Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hair Treatment Today

For how many months since I had my hair cut, I had it today. The original plan was just to trim it down but when I looked at it, I was kinda bothered that it was so dry and looks messy..Lol.. So I decided to have a hair treatment specifically hair straightening. Yes for over a year, I had it again. The last time I had a hair treatment was before I left the Philippines. I was happy with the outcome though but how I wish I didn't cut it short..Lol..Oh well, it will grow back anyway..Have to get it done before I deliver the baby because I know my world will be so busy when the baby gets here..Hehehehe!!I feel better though and has that light feeling in my head..Lol..

Monday, December 28, 2009

CoooooooooLLLLLLLddddddddd go away!

It's been how many days now since I've been dealing with my cold. It is terrible, especially in the morning. I can't breathe sometimes and it's just giving me a hard time. My eyes are watery and I kept sneezing from time to time..Oh No!!..Probably the weather has something to do with it. Good thing I am not running a temperature though but it's just so uncomfortable. I am not really taking any for this but water. This might (water therapy) help I guess and it's hard to take something especially if your pregnant. Oh God please help me and hope this cold will go away soon.

With my pregnancy, I am on my 34th week now. Yeah the time is getting closer and I am experiencing those uncomfortable feeling everyday. I am having a hard time getting up in bed, sit down, put my socks on or even taking a shower. Oh pregnancy! Leg cramps is killing me as well as lower back pain. Wheewww!! Hope things will get better soon and I cannot wait to deliver our baby hehehehe..especially now that I am experiencing terrible things with this pregnancy..Wheeww!!!drives me crazy sometimes...Lol..Oh well it won't be long now and the baby will be here and for sure I will be busy taking good care of her and my hubby. Hope you guys had a wonderful day and have a great evening.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

I want to wish everyone a Merry Merry Christmas. This is my second Christmas here in the United States now but I am still missing our traditional Christmas in the Philippines. Oh well, I am still happy because I have the most wonderful gifts in my life - my husband and our first baby coming in on February. I couldn't ask for more and they are best Christmas gift I've ever had in my life..

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Year I Was Born - 1983

I got curious one day and decided to search on the significant events that happen the year I was born - 1983. I stumbled on this information when I typed in 1983 in the search engine. These were the events lined up given to me.

1983 The worlds most popular word processing programme is launched Microsoft Word. Following on from the start of the recession in the US Unemployment Rises to 12 million. In Ethiopia following the worst drought in history the death toll reaches a staggering 4 million. The US starts deploying Cruise Missiles and Pershing Missiles in Europe at the Greenham Common Air Force Base in England and West Germany amid mass protests.

Cost of Living 1983

How Much things cost in 1983
Yearly Inflation Rate USA3.22%
Year End Close Dow Jones Industrial Average 1258
Interest Rates Year End Federal Reserve 11.00%
Average Cost of new house $82,600.00
Average Income per year $21,070.00
Average Monthly Rent $335.00
Dodge RAM 50 Truck $5665.00
Below are some Prices for UK guides in Pounds Stirling
Average House Price 34,795
Gallon of Petrol 1.25
Yearly Inflation Rate UK 4.6%
Interest Rates Year End Bank of England 9.06%


  • ARPANET officially changes to use the Internet Protocol, creating the Internet.

  • Lotus 1-2-3 is released

  • IBM releases the IBM PC XT

  • US Space Shuttle Challenger is launched on it's maiden flight

  • Microsoft Word is first released

  • The First Person to Receive an Artificial Heart Barney Clark US dies after 112 days

  • Swatch introduce their first watches

Popular Culture 1983

  • Final Episode of M*A*S*H airs record 125 million watch
  • Cabbage Patch Dolls are sold in shops and become a success
  • West German news magazine Stern publish the Hitler Diaries which turn out to be Forgeries
  • Popular Films

    • Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
    • Tootsie
    • Trading Places
    • WarGames
    • Superman III
    • Flashdance
    • Staying Alive
    • Octopussy
    • National Lampoon's Vacation
    • Never Say Never Again
    • Terms of Endearment
    • Yentl
    • Educating Rita

    Check out our Television Programmes From The 80s whenever possible we have included a trailer to jog your memory. Series trailers and more information are found on the decade they started.

    Popular Musicians

    • Phil Collins
    • The Police with " Every Breath that you take "
    • Hot Chocolate
    • Big Country
    • Black Sabbath
    • David Bowie
    • Johnny Cash
    • Culture Club
    • Duran Duran
    • Elton John
    • Pink Floyd
    • Ozzy Osbourne
    • Lionel Richie with " All Night Long "
    • Rod Stewart
    • Michael Jackson with " Beat It and Billy Jean "
    • The Moody Blues
    • Bob Marley and the Wailers
    Wow! This is amazing. I was astounded of what I have discovered. Check out yours!

    Save The Holiday With A Perfect Gravy On The Table

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    Christmas is almost here and people are very busy doing their last minute shopping for the holidays. But what's really with Christmas that people has this adrenaline rush and wanted things set up before the holiday hit. Well, Christmas is a tradition celebrated in every corner around the world. It is to pay respect to our Lord Jesus Christ upon coming into this world. We give gifts, do community service for the others and prepare a bunch of food. This is what excites me during Christmas - the food and the gifts. Back home ( Philippines ) we woke up in the middle of the night to celebrate Christmas. My mom would prepare a lot of food for us to eat after midnight. I miss it though and how I wish were back home ( my husband and I ). Truly the saying goes "there's no place like home" is very accurate. I miss the celebration we always have in my country but I know someday, my husband and I together with our precious daughter will be celebrating Christmas again in the Philippines. Speaking of food, people prepare different kinds of food during the holiday. Name it and you have it. The most popular is the ham and of course the stress point of every food - gravy. A gravy could be yummy if it's cooked right and the right ingredients are all there. But if there's one missing ingredient, your food could be messed up. Would you allow that to happen during the holidays? Of course not. Well, to perfectly do the right one, you can go to gravy tips video. This is a step by step procedure in making the perfect gravy for the holiday. This video is provided by Club House that came up with a club house gravy mix. Using this mix, Christmas meal is as easy. You can also join on the ongoing newsletter sign-up and contest entry this year. Hurry up and be part of it.
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    Big Fan Of Judge Judy

    I'm sure a big fan of her. Judge Judy Sheidlin. She is amazing and very intellegent. I like the way she rule her court room. Sometimes she's funny and sometimes she's being nasty. Excuse me by the word but she does from time to time especially if the plaintiff and the defendant get on her way..Lol..The famous line that I like is "ahhh" is not an answer..Hehehehe..I so love that. I will even tell my husband, don't be like Judge Judy if he starts interrogating me..Lol. I always watch her shhow from Mondays through Fridays on CBS. I've learned some legal aspects from her show and it amazing how she makes good rulling.

    Found A Permanent Solution

    This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Woodstream. All opinions are 100% mine.

    A week after I got here in the United States, the first thing I saw were squirrels in the front yard, raccoons on the side road ( they were dead) and rabbits at the back yard. At first I was very amazed with these creatures because I have not seen them in my country ( Philippines ). Well, not with the rabbits though because we also have rabbits over there. I got a close up look of the squirrels and raccoons one day and I was astounded. I don't know but probably the feeling of seeing them the first time made me so fascinated about them. Yes, they are so adorable at first but on the later part of the year, they become disturbing and threatening. Squirrels starts eating the bird seeds for our birds and the nasty smell of a dead raccoon starts circulating in our vicinity. I did not know they could create such mess in our property and it does bothering. Did a little research for a solution and stumbled on a website. I came across Havahart website and they have all the information we needed to a permanent solution. Upon reading the details in their website, Animal Trapping Tips was highlighted. I can't believe to what I've read and the solutions they have provided. I was very astounded with the different tips they gave such as Havahart Easy Set Large Animal Trap as well as Havahart Easy Set Small Animal Trap. Wow! never in my mind that the process is so easy but I'm sure glad I got stumbled in their website and found a permanent solution to our problem.
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    Feeling Crappy

    I really feel crappy today. Well, since last night I guess. My sinuses are running. My head is like spinning and really got a bad headache last. I was up til 2am because I was feeling uncomfortable, hot and just can't sleep. Wheeww!.. I don't know, I just feel like I am going to get sick anytime. Oh I hope not. Right now I am feeling so weak and just wanted to get some rest and sleep. Will do though in a while. My eyes were also tired. Have no idea why. Maybe because I've read to much last night or were just tired of trying to get some sleep..Wheewww!


    One of my ambitions before was to become a business entrepreneur. My dad use to tell me that I was very business minded and at a very young age I started learning how to handle a business. Yes at a very young age, I was able to put up my own mini store in front of our house. My father had helped me built my mini store and from then on, I got very interested to have a business on my own. I took Business Management major in Management Accounting in college. I wind up working in a motorcycle dealer when I graduated. It was way to far from the interest that I have started when I was young. I still have that fashion of being a business entrepreneur and I know one day I will have my business on my own. I am so looking forward into it though. Right now I can't see any progress on my investments yet but time will tell when it get started and I can't wait to see the result.

    Tuesday, December 22, 2009

    OBGYN's Appointment

    I just had my OB/GYN's appointmet today and everything went well on my check up. The baby is doing just fine. Got to hear her heartbeat today too. My Doctor said that everything is normal and wanted me back after a couple of weeks. She just measured my fundal size a while ago and the baby's heartbeat and everything looks normal. I am happy to hear that. On my next appointment, she's gonna do the group B strep test. I think she's doing a vaginal examine so I have to prepare for that..Lol.. After that appointment, Ill be check weekly. Wow! that fast and D-day is really getting closer and closer. I am getting real anxious and real excited now. I only gained a pound since my last appointment. Oh well! That's what happen today guys!

    Monday, December 21, 2009

    Christmas At The Church

    We had a great Christmas dinner at the church last night. Everyone was there and were sharing their best Christmas ever. I didn't get to tell mine because I got shy but to me, most of my Christmases are memorable especially when I met my husband, that was the most wonderful gift I've ever had and the best thing ever happen to me. And this years Christmas is a lot more meaningful for both of us because we are expecting our first child. She is very precious to us and can't wait to see her soon.

    Everyone at the church had so much fun last night. The foods were great as usual and everyone just gathered up and chit chat. After our dinner we also had a baby shower for Ms. Karen's daughter. She was so surprised and so thankful of what the church did. But that's all Christmas is all about. Sharing and giving. I will be next in line on this baby shower thing..Hehehehe..I am excited at the same time anxious for this pregnancy to be over and see our baby..

    Have a blessed Christmas everyone!

    Wednesday, December 16, 2009

    Finally Purchased The Books

    As I've mentioned earlier that I am planning to purchase the twilight book series - all 4 of them, for my husband this Christmas. Yes, I finally purchased the books this morning. Kinda sad and happy feeling though. Why? Sad because I was late on purchasing the books which is a lot more cheaper if I purchased them yesterday. But happy because it was on only 5 bucks additional for my purchase..Lol..Oh I can't wait to receive the books and mail it to my husband on the boat. Hopefully he will like the books and will enjoy reading it.

    Tuesday, December 15, 2009

    Twilight Book Series

    My husband and I went to Big Lots one day and bought the 1st dvd of the twilight movie. I told him that I wanted to watch the new moon movie and have told me that we have to watch the 1st dvd first and so we did. My God, the movie is fantastic and very interesting. We loved watching it and can't wait to buy the 2nd dvd which is the new moon. Having said so, my husband starts talking about the book. He was like, the movie is great, now what more with the book series. He likes to read and he said the book is a lot more detailed on there stories compared to the movie..Lol..Well honestly, I am very lazy in reading but I just thought of buying him the whole series of the book. I might read it too because I was very fascinated with the movie itself..Lol. I already found the cheapest price I could get..Hehehehe..These are brand new and hard cover book series of the twilight. I hope he will like it because he has no idea that I am buying him another gift for Christmas..Hehehehe..I can't wait to purchase this books and can't wait for my hubby to receive them.

    Facebook Online Shopping

    As we all know, Facebook has invaded the world wide web. I myself is so hooked to it as well as my husband. We just love the different features that they have and the entertainment that you will get in browsing their website. You can do a lot of things on facebook like playing games, give updates to your friends and even shop. Did I say shop? Yes, you have heard it right.

    You can now shop for an iTunes Online Gifts at iTunes Fan Page on Facebook. You will also have the chance to pick up the theme that you want and will be directly posted on your wall when your done. This way, everybody will know about the great deal that they are having. Isn't that awesome that being a facebook user can now purchase an online gift. The recipients can redeem their Online Gift on the iTunes Store with one click and choose from the world's largest online selection of music, movies, TV shows, audiobooks and more.

    The recipient receives their iTunes Online Gift as a post to their Facebook Wall and can instantly redeem it on the iTunes Store. Wow! This is really something to look forward to. I am a facebook fan and at the same a huge gadget junky. Having an iTunes would be a great treat for me this Christmas. I will let all my friends know about this great deal on facebook. Check it out too.


    Hubby went back to work this morning and it makes me sad. I don't really like my baby leaving for work. I always miss him and it is so different when his not around. But the bright side of it though is when he gets back home, it will be my D-day. We are very excited now and so anxious to see our precious little one. I will just keep myself busy for the next few days. I still have lots to do with our baby stuff anyway like washing all her clothes, get her room set up and some other things. Hopefully the days go by

    Monday, December 07, 2009

    Saints Made It Again

    It is pretty much obvious on what I am trying to say with this logo especially to football fans. Yes, it's the New Orleans Saints logo and they are still undefeated. Wow! They have such an amazing game yesterday and I thought they are going to loss but good thing they didn't and still holding the leading spot..Wheewww!!! but that was close. They went overtime and everything but still they won.. Yippeeeyyy!!!..Yeah..yeah I think I am getting hooked to football although, I still understand some of it but I am getting there..Lol.. I watched it with hubby because he will explain to me on whatever terms that confuses me during the game..Hehehehe..which helps a lot because I am getting what the game is all about little by little. Go New Orleans Saints. Break a leg

    Take A Trip To Maui Hawaii

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    Picture_2 Who would ever not want to have a break and have a great vacation to a particular place. Obviously, there are so many places to choose from but I have one thing in my mind. When I hear the word " vacation" I always think about going to Hawaii because a lot of people have proven that this place is awesome and a paradise. Hearing this comment, encourages me more to visit Hawaii, particularly Maui Resort . I have heard so much about these resort. In fact, I want to fly there right now. I have even seen videos of Maui Weddings and man I tell you, the ambiance is so romantic and suites best with the occasion. Just looking at it will make you think of the things that will happen after the wedding. Well I am talking about the honeymoon stage and I tell you this place is perfect. The wedding was held at Ka'anapali Resort, located on the beautiful Hawaiian island Maui. Awesome view, fantastic set up, perfect location and you will totally fall in love with the place. I so love to be in this place one day together with my husband. This will be a great get away for both of us and a great place to spend our time with each other. I can see that we will truly enjoy our stay.
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    Docs Appointment

    My husband and I had a little travel today. We had to go to Jackson Mississippi ( about 2 hours away from the house ) particularly at the VA. He had a doctors appointment today and so far things went well. We are still waiting on the results on his lab work and we are hoping everything is well. We are both tired tonight and we told each that we will a massage..Heheeheh..That would be a nice treat for a long day of travel. Wheewww!!!We will be going to bed shortly after his football game and after doing the stuff that I needed to do in my computer. Tomorrow we will have another appointment again but this time, it's within the area. It is my OBGYN's appointment and it will be in the afternoon. Hopefully things goes well too. Wheeww!!! Busy day once more. Have a great evening everyone.

    Sit Back And Relax - Have A Drink

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    Oh the joy of football season. We wait on it, then dread it ending. We break out our jerseys and stories of our own great careers in high school. Teaching the art of yelling at the referee to our children and our wives. Making sure we have plenty of snacks, see we do not have to leave our chairs as we set there and tell these overpriced coaches where the messed up.

    Yep that's us, the armchair quarterback we never have a bad pass unless we drop the chips and now Jones Soda will allow you to drink seahawk sodas in three different flavors.

    That's right, you can get cream soda, green apple, or even berry lemonade. The seahawk fans should be excited but what about the rest of us. Myself being a New England fans, what about berry brady or for my other team ben root beer or even totally orange troy. Gee these could be fun limited edition collection sodas for the fans. The hardest part would be keeping them on the shelf.

    The ultimate fan gift even Christmas presents will be easier with these. So if you are looking for the perfect gift for me, wait til they come out with the saintly strawberries. If you have some of your own, let me hear them.
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    Saturday, December 05, 2009

    Snow - The Second Time Around

    Wow! I was very fascinated last night when I sent our puppy out to go potty and the snow starts dropping. It's been a year since last year when we got snow down here in Mississippi. This is the second time that I have seen a snow for real..Lol.. I know I am not fun of cold weather but snow just fascinates me and they look so beautiful especially in the morning. When I got up this morning, the snow is all over the ground and man they look so pretty. I took a picture right away..Wow!!! I think we had at least 3 inches of snow this morning. It's cold but I love watching it!

    Friday, December 04, 2009

    It's True

    This lady named Cathie Jung has a 15 inches waist line. Wow! Unbelievable. I may go on a strict diet but I would never achieve a 15 inches waist line..Lol..But she wasn't really on a diet but a victim of The Large Hadron Collider's . She is called the queen of corset. Here's what a corset looks like and the effect.

    The corset, if you're one of the small percentage of our readership not wearing one right now, was meant to suck in a woman's problem-areas with the small side effect of cutting off all circulation between their legs and head.

    The result was not so much an hourglass figure, but a body that became an actual hourglass. Queen Maud of Norway was famous for her very small waistline, and many of her gowns are still exhibited so everyone can view their beauty and not-at-all freakishness.

    How It Could Kill You:

    The act of donning a corset didn't actually become truly dangerous until people started tight lacing them to the point that their insides were squeezed like a toothpaste tube.

    Unsurprisingly, when tight lacing was fashionable people didn't breathe very well. With their liver in their throats and their lungs in their bellies, Victorian women invented "the heaving bosoms." Breathing the wrong way in one of these things could break a rib (a serious injury in the days before anesthesia) and cramming all of the organs inwards could cause internal bleeding. Female impersonator, Joseph Hennella, was doubly unfortunate when, in 1912, he first collapsed on stage as the result of the tight lacing from his corset, and then when The New York Times wrote the part about what killed him, they said it was his "increasing girth."

    In 1903, a woman died suddenly due to two pieces of corset steel that became lodged in her heart. Yeah, when your outfit fucking stabs you to death, it's probably a sign that you've made a bad fashion decision.

    Check this out Wyoming corporation too.

    Tuesday, December 01, 2009

    Does It Exist?

    Wow! Unbelievable. Does this thing even exist? Oh my God! What on earth was wrong with this creature. A chicken head with a dog body..It is scary to if this really exist. Made me so curious though. How was this even made. Well, with our technology today this is possible. Probably they did it through artificial insemination but still unbelievable to come up with this process!