Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine flu virus

As you have seen on television for the past few days, swine flu outbreak has been phenomenon. It is aired everyday and talked by many individuals. Some are scared and worried of the effect. Some are concern especially to their kids. But what really a swine flu is and it's effect to out body and how to avoid it. Swine flu is a highly contagious form of human influenza caused by a filterable virus identical or related to a virus formerly isolated from infected swine. It's symptoms are like regular flu symptoms and include fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, headaches, chills, and fatigue. Some people have reported diarrhea and vomiting associated with swine flu. Those symptoms can also be caused by many other conditions, and that means that you and your doctor can't know, just based on your symptoms, if you've got swine flu. It takes a lab test to tell whether it's swine flu or some other condition. To avoid it, a swine flu kits is now available in the market for protection. Hurry buy now and protect your loved once from this virus.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

American Idol Recap

Adam Lambert needs more “American Idol” praise like Michael Phelps needs another Olympic gold medal. But, according to Paula Abdul, Adam is the Michael Phelps of “Idol” and he was the one contestant who really earned the praise Tuesday night. Everyone was good on Tuesday night, which is going to make the Wednesday final four decision tough. I disagree with Simon on his assessment of Allison Iraheta. She was my favorite after Adam. Her smoky voice made “Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me” pretty close to unique. I say pretty close because the whole night I was waiting for someone to do what the judges keep saying they want: Make a song unique, original, fresh, contemporary. These complaints didn’t come up a lot on Rat Pack night, even though the songs everyone except Adam sang them pretty much as they came off the shelves. And no, I don’t think Danny Gokey could make an album of those songs. Come on. Yes, everyone gets caught up in the contestants while they’re on the show, but think about past seasons. When the season is over, people vote with their wallets and they vote for good pop songs, not for the cutest guy on stage. Adam gave “Feeling Good” a rocker spin. God knows why he did it in a Saturday Night Fever suit, but so be it. Jamie Foxx, the night’s mentor, said “The way he sung that song right now, he’s going to knock everybody’s head off.” “Absolutely incredible man,” he said to Adam, during the rehearsal time. “You don’t care who I am at all.” But Adam said he was closing his eyes while he sang because he couldn’t forget that it was Jamie Foxx right there. (At least he didn’t get up in Adam’s “grill” the way he did for Danny Gokey and his fresh breath.) Jamie said Adam took him up and took him down.

Jamie: “I’m crying. He can sing with the best of them. And he’s going to be great.”

And he was.

Randy Jackson: It was a little theatrical and a little too Broadway for me, but you are in the zone consistently dude.

Kara: My mouth drops open every time you perform. … Is he really doing that? Shocking. You’re shocking in a good way. Confusing and shocking and sleazy and superb and way over the top but I don’t know, I like you.

Paula: I get it. Words cannot describe. You make me feel better than good. With every performance I see it’s like watching the Olympics and you’re our Michael Phelps.

Simon: I love Randy saying that you’re too theatrical it’s like complaining that a cow moos too much. … What I get from you is you want to win.

Which is a good thing since it’s certainly looking that way.

1. Kris Allen, “The Way You Look Tonight”

Jamie, describing Kris as a singer: “I’m not trying to sing the throat Olympics, I’m right here. I’m performing the song.”

Jamie to Kris: “You’re my No. 1. This is a dude I’d do a record with.”

Was that a subtle dig at Adam?

Does he need to be taking the stand with him as he sings?

Nice song, but unless someone is making another Meg Ryan/Sandra Bullock comedy and they need a song in the background, I don’t know that this is contemporary.

Randy: What all of us do at this time … is see who’s in it to win it. … I personally think this is your best performance to date … You took your time, you told a story. You had some R&B stylings.

Kara: Songs from this era give you a unique opportunity to show your technical abilities … you have set the technical standard so incredibly high this evening. Your impeccable phrasing, your diction, your timing. … You are truly a dark horse in this competition.

Paula: You’ve made this amazing transition from being the adorable boy next door to handsome sophisticated gentleman.

Simon: I’m not quite as enthusiastic as these three, only because I thought it was a little bit wet. You’re like taking a very well trained spaniel for a walk. It’s all going to be safe, it’s going to be quite nice. I didn’t thin it was incredible. I didn’t get the feeling from you tonight that you fan win this competition.

2. Allison Iraheta, “Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me”

What’s it like being the only girl left? It’s scary being around those for guys? Really? I’m kidding.

Yesterday she celebrated her 17th birthday.

Jamie: “Sixteen, she is leaps and bound ahead of her time.”

She’s too young to have a boyfriend, she tells the camera, then seems to get embarrassed and says she shouldn’t say that.

Jamie says to think about how much love flows from her family.

Her raspy voice does wonders for this, updating it all on its own. That was great.

Randy: You come out looking like Brittany Murphy … you sing like Pink but with like 9,000 more octaves. … That was the bomb and you did it in your own kinda rough kinda gruff style and I loved it.

Kara: I was starting to think you did need someone to watch over you. … But I ain’t nervous for you any more. You converted some new fans tonight. You are not just a rock chick. … That was a deep, motional way-beyond-your-years rendition and if that doesn’t land you in the finals I don’t know what would.

Paula: I’ve been waiting so long for you to perform a ballad. … It had an innocent sensitivity that was both alluring and tender. I’m really proud of you.

Simon: Do you think you can win this competition at this stage?

Allison: I think I can, I think all of us have that chance right now.

Simon: I ask the question because I don’t feel that belief in you still. … Maybe you’ve just been overshadowed by some of the personalities at the moment. I have a horrible feeling you could be in trouble tonight.

What? Why does he bring such gloom!

Ryan asks Simon if he was basing that on her performance or lack of confidence …?

Simon: I didn’t feel that in terms of commitment or belief that was a 10. .. felt like a 7 out of 10.

Kara to Simon: I love you, but you are crazy.

3. Matt Giraud, “My Funny Valentine”

Matt is “stoked” about this week. He studied jazz. He got a B. “It’s part of my life.”

Jamie: “It’s a big song, so within each part of the song that’s got to be some (hand motion).”

They were done filming and Jamie had no comments. But then he pulled Matt back in.

I say change the key to the song. He wants it in his “full voice.”

What I’m still waiting for is for someone to make this fresh and current and not just a cover.

It was all right. I still think he’s the one in trouble.

Randy: That was probably one of the hardest songs to sing ever … For me it was just a little bit pitchy. … It didn’t all quite come together for me. I’d give it like a 6 out of 10.

Kara: Competition is so stiff tonight, you really have to be the leader of the pack to establish yourself. … I didn’t feel you were emotionally connected to it and that’s what I was missing.

Paula: I love what you did with the song and I love what you did with the advice from Jamie in lowering the key. I felt the emotional connection.

Simon: I am going to have to disagree … with Randy. For me, it was the only believable, authentic song I’ve heard tonight. I can tell that you love the music and I heard some almost Nat King Cole kind of phrasing there. I thought you were absolutely brilliant.

I think he’s just being witchy about Kara.

4. Danny Gokey, “Come Rain or Come Shine”

Danny: “I’m not changing it up much” (what a shock) “I’m just giving it a bluesy feel.”

Jamie talks about how close director Michael Mann would get to him, in his personal space. He does it to Danny to get some kind of pure moment.

He gets “all up in your grill.” “Your breath is fresh!”


He looks good in that suit.

Decent song and he gets into it, but this isn’t the kind of song I would think he would have on his CD. This is the most disappointing night of music to me. At least last week for disco some of the contestants mixed it up – Kris, for one. So it was less disco than a pop song you could hear on the radio.

Randy: once again it all sounds like it’s ballad tonight. I’m worried about the tempo … you are the only one I’ve heard so far tonight who could actually have an album of songs like that and win. … forget all this stuff about the connection, this is a singing competition and you can sing.

Kara: What I’ve been missing from you all season is that Rat Pack swagger and you had swag tonight. The end of that performance was the most creative you’ve ever been with a melody.

Paula: Stellar. Stellar, stellar performance. The best thing about you, Danny, is I can tell you can see the finish line right in front of you.

Simon: What Kara said is 100 percent right. What you had tonight was a swagger and confidence. … I felt tonight you came out to prove a point. Not only did you prove a point with your vocals which were the best I’ve heard in weeks. … Special thank you to Jamie Fox (for what he brought out in all the contestants, but especially Danny). It was incredible.

5. Adam Lambert, “Feeling Good”

I think this Saturday Night Fever suit might’ve been better for last week.

He’s doing a rock edge

The way he sung that song right now, he’s going to knock everybody’s head off.

Absolutely incredible man. You don’t care who I am at all.

(But he closed his eyes.

Jamie says Adam took him up, took him down.

Jamie: “I’m crying. He can sing with the best of them. And he’s going to be great.”

THIS is what I was waiting for – someone to take a standard I’ve heard covered 100 times (including by Michael Buble) and doing something different. I’m not saying it’s his arrangement, but it’s a good one to choose.

Wooo – long note on Feeliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin good.


Randy: I’ll say it again … it was a little theatrical and a little too Broadway for me, but you are in the zone consistently dude.

Kara: My mouth drops open every time you perform. … Is he really doing that? Shocking. You’re shocking in a good way. Confusing and shocking and sleazy and superb and way over the top but I don’t know, I like you.

Paula: I get it. Words cannot describe. You make me feel better than good. With every performance I see it’s like watching the Olympics and you’re our Michael Phelps.

Simon: I love Randy saying that you’re too theatrical it’s like complaining that a cow moos too much. … What I get from you is you want to win.

(He even mistakenly calls someone else Adam – Danny?)

Simon: Best entrance we’ve had all year.

He said Ryan is no longer allowed to use the stairs.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

You Might Be Rich

“You Might Be Rich” is the Dateline NBC show that finds unclaimed money and returns it to the rightful owners. “You Might Be Rich” is a Dateline NBC segment where that first aired last August, helping return almost $2 million lost dollars to average Americans. In the new rendition of the segment NBC News reporter Tiki Barber and his team, which includes NBC News’ Peter Alexander, and MSNBC’s Tamron Hall, find unclaimed property that is waiting in the state treasuries to be returned to the rightful owners. Almost $5 million was returned to over a dozen individuals by Barber and his team. In one particular case a former Pennsylvanian, who moved to Germany, was tracked down by the NBC news team, and given over a half a million dollars from an inheritance he was unaware he ever had. The story gets even better; when Dateline finally tracked him down they discovered he was homeless. Another man had a million dollars that was waiting to be collected in the Illinois State Treasurer, according to You Might Be Rich, will air in two, hour specials Sunday, April 26 at 7:00 p.m. ET, and Sunday, May 3 at 7:00 p.m. ET. The May 3 show will take place live from outside Rockefeller Center, surprising one family that is completely unaware that they are entitled to unclaimed money.

NFL Draft: Mitchell Makes His Point

A 4-8 season by the Bobcats didn't help. Neither did the fact that he was a snubbed during the Combine selection process. So Ohio University safety Michael Mitchell knew that he had to make a statement at his Pro Day back on March 12. "I had decided I was going to leave no doubt that I'm going to be one of the biggest, fastest safeties on the market," the 6-foot-1, 220-pound defensive back told "I looked at the day as, 'finally here's my chance.' I just wanted to get in a room with guys like William Moore, Mike Hamlin and Louis Delmas and compete with those guys. But since I didn't get to do that, my Pro Day was my chance to show that I could."Mitchell put forth a compelling case to the NFL scouts and coaches who gathered to watch the school's top athletes. He reportedly ran a 4.43-second 40-time on his first attempt and followed that up with a 4.49-second time—even though he pulled up a bit at the 35-yard mark due to tweaking his hamstring. Now remember, that's a sub-4.5 time in the 40-yard dash run by an athlete who weighs in at 220-pounds.As a result of that speed, Michael Mitchell doesn't just tackle opponents, he clobbers them. Watch his highlight reels and you'll see that players' legs fly out when this guy puts a hit on them. He made 62 tackles during his senior year, forced a pair of fumbles and picked-off three passes. "It's so weird that I've been flying under the radar, and at times it's been frustrating," he said. "I've been playing well, I've never been in trouble, I truly believe I'm a good person with a good heart. "If you ask people about Mike Mitchell, they'll tell you he's a hard worker and a great leader. He's a guy who's going to give 110 percent every time he steps on the field whether it be a workout or anything regarding football, he's always putting his best foot forward. And I'm definitely proud of that. Mitchell told that the Cleveland Browns, Indianapolis Colts, Houston Texans and Detroit Lions all spent some time talking with him at his Pro Day. He's also worked out for the Chicago Bears and the Cincinnati Bengals. And he's had official visits with the Colts, Browns, the Oakland Raiders and the Green Bay Packers. As he's made the rounds with NFL teams, he's finally hearing that coaches and scouts have noticed that he's worthy of getting his shot at playing in the NFL. "I keep hearing that they really like my size and my athletic ability," Mitchell said. "I think the thing that shocked a lot of people is my footwork. But I played corner all my life, and then when I got to college my coaches saw my potential to play safety, so he moved me to free safety. But as you watch film, you can tell I kind of like to hit people a little bit, so he moved me to strong safety."Team officials also seem to be attracted to some of Mitchell's intangibles as they've learned more about him."They've told me that they really like the leadership and emotion I bring to the game," he said. "I hope this doesn't come off the wrong way, but I truly believe there isn't another player that brings it like I bring it, every play, every practice, every game. Michael Mitchell is ready for the NFL. And one thing's for sure—he's no longer flying under the radar.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Swine Flu Outbreak

Breaking news today. Swine Flu is been affecting some state in the United States. This is very alarming. But what is a Swine Flu? What are the symptoms? Scientists are baffled and deeply worried by the latest outbreak of swine flu for two reasons: It appears to combine bird, swine and human viruses in a way that hasn't been seen before, and it is spreading from person to person. Although swine flu has been known to sporadically infect people, it has usually occurred in rare cases in which the virus jumps from swine to humans who are directly exposed to the animals, such as pig farmers. The virus that has surfaced in Mexico -- and apparently California and Texas -- is known as A/H1N1, a strain that hasn't been previously detected in pigs or humans. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, there have been some documented cases of a person-to-person jump. In 1988, for example, an apparent swine-flu infection in the U.S. was transmitted from a patient to health-care workers who were in close contact with the person. However, neither of the two California children diagnosed with the illness this spring had close contact with pigs. This, the CDC said, "increases the possibility that human-to-human transmission of this new influenza has occurred. "Not all pandemics are lethal, and it is far from clear whether the current swine flu infecting people could be the beginnings of a global outbreak. However, the World Health Organization is worried enough that it has alerted an expert panel that can recommend whether to raise the alert level for a global pandemic. New viral strains arise through a process called antigenic shift, or reassortment, when at least two viruses combine. This can happen when a cell is infected by two different flu viruses and some of their genes are exchanged during replication. Pigs are especially prone to be such "mixing vessels" since they can be infected by viruses that infect swine, birds and humans. Reassortment is often seen in water birds, especially ducks. Though these birds don't show symptoms, they shed the virus in their feces -- which could go on to infect pigs or possibly humans who come in close contact. The CDC said some of the genetic segments of the current swine-flu virus come from bird-flu viruses found in North America, plus one gene segment from a human-flu virus and two gene segments typically seen in pig-flu viruses in Europe and Asia. Symptoms are similar to those found in seasonal human flu, including fever, respiratory symptoms, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. The virus is sensitive to both oseltamivir, a medication whose brand name is Tamiflu, and zanamivir, or Relenza. New viruses that emerge this way -- through antigenic shift -- have in the past been the culprits behind pandemics because they infect populations that have no immunity to the novel bug. Past pandemics, such as one that appeared in 1957 in Asia and another that surfaced in 1968 in Hong Kong, originated from flu viruses in birds. In recent years, public-health experts have been fearful about a potential pandemic triggered by the H5N1 bird-flu virus, which has spread from poultry to humans and killed several hundred people since 2003.

Lou Lou's corner

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I was out today to run some errands. I paid our bills and mailed stuff that I need to mail including the stuff that my baby want. I hope it gets there on time. Still we do some yard work today. It is very tiring and my back is aching. Wheewww.. But I am resting now and just watching tv. How about you guys? How are you all doing?

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Wide Awake

It is 1:30 in the morning and I am wide awake. I'm not sleepy yet to be honest. I just talk to my baby on the phone a while ago and it feels good. Right now I am just updating my blog and wait tell I fall asleep. Probably some of you are in bed now. Well, guys I will just try to get some sleep because I have lots to do later. Goodnight

Thursday, April 23, 2009

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Yard work

We did some yard work today. I mowed the front yard. Help dad in the garden. It has been a great day for the past few days. Great day to work outside especially yard work. The weather is so cooperative and not raining anymore. Tomorrow will be cultivating the garden and will be clearing the ditch. Before that I still need to go to the post office to mail some stuff for my baby. I really had a great day today. Hope everyone has too.. Have a goodnight.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Locating made easy

I am truly amaze with the kind of technology that we have today. It is more convenient, a lot easier and very user friendly. Just like when you are locating something, all you have to do is look up your local yellowpages or local search over the internet perhaps. It is always great to know that this kind of innovation is very beneficial to everyone. Just like me and my husband. We love to dine in a restaurant and all we have to do is locate all local restaurant in our area then we choose where to eat.

With this technology or should I say innovation, it gives us more work done fast and doesn't have to wore yourself out in locating something. The power of the internet is such a brilliant discovery or a brilliant technology that provides people an easy living style. So if you need anything or locating something, you know where to go now and what do. Fire up your computer with internet connection and that's it. Typed in the the place you want to locate and you will be directed right away.

Ted Failon says financial woes behind wife's suicide attempt

ABS-CBN news anchor Teodoro 'Ted' Failon said his wife was faced with a problem about "family finances" before he found her lying in a pool of blood with a gunshot wound in her head in one of the bathrooms of their house in Quezon City on Wednesday. In an interview with Ces Drilon on Bandila, Failon said he talked with his wife 1:30 am Wednesday about the problem, and he tried to assure her that he could earn and recover whatever financial loss she may have incurred. “It's all about the family's finances,” Failon said in the interview. He told her that since they both came from poor families, it should not be a problem. “Kung ano man ang problema na iyan, kung pera man yan o anuman yan, kikitain ko lang iyan,” Failon said. He said he tried to console his wife by saying, “Mommy, galing tayo sa wala eh, di pino-problema iyan.” Failon said he also found that night a "sorry" letter from his wife indicating a financial problem.

The letter said: "Papa, I'm so sorry, gustong-gusto ko pang magsabi sa iyo ng totoo pero hindi ko po alam kung papaano ko uumpisahan. Sobrang takot na takot po ako. Umalis po muna ako kasi hindi ko po kaya at nahihiya po ako sa iyong humarap. Sana po mapatawad mo ako, Papa. Sorry sorry Papa, -- Mama" [Failon clarified during the interview that some of the alleged "po" words in the sorry letter should not be read as "po," a sign of respect given to an older person, but should be "pa," short for "papa."]

The couple failed to fully discuss the problem, but Failon said they agreed to meet again later on Wednesday. At around 10:20 am, while Failon was still on board dzMM for his radio program, "Tambalang Failon at Sanchez," Failon said he was trying to call his wife but she was not answering her phone. He asked their household help to check on his wife and was told she was in the bathroom. When he finally got to talk to his wife on the phone, Failon said his wife told him, “Papa, wala akong mukhang ihaharap sa iyo.”

'Pool of blood'

Failon said that was when he decided to leave early from his program and go home. Upon reaching his residence in Tierra Pura subdivision in Quezon City, Failon said his wife had locked herself in the bathroom. He asked one of the maids to look for the key so that the door could be opened. Asked what he saw, Failon said: "She was lying in a pool of blood." Failon denied he had a physical fight with his wife and that he had hurt her early Wednesday. “Ni minsan (no)…," he said.

Failon said the gun his wife used in the apparent suicide was a licensed Walther PPK .380 which he owned. He said he had taught her how to use it in case she had to defend herself, and that she knew where he kept the gun. "It’s a licensed gun. Noong unang panahon pa, tinuturuan ko siya for protection sa bahay. At siyempre, alam niya kung saan nakatago iyan,” he said. Asked about reports that he could be a suspect, Failon said: "I don't have to defend myself with that allegation."

Further questioning

Police authorities are still trying to determine whether the shooting was an attempted homicide or a suicide attempt. As of posting, Failon and his lawyers had agreed to go to Camp Karingal for further questioning. Trinidad, 44, was still in critical condition at the New Era General Hospital. Failon was accompanied to the police headquarters by his daughter, Kaye, his dzMM radio partner Korina Sanchez, and ABS-CBN Vice-President for sports Peter Musngi.

Failon, whose full name is Mario Teodoro Failon Etong, earlier underwent a paraffin test together with members of his household. In a statement he issued early Wednesday afternoon, Failon said he rushed his wife to the hospital after seeing her lying in a pool of blood. "Hindi ko na tinapos ang aking programa sa dzMM kaninang umaga matapos kong makausap ang aking asawa sa telepono. Kaya umuwi ako kaagad at natagpuan kong nakakandado ang pinto ng banyo,” he said. “Pinabuksan ko ang pinto at natagpuan ko ang aking asawa na duguan kung kaya't itinakbo ko sya kaagad sa ospital."

Not a suicide note

Police Superintendent Frank Mabanag, chief of the Quezon City Police District Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit, said the "sorry" note of Trinidad does not appear to be a suicide note. Mabanag lamented that the household helpers of Failon cleaned the bathroom where Trinidad was found, and that Failon returned the gun in the bedroom instead of leaving the scene for the police to examine. Mabanag said Failon and his household helpers could face a case of "obstruction of justice" for cleaning the scene of the shooting incident.

However, Mabanag said the two maids told police they were not told by Failon to clean the bathroom where Trinidad was found lying in a pool of blood. Mabanag said they will also study the bullet entry, which was through the left temple. Initial reports said the couple had an argument in Failon's car on Wednesday, but this was denied by Mabanag.
Still critical

In an interview Thursday over dzMM, Dr. Adonis Gascon, surgeon of the New Era General Hospital, said Trinidad was still in critical condition. Her vital signs were still unstable. He said Trinidad was not clinically dead as some media organizations (not ABS-CBN) earlier reported. Brain surgery was not an option, he added.

In a statement early Wednesday , ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp. appealed to the public to respect the privacy of Failon’s family.

"We appeal to everyone to please respect the privacy of Ted Failon and his family," ABS-CBN corporate communications head Bong Osorio said. "His wife is fighting for her life."

Failon is a news anchor of TV Patrol World and is a radio commentator on dzMM, the radio station of ABS-CBN. In 2001, Failon ran and won as congressman representing the first district of Leyte, but he only served one term, from 2001 to 2004, after which he returned to ABS-CBN. -- With reports from Ces Drilon, Ron Gagalac, Gretchen Malalad, ABS-CBN News; Dennis Datu and Henry Atuelan, dzMM

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Tax refund

It was a huge relief when I got out tax rebate on the mail today. We are glad that finally it's here because we have been waiting for and thought it will never come in. It has been 3 months already since we filed out tax return and they were late in refunding it. But anyway we are glad to have it now.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Great service, excellent professionals

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Coin Collection

Today we were just driving and hitting some banks and was checking for the new Licoln penny rolls. We didn't fail though and found some. Now I have new rolls added to my collection. Yes I just started collecting coins. It is fun and I enjoy doing it because it is an investment and at the same time I learn new things especially the different kinds of coins in the world.


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2009 Lincoln Log Cabin Penny Roll

Have you seen this new Lincoln penny rolls yet? Yes, this is the 2009 Lincoln Log Cabin Penny roll. In fact this is just the first design because they will be releasing 4 designs of pennies this year. I already got some for me for my collection and I am still waiting for 3 other designs that they will release this year.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Gift cards as presents and for shopping

Do you recognize that most people use Gift Cards to shop or as presents? Yes I do recognize that and personally I have an experience on gift cards. During our wedding, we received a bunch of gift cards from our guests and family. It helped us a lot because we are able to purchase a particular stuff that we need through the gift cards that we got. To me, it is very convenient to use and doesn't require money when you make a purchase. The world is really evolving and people just keep producing excellent product to consumers like us. For your convenience, use gift card as presents or use it to go shopping.

L.A. Times wins Pulitzer for wildfires series

Los Angeles Times reporters Bettina Boxall and Julie Cart have won a Pulitzer Prize for their series of stories on how brush fires are fought. The series found that a century after the government declared war on wildfire, fire is gaining the upper hand. Wildland blazes are growing bigger, fiercer and harder to put out. Firefighting costs are rising, too, and much of the money is going to private contractors. The story also looked at so-called " CNN drops". Fire commanders are often pressured to order firefighting planes and helicopters into action even when they won't do any good. The reason: Aerial drops of water and retardant make good television. Boxall and Cart credited Times Deputy Managing Editor Marc Duvoisin with helping shape the series. "Hooray for the L.A. Times. It was great that we were given the amount of time to report something that is so important to our readers," Cart said. Times Editor Russ Stanton said the paper is committed to continuing this type of long-project journalism. In addition, Times reporter Paul Pringle was a finalist for his coverage of questionable union practices. And Carolyn Cole was a finalist for her on-the-spot coverage of political violence in Kenya.

Air mattress

Camping season is here once again and people are buying stuff already. One of the things that people buy is an air mattress. Why? Because it has several useful features aside from it is very comfortable to use. It is waterproof and good if you're going to take the air bed camping or someplace. It is midrise meaning mattress is raised off of the floor which is mainly a comfort thing. It also got a portable duffle bag, easy for lugging the bed around. Do your air mattress comparison and get the best deal from it.

Miss USA 2009

Did you watch the pageant? Yes Miss North Carolina was crowned the Miss USA 2009. Her name is Kristen Dalton, a 22 years old lady from North Carolina. Out of 51 contestant, she reign the crown. The judges were Robert Earl, Shandi Finnessey, Willie Geist, Brian Graden, Shelley Hennig, Perez Hilton, Alicia Jacobs, Claudia Jordan, John Miller, Kelly Monaco, Kenan Thompson and Eric Trump. They did a pretty good job and Kristen did an excellent job in winning this competition.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Summer get away

During summer most people go the beach. I know one of you is planning for a summer vacation already. But do you know where to go yet and what possible deals you will get for your get away? Great news Myrtle Beach Resorts are now open. To me this is the right place to go and the best place to say for vacation. You even don't have to worry for your hotel accommodation because Myrtle Beach Hotels will provide it for.

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Plan for your summer get away now and experience the fun feeling of being away from the crowd and work. Stay at Myrtle beach resort because it is the ideal location for families and vacationers like you. To me, it is the best place and the best deal I have seen so far. Grab it now. For more details, just visit

Looking forward for a new job

I was very busy for the past few days which is good because it helps the day go faster..Lol..Also Miss Vicky spoke to me today that a friend of hers want her house clean, well I would love to do that. That's an extra money that we are not expecting. God is really good. He always provide what we need. I am just waiting to when will I start then I am good to go. I haven't told my baby yet but for sure he has no say about it.

Want justice, go to Maglio Christopher & Toale Law Firm

Maglio Christopher ToAle Law Firm has the best Durom Lawyer in town. They have won a lot of Durom Lawsuit for so many years now and continuously providing a good service. Their team has the excellent performance ever. Their lawyers are of great pride in what they do. They enjoy being trial lawyers and get to help people seeking justice and never failed to succeed.

The trial lawyers of the Maglio Christopher & Toale Law Firm offers 4 different types of cases. First is the Injury Case which covers Defective Joint replacement which involve the Issues on Zipper Durom Cup, Medical Product,s, Vaccines Injury, Negligence and International Injury. The second type of case they offer is Property Case that covers Construction Litigation, Medical Fraud Prosecution, Business and Commercial Litigation, Insurance Coverage Disputes, Probate Litigation and Profession Licensure Deference. They also provide a service for Consumer Cases which is the third type of case which covers Bankruptcy, Fair Debt Collection Practices act and Foreclosure. Their forth type of case is an Alternative Dispute Resolution for mediation and arbitration. With Maglio Christopher & Toale Law Firm you are in good hands.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Amazing talent, fantastic piece

Spring is already here, meaning it is time to get out and have some fun. The beach is just one of the destination for this season. Have you tried building a castle when you are in the beach? It is amazing right. Here's a great individual who will render her time to teach you a very beautiful piece.

For $75, she'll help you and your family build your very own castle on this prime Gulf of Mexico beach location on South Padre Island, Texas. Of course, there's a catch. Come high tide, your little piece of Texas realty will become just another snapshot in your holiday photo album. Wierenga is a specialist in beachfront contracting, with a penchant for towering castles, complete with fancy spires, arches and looming buttresses, all made out of sand.For the past 25 years, Wierenga's company, Sandy Feet, has been coaching vacationers in the art of sandcastle building."It's a great family experience, and I'm also getting more and more corporate clients using the process as a team-building exercise," she says, adding some final touches to a demonstration model she whipped up over the past hour. Wierenga has written three books on the subject, and her latest, Sandcastles Made Simple, offers step-by-step instructions and tips for building all sorts of sand creations."I have taught thousands of the previously turret-and-tower-impaired how to build their dream castles." She says that almost anyone can learn the basics after an hour's lesson.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Partners for real find your match

Dating website had just evaded the world wide web today. A lot had met online and become a couple. My husband and I could attest to that. But did you know that there's a certain website where you can meet real millionaires who are seeking for the love of their life? Yes, it's the dating a millionaire website. This is a premiere sugar daddy and sugar momma dating site where you can flirt with real millionaires. Curious? Check it out now.

Garage sale escaped

I woke up early this morning because we went on garage sale again. Well it was fine but we didn't see much garage sale this time unlike a couple of weeks ago. I bought some purses and baby clothes. I had a pretty nice deal of what I bought. I am a little tired and sleepy but that's fine. Well I guess that's all for now. Have a great evening.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Great investment

Talking about investment, we always look forward to it. But there are so many ways to invest and Firstrade can help you to start your investment. Firstrade has been in the business for 24 years years already. They have been providing a great service online for investment. For those of you who doesn't know about them, Firstrade is a discount brokerage firm.

Firstrade provide
self-directed investors with fast order execution, excellent customer service, and exceptional site performance. They offer online trading services, low commissions, wide range of products, powerful tools and research to help you achieve your goals, and no minimum to start. They were rank as the best online broker for consecutive years. Their services are amazing and a very trustworthy company. Check it out now!

How to overcome claustrophobia

My husband has a fear on tight and enclosed spaces and also known as claustrophobia. I worry for him all the time because even wearing a seat belt will make him panic and starting losing his breathe. I always curious and looking for some treatment for him to overcome this. I found some articles online about this sickness. Claustrophobia is the irrational fear of tight or enclosed spaces--not so much the space itself, but the inability to escape from it. Serious cases of claustrophobia can prevent people from necessary activities of life, even something as simple as driving a car. As with most fears, many with it may feel it is impossible to overcome. But ultimately, understanding and rationality is all it may take.

Step 1

Understand exactly what causes your claustrophobia. Try to remember if there was an incident from your past that led to this fear. It could also be from a family member who suffers the same.

Talk with a doctor or therapist. They can be the best at determining the cause and solution. Being able to overcome your fear and function in society is worth the financial cost.

Talk with people who have also suffered from claustrophobia and overcome it. Look for local support groups where people talk about these experiences.

Find ways to calm your body and focus your mind. This is one of the biggest steps toward overcoming fear. It could involve meditation or maybe just taking deep breaths.

Put yourself in a situation that causes your fear to emerge. This should include whatever specifically triggers that fear, such as a small elevator, a room with no window or inside a car.

Think of more positive, rational thoughts that replace the negative ones that cause the fear. These thoughts are what drive the emotion and action. This is known as cognitive behavioral therapy.

I hope this serves some points for you.

Debt Solution

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Mailing time

I finally mailed some items today but it is so funny, there's one item that I forgot to put label on so I need to go back to the post office again to mail it..Wheewwww.. Maybe I was just excited a while ago and totally forgot about Well my day went well. A bit busy but at least I keep myself busy.

Landscaping Job

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NFL fanatic here's the latest news feed in the world of NFL. Cris Collinsworth will succeed John Madden as the analyst in the NBC broadcast booth for the network's Sunday night NFL game telecasts, NBC executive Dick Ebersol announced during a conference call with reporters today.

Madden announced his retirement from broadcasting earlier today, rejecting an offer made Wednesday by Ebersol to work the network's September and November games next season and take October and December off.

Collinsworth had been on the NBC studio show.

"John's successor will be Cris Collinsworth," Ebersol, the chairman of NBC Sports, said during the conference call. "... Cris has always given us the luxury of having the two best broadcasters."

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fun to chat

BBW Chat Rooms is the new chatroom in the world wide web. It offers free membership and chat with people around the world. Where can you find a great deal like this. Chat with hundreds of users all over the world and have fun. Register for free account today and enjoy viewing and talking to all of the users on this website now.

Post Office hours are extended today

This is the last day in filing your IRS and because of that, post office hours are extended. One of those is Bend. The main post office in Bend is extending its hours today to accommodate tax return procrastinators. Its mail drop-off boxes outside the post office on 4th Street and in the lobby will be open until midnight tonight. Bend Postmaster Nathan Leigh says you need to be sure you have enough postage or the IRS and Oregon Department of Revenue will not accept your tax returns, even if they get them in time. There is an automated postal center in the lobby of the main Bend Post Office that will weigh your return and tell you how much postage you need. There's also a stamp machine available so you can purchase the postage you need. Your tax returns must be postmarked by midnight tonight.

Direct TV

When I was still in the Philippines, we do not have DirectTV makes me wonder why. When I got here in the United States I was surprise because it is so popular. Most people here uses Direct TV for their viewing option. I got so curious why this popular and highly recommended by everyone. Even us has a subscription to it.

Direct TV service becomes popular and patronize because of the kind of service that they have. It provides 99.9% signal reliability. It has over 130 channels. It offers incredible value with lower price per channel. The Direct TV system dominate sport and holding the title of top ranking customer satisfaction. No wonder they are number 1 in the US now. Subscribe to Direct TV now.

Lost Connection

It was terrible. I was working on my blog and suddenly my internet connection were shut down..Brrrrrrrr..It was shut down for a couple of hours..Wheewww..Good thing it resumed again because I still have things to do tonight. Hopefully I'll get this things done before I get busy with others things again. My time is so much occupied right which is an advantage because it keeps me busy.

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Gone to work

My husband went back to work today. I am sad but he will be back soon. He will be here before I know it. Right now I am just updating my blog and watching tv. We are also texting. I miss my baby. It's just so different when his not here.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Regain Credit

Having credit is hard to avoid. It is there all the time. The reason why I say so, is because people tend to avoid credit as much as possible. I myself doesn't like having credit at all but it is there everyday and part of our lives. There are advantage and disadvantages of having a credit. Advantage because you do not need to spend any dime but the disadvantage is you will pay for it on a certain time frame.

It is not bad having a credit especially if credit repair services are available nowadays. They are created to fix credit and repair credit line of people around the world. So if you were declined for a certain loan before for a bad credit line, have them fixed your credit and get started again. Rest assured you will be granted.


Dreams are really weird sometimes. It could be good or bad. An advantage or disadvantage. I wonder if really dreams do come true. I use to dream bad things and terrible nightmares that are almost true and always find myself crying. Some people say that dreams are opposite. I don't believe that. Some will say that dreams are pre requisite of a certain incident that is about to happen. Sometimes I do believe about that but we all know that God can only predict what to happen in the future and to each and everyone of us.

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On their website, you are able to look for a brand new car or a used car. They will provide you a certain data or information on the car or cars you are looking for. Through this website, you have the knowledge on which to choose because they also provide a certain review of a particular car that is highly recommended or has good quality. Love cars, visit their website now.

Busy Tuesday

We had an early start today. We went to a property to load some scrap iron. It was fun although it was a bit chilly. Now I am tried and just resting because I've heard we will dine out tonight for dinner. I would guess it's Chinese because it's everybody's favorite. I am also almost done with the things I am working at. And I also wanted to update my blog and visit back those blogger who have been to my page. I thank you all for that.

Safe and secured shopping

I know most of you are familiar with Burton. But for others who doesn't know this brand name, here's your chance to know it better. Burton is the kind of brand that you will love to have. It is a high quality product that has different selection for men and women. It has everything that an individual need such as shoes, clothing, bags, accessories and many more.

Now you may ask where to find it or buy it. It's very simple. Just visit and you will find every product of Burton on their website.Aside from that they have great customer service. They also provide safe and secure shopping with excellent shipping method and return policy. Visit their website now.

Full of stuff

It has been two days since we got back from Kansas but we are still getting things done in our living room. Lots of stuff and books from Kansas because we cleaned his storage unit. By and by we are getting things done but not totally done. Hopefully we will get it done before my husband gets back to work.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Getting rid of bed bug bites

Have you experience bed bug bites? It is very disturbing right but how to eliminate them? Here's the answer, bed bug bites treatment is now available to get rid of it. Treat it has high priority because it could damage your help. Get rid of it as soon as you can for a healthy environment.

Finally were home

Were home finally. We got in around 3 in the morning. Were so tired especially my husband because he is been driving with this trip going back and forth to Kansas. But I am glad we made it home safe. Our travel was pretty good. No hassle and any accidents happen. I am so thankful to God that he has given us a very safe trip.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Looking sexy during pregnancy

Want to look sexy during your pregnancy? Kiki's Fashions Maternity is the right place for you. They have a huge selection of maternity clothes just for you. They sell different kinds, different fashion, different style, color, trend and sizes. They are dedicated to bring their customers today's cute and trendy maternity clothes at low, low prices. Choose from the sexiest maternity clothes they have because they think it's not an excuse that if you're pregnant you can't be sexy anymore. Visit their website now. Tell your friends about it and enjoy the lasting comfort of your maternity clothes from Kiki's Fashion's.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Went to comedy bar

I had so much fun tonight. We went to a comedy bar together with my brother in laws with along with her friends and husband. It was a pretty good show. It was my first time in a comedy bar and I had fun. It was so unique and were just laughing and laughing and laughing. I gues I'm a little drunk. Not totall but it got Well it was worth it. My husband and I had so much fun and were surely going back again again. Have a goodnight guys.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Advanced Tool for hunting

Hunting is very popular in the United States particularly deer hunting. Most people go to the jungle and shoot some deer. It's a hobby or a profession. But have you ever ask yourself on what tool or what brand to buy for this kind of hobby or profession. Well, one brand that I know of is nikon rifle scopes. Nikon has been popular and the largest dealer of all time. Rest assured you will get the best quality tool you are looking for. Most hunters recommend this tool for hunting. Personally I like the Millet Tactical Rifle Scope because it gives the shooter bright and crisp optics, jut this feature alone, it gives you an idea how powerful the equipment is. It has controls that are easy to see and use, plus many added features. It is also perfect for long range applications as well as target use that are perfect for Law Enforcement and Military Personnel. Visit their website now and see what they've got.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Finally in Kansas

Finally were in Kansas now...Wheewww that was a long travel. I am also done with my Biometrics appointment this morning. I am so tired and just wanna crawl up in bed. My birthday today was a whole lot of traveling which is fine becasue I'm with my baby. Well guys I am just updating and goodnoght everyone..

Monday, April 06, 2009

A review website for acne treatment

With thousands of acne treatment on the market, it is hard to tell which product to use or which product is effective. Because of confusion a website was created to provide an independent forum that provides a guidance on top acne product on the market. This website is An unbiased, independent and brutally honest Acne Treatment review website. They have a forum where the end user participate and share their experience in using an effective product on the market. With this process gather everything and products will be categorized on the following criteria. Effectiveness, customer feedback, speed, ingredient quality, company reputation, return policy, long term result, side effects, percentage of reorder and overall value. With this criteria, they can determine the top acne treatment product on the market. This will be a great reference to the users. Check out their website now know the product you need for acne treatment.

Good morning

Cold weather is back again. When we woke up this morning, it's chilly outside..I am also glad that my husband if feeling good now compared last night. He was having a terrible headache last night and I am so worried but thank God is doing fine now. We have to run some errands today. Get things done for our trip tomorrow. Please include as in your prayers guys..

Career Integrity Transition

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Sunday, April 05, 2009


It was a pretty day today. The sun is up and the weather is good. Church was also fine today. We've been busy again because we will be traveling to Kansas on Tuesday. We need to do things prior to our trip so that we don't have to worry on what's left undone. Right now I am just updating my blog and still posting some items on ebay. I am getting tired, my eyes are hurting because I stayed long infront of the computer already. But I have to get this done because I still have few batches of clothes to list. Hopefully I'll get this done tonight because tomorrow is another day and another job to do..Wheeewww..It's just been busy. Hope you all have a great evening..

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Exceptional piece

Do you recognize the picture? Yes, it is a buddha. It is very common to Chinese temple. Mostly wood buddha statues are for decoration but there are some people who worship them. It depends on the persons belief though and buddha even bring some fortune to most people. Scientifically speaking it was not proven that it is true but base on customs and tradition many people believe that buddha is a lucky charm. Well we can't blame them if that's their belief. What I love about buddha is they have an exceptional presentation to every place they belong. I have a small wood buddha statue at home and the package of it just bring so much attraction in our living room.

Upcoming Trip

I really see myself very busy for the next few days. On Tuesday, we will be going to Jackson, Mississippi for my biometric appointment and after my appointment will start driving going to Kansas. It is a 14 hours drive..Wheeewwww! This would be the very first time I will experience a long ride. We planned this before because we have things to do back there and hopefully we will get it done. Right now I am working on the thing I need to do because we will be staying there for 5 days. Hopefully things will be alright. I am nervous and worried not because of the long travel but nervous and worried to meet the rest of his family. I don't know how are they going to accept me or maybe they don't, I don't know. Hopefully I will be comfortable around them and hopefully no comparison will happened. It can't be avoided I guess but I am just nervous and scared. Wish me luck guys and pray for me.

Tanning bed

Most people do sun bathing just to get the "tan" color skin they ever wanted. But have you ever know that Tanning Bed is now available? Yes it is now available in the market and you don't have to go to the beach or stay beside the pool all day long because Home Tanning Bedsare out for grab. Check it out now.

Busy Busy Busy

Once again we were busy today. We went for garage sale again and we really got some pretty good deal. I am so excited to go through with what I bought and hopefully could get a profit to it. I have been working so hard to keep myself busy and productive. I am liking it. It is hard to cope up though because I do 2 jobs but I'll get use to it in the long run. Its better this way because I am doing something and no nobody will tell me what to do anymore. Well sometimes you just can't avoid people who doesn't mind their own business. Well that's life. I am finally settled now and just updating my blog. How about you guys, how are you all doing? I hope everything is fine. Have a nice day.

Remodeling your house with the expert

Since the cold weather is gone most people do much work on their own respective houses now especially out side work. Do gardening, mowing the yard, picnic and remodeling their house. Remodeling our house is something we could say a treat for ourselves. But do we ever think of hiring somebody to do the remodeling of our house? Probably some people will hire a professional contractor to do the work for them and others just do it on their own. Hiring somebody will make it more easier for us because it's their masterpiece and they know what they are doing. Now, choosing the right contractor is a bit tough because of so many contractors around. But in order to choose the right one, you should know who is popular, who is in demand and who has the ability to do the work and Austin Remodeling contractor is the one who will provide for your remodeling need. They specialize custom homes with energy efficient materials resulting in 40-60% energy savings. They do room addition, garage conversion and garage. They also do window and door replacement, custom cabinetry, entertainment center, shelving, kitchen and bathroom renovation and all minor and major remodeling projects. They have excellent customer service that will attend to your need. Work with Austin remodeling now!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Garage sale and errands

We woke up early this morning because we have to run some errands. We went to garage sale and bought some clothes, purses and some other items that are so cheap. I enjoyed because I was with my husband. We bought somethings that we needed and we accomplish what we had to do today. Tomorrow will be another day. I figure it is still a busy day because we will have choir practice tomorrow at the same time will be preparing some stuff that we need on Tuesday as we travel to Kansas. It will be a long ride but I am excited and a bit nervous. Well I get through with it. I am a little tired and sleepy. I will just take a nap guys and be back shortly.

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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Survivor Series

The survivor episode tonight was exceptional. Another member from Jalao was sent home again. The votes were for Taj and Sydney but Sydney was sent home. It is really getting close to the final episode which the sole survivor. Both teams has few members and any time soon a merge will be made. Hopefully the winning survivor really deserves the title. Well, I am waiting for next eposide again and that's on next Thursday.

Enclosed Trailer

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Keeping myself busy

Lately I have been busy with some of my stuff. Been clearing my closet especially my winter clothes now that spring is here. I am still arranging them and hopefully soon it will be done. Well, if you have noticed, I am trying to keep myself busy so that I won't get bored and won't miss my husband that much. But don't get me wrong, even though I'm busy I still and always miss my husband. It's just so hard not seeing him for 28 days and just communication through the phone. But I know God will help us reach our goals and be together all the time.

Lap Band

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Storm in our area

There is a severe storm in our area right now. It is raining so hard. Can't barely see something outside. Hopefully this will last few minutes from now. It is so dark here. Well, it's good to take a nap though and all I want to do is crawl on my bed..We have been getting bad weather for last few days. It's been raining and thunderstorms are very scary. I wish that this weather will be back to normal soon.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Swing Trading

Have you heard of swing trading? I myself haven't heard about it yet. But as I went to their website, it has so many informative data that will help you succeed and get started on what you really want. Check it out now.


It was a busy day once again. It's our first of the month shopping so the rest of the day we were out and bought some stuff that we don't have anymore. As like my mother in law said our pantry is almost Well we already got home, unloaded everything and now resting for a while. How about you guys, how was your day?