feelings. What better time to do this than on a meandering walk? Whether you walk on the beach or through the woods, spend some time connecting on an intimate level through physical proximity and conversation.


Paint a portrait of each other and enjoy the closeness, or perhaps bring along supplies for two and both attempt to capture a fiery sunset. Once you're done painting, exchange your masterpieces and take them home with you as a keepsake.

Dancing / Dancing Lessons

Do you know how to dance, even if you don't really like to? Is dancing a foreign language to you, and you are terrified to even try? Don't be. Women love men who are light on their feet or who at least give it a shot. Take her dancing or attend a dancing lesson together. As we all know, a woman's body can speak volumes through dance.

Take A Scenic Drive

Enjoy the outdoors in true style. Rent or take your own convertible for a drive along the beach or into the hills. Let the breeze waft while you enjoy the stunning views and each other's company.

The Theater

Women love to get dressed up. Take her to an evening performance at the theatre and give her the chance to really shine in front of you. For extra style points, take her shopping earlier in the day for a new gown and accessories then pick her up in the evening to see her model your gifts in full splendor.

Cook Together

Gourmet or not, cooking together and sharing the same small kitchen space can be very romantic. Plan meals together, hit the grocery store and then sip wine as you offer tasty morsels to each other as samples.

Wine Tasting

Vineyards, hills, grapes, and wine - do we need to say more?

The Aquariums

Lights are dim and tranquil views await you around every corner. Enjoy the beauty and peace of aquatic life while strolling slowly through an aquarium.


While Italy has gondolas, there are many areas around the US with the modern equivalent - sailboats. Take your date sailing. If you don't know how to man a vessel, by all means book passage on a pleasure boat for an afternoon or evening sail. The gentle lull of the waves and briny air can serve as the perfect backdrop for a memorable kiss.

How to Overcome Jealousy in a Relationship

Couples in a relationship are especially more susceptible to jealousy attacks, although everyone has, at one time or another, been guilty of being jealous. The important thing to remember is that jealousy can be overcome. What you need to figure out is, first, how to recognize the signs and admit to yourself that you have a problem. Once you’ve acknowledged that you’re being affected by it, you need to find out how to deal with it and in the process prevent yourself from falling under its spell again.

How do you know when jealousy rears its ugly head?

Jealousy flares up when one partner feels insecure or threatened either by a real or an imagined threat. It is oftentimes considered normal to feel a little bit of jealousy over something real. Jealousy in small doses is pretty normal as it results from your feeling of inadequacy when compared to someone or something better. For instance, you may have that feeling when a good-looking woman (or man) comes up to your partner. This situation may sometimes bring self-esteem issues to the fore. However, when you assume something more than what seems to be only a passing acquaintance, then you’re in danger of feeding your distrust and paranoia and may ultimately lead you to extreme fits of jealousy.

Another condition when a person becomes a prisoner of jealousy is when he/she has been deceived in a previous relationship and still harbors some feeling of distrust towards the opposite sex. You may recognize this person as a perfect candidate for jealousy when he/she becomes too interested in your activities to the point that he/she constantly checks-up on you, is always suspicious of friends and people you deal with on a regular basis, and sometimes, even goes through your personal stuff.

Dealing with the Green-Eyed Monster

In order to successfully keep the jealousy monster under control you have to search your feelings to try and find out the underlying cause of your jealousy. When your partner looks at another, do you feel that you’re going to lose him/her? Do you believe that he’s devoting too much time to another instead of you? When you ask yourself these questions, you will be able to determine the intensity of your jealousy and realize that if you’re behaving irrationally then the problem might lie with you.

Sometimes, it’s simply your perception of yourself that seems to be the problem. If you constantly find something wrong with yourself every time that you look in a mirror, then it may be time to correct it. Sometimes, a simple change like a haircut, or a change in wardrobe may be the solution. If you feel the need to alter your appearance through modern cosmetic surgery, then go for it, as long as you believe that doing so may boost your self-esteem and give you back your self-confidence. The key here is to change the way you view yourself in your mind.

Talking to your partner about your apprehensions may also help. You may set some rules on behavior at the onset of the relationship and commit to them. This will establish the foundation for trust between the two of you. If at any time, one of you makes a mistake, keep the communication lines open, keep an open mind and discuss the situation. Trust will develop and flourish as the relationship grows.

You also have to learn to control your emotions and confront your fears and suspicions in a rational manner. Remember that jealousy can affect everyone. You have to value the effort you and your partner have both put into your relationship. There may be a chance that your assumptions may be baseless. You wouldn’t want to ruin a good relationship if you let your jealousy control you


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Saturday, November 22, 2008


Few days ago, I went with my in laws and visit a particular shop here in our place. I forgot the name of the shop but it is a huge shop with full of stuff like furniture, clothes, Christmas decorations, Flowers, candles and many other things to choose from in a very affordable price. My mom in law bought some stuff and we really stayed there for a while. As we were touring around and were looking for some stuff that will struck us, I saw this cute jewelry box that catches my attention. I was amazed on how it was built and how beautiful it is to have. Well, I didn't really mentioned of buying it. As we stepped out of the shop, my dad stepped back to go to the bathroom but we were wondering on why he was taking so long but surprisingly as he stepped out at the shop, I saw him carrying the jewelry box that I like. Yes, he bought it for me and I love it. Thanks dad, I appreciate it and that was so sweet of you.

Here's what he got for me:It has a mirror and at the same a picture frame at the back of it.In the middle is a clock and has a music box as well.


Been out again today to buy something for myself. We went to target and purchased me a pair of shoes that I'm going to use for church every Sunday. I bought it for 32 bucks but since I've a gift card from them worth 25 dollars, I just paid 10 dollars for my new pair of shoes. Now I don't need to wear sandals anymore with this kind of weather in the states because it is freezing me to has been my day. Shopping for a bit and back at the house. Hope you guys is having a great day.

This is what I bought today at target:

Friday, November 21, 2008


It was a busy day for me again because I had to run some errands for my husband. I have to pay for his bills and went with my parents in law at Olive gardens and Wallmart. I'm a little tired but we're home now and have to get some rest a little bit before supper time. How did you day went guys? I hope you all had a good one..Have a blessed evening ahead and thank you for those who leave some message on my cbox, I appreciate it.


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The Candles and Their Symbolism

Lit candles and Icon lamps (lampadas) have a special symbolic meaning in the Christian Church, and no Christian service can be held without them. In the Old Testament, when the first temple of God was built on earth the Tabernacle services were held in it with lamps as the Lord Himself had ordained (Ex. 40:5, 25). Following the example of the Old Testament Church, the lighting of candles and of lampadas was without fail included in the New Testament Church's services.

The Acts of the Apostles mentions the lighting of lamps during the services in the time of the Apostles. Thus, in Troas, where Christ's followers used to gather on the first day of the week (Sunday) to break bread, that is, to celebrate the Eucharist, there were many lights in the upper chamber (Acts 20:8). This reference to the large number of lamps signifies that they were not used simply for lighting, but for their spiritual significance.

The early Christian ritual of carrying a lamp into the evening service led to the present-day order of Vespers with its entry and the singing of the ancient hymn, O Jesus Christ, the Joyful Light..., which expresses the Christian teaching of spiritual light that illumines man of Christ the Source of the grace-bestowing light. The order of the morning service of Matins is also linked to the idea of the Uncreated Light of Christ, manifested in His Incarnation and Resurrection.

The Fathers of the Church also witnessed to the spiritual significance of candles. In the 2nd Century, Tertullian wrote: We never hold a service without candles, yet we use them not just to dispel night's gloom we also hold our services in daylight but in order to represent by this Christ, the Uncreated Light, without Worn we would in broad daylight wander as if lost in darkness [ Works, 3rd ed., Kiev, 1915, p.76]. The Blessed Jerome wrote in the 4th Century that In all the Eastern Churches, candles are lit even in the daytime when one is to read the Gospels, in truth not to dispel the darkness, but as a sign of order under that factual light to feel that Light of which we read in the Psalms (119:105): Thy word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path [Works, part IV, 2nd ed., Kiev, 1900, pp.301-302].

St. Sophronius, Patriarch of Jerusalem, wrote in the 7th Century: Lampadas and candles represent the Eternal Light, and also the light which shines from the righteous [Writings of the Holy Fathers..., St. Petersburg, 1855, Vol. I, p.270]. The Holy Fathers of the 7th Ecumenical Council decreed that in the Orthodox Church, the holy Icons and relics, the Cross of Christ, and the Holy gospel were to be honored by censing and the lighting of candles; and the Blessed Simeon of Thessalonica (15th Century) wrote that candles are also lit before the Icons of the Saints, for the sake of their good deeds that shine in this world [Works, Moscow, 1916, p. 108].

Orthodox faithful light candles before the Icons as a sign of their faith and hope in God's help that is always sent to all who turn to Him and His Saints with faith and prayers. The candle is also a symbol of our burning and grateful love for God. During the reading of the Twelve Passion Gospel at Holy Friday Matins, the faithful hold candles, re-living our Lord's sufferings and burning with love for Him. It is an ancient custom of Russian Orthodox Christians to take home a lit candle from this Service and to make the Sign of the Cross with it on their doors in remembrance of Our Lord's sufferings and as protection against evil.

At Vespers on Holy Friday, when the Plashchanitsa (Epitaphion) is borne out of the Altar and also during the Lamentation Matins of Holy Saturday, the faithful stand holding lit candles as a sign of love for Christ Crucified and Dead, showing their faith in His radiant Resurrection. On Pascha itself, from the moment of the procession around the church, in memory of the Myrrh-bearers who proceeded with burning lamps to the sepulcher of the Lord, the faithful hold lit candles in their hands until the end of the Paschal Service, expressing their great joy and spiritual triumph

Since ancient times, at hierarchical services special candle-holders have been used. The faithful reverently bow their heads when blessed by the Bishop with the dikeri, representing the two natures of Christ His Divinity and His humanity, and the trikeri, representing the Holy Trinity. Candles are also lit during the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.

Holy Baptism is celebrated with the Priest fully vested and all the candles lit. Three candles are lit before the baptismal font as a sign that the Baptism is accomplished in the Name of the Holy Trinity; and the person to be baptized (if an adult) and the sponsors hold lit candles in their hands during the procession around the font as an expression of joy at the entry of a new member into the Church of Christ.

At the betrothal ceremony, the Priest hands the bride and bridegroom lit candles before they enter the church to receive the Sacrament of Matrimony, throughout which they hold the lit candles as a symbol of their profound love for each other and of their desire to live with the blessing of the Church. At the Sacrament of Holy Unction, seven candles are lit around the vessel of Holy Oil as a sign of the grace-bestowing action of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. And when the body of a deceased person is brought in the church, four candles are placed about the coffin to form a cross to show that the deceased was a Christian. During the Funeral service, as well as Memorial services, the faithful stand with lit candles as a sign that the deceased's soul has left this world and entered the Kingdom of Heaven the Unwaning Light of God.

During the Vespers portion of the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts, the Priest blesses the congregation with a lit candle and censer, proclaiming, The Light of Christ illumines all! On the Eve of the Nativity of Christ and the Theophany, a lit candle is placed before the festal Icon in the middle of the church to remind us of the birth and appearance on earth of Christ Our Savior, the Giver of Light. At all Divine Liturgies, lit candles are carried in procession at various parts of the service.

Thus candles and lampadas are lit at all Church services, all with a wide variety of spiritual and symbolic meanings; for it is God Who said, Let light shine out of darkness, [and] Who has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ (1 Cor. 4:6). So too, lit candles in the church are also an expression of the worshippers' adoration and love for God, their sacrifices to Him, and at the same time of their joy and of the spiritual triumph of the Church. The candles, by their burning, remind one of the Unwaning Light which in the Kingdom of Heaven makes glad the souls of the righteous who have pleased God.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


My husband likes to collect unicorn images and I get to the point of being curious on what is really the significance of a Unicorn. I really adore each details of this thing and it create a panoramic view wherever it may be. Here are some facts about the unicorn.

THE unicorn is one of the most beautiful of the "shapes that haunt thought's wildernesses", but he did not attain his beauty all at once. As soon as we begin to inquire how he looked to the imagination of the Ages of Faith we are reminded that his ancestry is mixed, that he descends from the horse and the ass on the side of the Greeks and from the goat on that of Physiologus. The results of this miscegenation were a series of hybrid variations as perplexing as those governed by the Mendelian law. Aristotle had said that the unicorn's hoof is solid, on the excellent ground that animals with divided hoofs have two horns when they have any horns at all; but on the other hand, Physiologus declared that the unicorn resembles a little goat, and the goat has a divided hoof. The faithful did not know what to think, and in default of a Thomas Aquinas to resolve the apparent discrepancies between Aristotle and Physiologus they tried to believe in a unicorn somewhat like a goat and somewhat like a horse at the same time. Early representations of the animal show cloven hoofs on the fore feet and solid hoofs behind, or vice versa; they show a goat's beard on a horse's head or even the body of a goat with the head of a horse. A more perfect example of the divided allegiance of the Renaissance could hardly be imagined; yet, in spite of these difficulties, the artists of the time made the unicorn at least as credible as the animals they had before their eyes, and usually far more graceful.

From the thirteenth century to the sixteenth, representation of the unicorn in ecclesiastic decoration was continuous and widespread. Formerly he had been depicted chiefly in manuscripts and it is clear that his increased popularity was due in some degree to the rapid intensification of Mariolatry. Although the animal's figure was not so much used in England as in Europe, I have seen him represented on misericords in Lincoln Cathedral, in St. George's of Windsor, in the chapel of Durham Castle, in St. Botolph's of Boston, and in at least half a dozen parish churches. Mrs. Jameson describes an elaborate representation of the Holy Hunt which stands over the altar in Breslau Cathedral, and the same subject is treated in stained glass at Bourges, Erfurt, Caen, Lyons, and many other places. Representations of the unicorn on old altarcloths, corbels, and capitals are almost numberless.

A subject so popular as this was certain to be adopted by secular art, as the Physiologus story was used by Richard de Fournival and others in erotic poetry, for it was only necessary to lay a slightly additional emphasis upon the theme of the hunt and to subordinate the holy symbolism in order to make the transition from sacred to profane. Perhaps the most sumptuous representations of the unicorn ever made are those in the "Millefleur tapestries" produced about the year 1480 for François de la Rochefoucauld. Here we are shown a pure white animal, vaguely equine but smaller than a horse, with goat's beard and cloven hoofs and the spiralled horn. Although the monogram "A.M."--Ave Maria--appears in each scene, the atmosphere of the whole series is not devotional but that of an elaborate hunt in the French manner. The death of the unicorn is shown, but we do not find the Virgin in her conventional position, and there are other indications that the theme is tending toward a purely secular treatment. The same tendency is observable in the superb Flemish tapestry, based probably upon an Italian cartoon and now in the Academy of Fine Arts at Florence, which shows the naming of the animals by Adam--most of the beasts trooping by in pairs, but the unicorn, significantly leading the procession, without a mate. The unicorn is singled out for such special honour in many other representation, as, for example, in the large picture by Tintoretto in the Church of San Rocco at Venice, which shows the Saint healing animals in the desert. Here the unicorn stands at the forefront of the group, very shaggy about the head but horse-like and with a striated horn. A purely secular treatment is seen in the familiar and beautiful d'Aubusson tapestries known as La Dame a la Licorne, probably intended to illustrate the metrical romance of that title, which is now in the Musée de Cluny, for in these the animal is scarcely more than ornamental.


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Unmatched Beauty

Getting Here

Sarangani can be reached by air and sea travels from Manila and Cebu via General Santos City. By land, Sarangani’s countryside is easily accessible. A paved national highway connects General Santos City to the eastern coastal towns of Alabel (15 min), Malapatan (25 min), and Glan (45 min); to the west, Maasim (30 min), Kiamba (1:10 hrs), Maitum (1:30 hrs), and Malungon (40 min).

Sarangani is a province whose unmatched beauty has yet to bediscovered. Few places are as splendidly endowed with natural resources that promise opportunities for development as this predominantly coastal province in the southernmost tip of the Philippines. Most of its treasures have remained untapped to this day including its 230-kilometer coastline strewn with awe-inspiring coves and rock formations.

Sarangani is full of wondrous surprises. Motoring across the province is as pleasurable as taking a breeze in one’s own paradise. A golf course in the valleys of Malungon offers some of the most challenging fairways in the region. It is also here where asparagus and tropical fruits are grown and dried flowers are made for the export market.

A sense of discovery overwhelms one when approaching the eastern municipalities of Alabel, Malapatan and Glan, which face the tranquil waters of Sarangani Bay. These towns have beaches wonderfully preserved by protective coves, and shipwreck diving sites dating back to Spanish times. The bay is more popularly known to be the home of the Sarangani Bay bangus (milkfish). Turn over another stone and one will find that the bay is also home to simple village folk who have lived their lives carving and painting their dreams in the boats they build.

While the province is intersected by General Santos City, the discoveries that await in the three western municipalities of Maasim, Kiamba and Maitum are as countless as the golden sunrises of the Celebes Sea. In 1991, anthropomorphic jars were found in Ayub cave at Maitum which have come to be known in world history as Maitum Jars. A sanctuary of the largest bats in the world can also be found in the same site. Endemic to the Philippines, over 180,000 giant golden-crown flying foxes can be seen dangling in the branches of forest trees during daytime.

With its back to the Daguma Range, the lush mountains of this province hold many of nature’s wonderful creatures including the tarsier, the smallest monkey in the world and its predator, the Philippine eagle. From its bosom also flows the purest freshwater sources and pristine waterfalls unsettled only by short dips of its native dwellers and a few daring adventurers.

It is amazing how one can still uncover treasures of the old world in a place like Sarangani. Let its limitless wonders unravel before you.


Plunge in deeper into Sarangani’s underwater world! A tank, mask, snorkel and fins are all what it takes to delve into that fantastic view of multihued coral ecosystem and marine fauna that abound.With the changing weather conditions, every snorkeling and scuba diving would certainly be unique from each previous engagement.

So experience that invigorating vibes while knitting through Sarangani’s haven of dolphins, whales, marine turtles, and the endangered sea cow (dugong) and make it a lasting glimpse to remember.The impressive covering of Acropora (branching corals) filling the seascape of Tuka Marine Park of Kiamba will certainly captivate you to no end.

Archaeologists at work in Maitum.

Maitum Caves

Exploring through Ayub cave is like traveling back to the metal age of the Philippines, circa 500 BC to 500 AD. A unique and fascinating assemblage of archeological find (human faces and figures in earthenware medium) that depicts Sarangani’s cultural wealth was excavated here.

These potteries were used as secondary burial jars. Its coverings were molded as human heads emulating different facial expressions of happiness, contentment, and even a trace of desolation. Such were shaped artistically tracing the most conservative detail of the human face that can still be seen in the broken fragments of the jars outside the cave... retaining their natural color even up to now.

Some of the artifacts collected are now displayed in the National Museum while others are kept by some of the residents nearby the cave.

Ayub cave is made up of Miocene limestone formation. The opening is about two meters wide and two meters high, sloping downward to at least 20 degrees angle and extending a length of 11 meters from the entrance. But earthquakes, which cropped up sometime in 1970s to 1990s widened the cave’s opening.

Ayub cave is located at Barangay Pinol in Maitum, about 50 meters away from the national highway and approximately 30-minute ride from the Poblacion. Surrounding plants have, however, made this cave unnoticed.


Set in seemingly-classical downtown Glan are several ancestral houses mostly built in the early part of 1900s. The imposing balconies, canopies, and walls of “kalados” and concrete stepboards leading to wide wooden staircases will certainly awe-inspire antique trippers.

Some of them even hold striking collections of prized oriental sets and other precious antiques displayed right in the drawing room. The municipal government of Glan preserves the ancestral houses taking pride of its ancestors’ birthright.


Visiting travelers cannot help but marvel at the grandeur of the Provincial Capitol Building, which also houses offices of national line agencies. They say it is unrivaled. Some of them even dubbed it the reenacted “White House” in Southern Mindanao.

To see the imposing Provincial Capitol Building becomes, in most cases, the object of some visitors in going to Alabel, the capital town of the province.

Equally drawing attention is the Kasfala Hall that accentuates even more the beauty and the value of the park. True to its Blaan name, which means “deliberation,” the well-designed edifice serves as a sheer witness to the many issues and concerns deliberated and resolved in seminars, trainings, conferences, consultations and the like.

Strategically enclosed in a 26-hectare lot, the capitol park is a huge landmark of untiring devotion and excellence by concerned leaders who were instruments of unification and development of its people.

Other facilities like the FVR rest house and pool, cultural center and gymnasium, training center, and sports complex complete its almost pronounced coziness.


The 18-hole Golf Course and Country Club at Sitio Pulatana, Malandag, Malungon lies in a well-landscaped of verdant grasses and trees. It is only a 30-minute leisure-drive from the town proper of Sarangani’s capital town Alabel and 40-minute from neighboring city of General Santos.

For golf fanatics, the place is just right to unwind.

Its two-story native-inspired refreshment cottage can provide an outright vista of the golf course’s backdrop, Mt. Matutum.