Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spring time is coming and winter sale is on!

What you see is right. Yes, winter is almost over and a lot of companies are having winter sale for furniture that are appropriate for spring time. It is amazing how time flew, when I first got here in the States, it was fall, then I experience the coldness during winter and now I am sweating because spring is almost here. We know when spring is here, we love to stay outside and just spend most of our time in the patio. Just like anyone else, my family and I are now cleaning and putting the patio furniture back in place. I really can't wait to experience the spring time here in the United States because this would be the very first time to experience it.

The one on the picture is such a great deal. Saving 45 - 75% on the furniture you get such as wicker furniture , outdoor loungers, aluminum patio furniture, fire pit and many more are so great to our patio. That's why I really can't wait 'til spring time is here and stay most of the time in our patio.

-> This is exactly what I want to see on our patio. It is so relaxing and so inviting. I can spend the rest of the day here and just enjoy the weather.

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