Wednesday, March 16, 2011

God Bless Japan

God bless the people in Japan. This is a very devastating news last Friday when a magnitude 8.9 earthquake hit Japan. A lot of properties were damaged and the huge tsunami had really made it worst. When I was watching the news, it was very scary and it does felt like a nightmare just hit them without any notice. Rescue teams are still looking for any survivors on the tragedy. I hope Japan could recover soon and people could go back to their normal lives again.

Elelctronic Cigarette

Quitting a habit is merely impossible especially if it's in your system all your life. The word quit is even more harder to pronounce, but sometimes we have to do it good cause. One example is smoking. This is one of the major habit of people around the globe. To quit from smoking is very tough and it does require determination and avoid temptation as possible.

Yes it is very addicting and at the same time this will take a huge part in your budget. Aside from it is hard to avoid it, it is costly and it requires money. Buying is all the time will take a huge effect in you finances but buying it once makes a good savings. How is that possible? Electronic cigarette is the answer. You might have heard the commercial of this product and sure is a practical one.

This is the new technology now. It is a battery operated cigarette and all you do is plug it in to a fresh battery. It tasted the same and you can choose different flavors too. You do not need to miss with the puffs anymore. So experience the freedom of electronic cigarette and get into saving.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Russell Hantz On Survivor

Yikes Russell voted out for the first time on a first tribal council. Last Wednesday night "Survivor" episode was Russell's unlucky night. His tribe doesn't really like him at all and everyone just gang up on him and was sent to redemption island. Now I am getting curious on what strategy his going to do this time and will he make til end this time? Hmmmmm! we will see next week on survivors.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Driving now

Get to drive all by myself today, sweet! it was fun and I was really getting confident on the wheel. I know it takes a lot of practice to get use to it and I am up to that. I will try my very best to get used driving. I am just happy that I can help my hubby more in running our errands especially when his offshore. I went to town this morning and my driving went fine. At first I was nervous because nobody is navigating me but I guess you do good more when your all by myself.

Poker Addict

Getting engage into a particular game is fun. It brings a some of kind happiness that nobody can give. It will either make you get addicted to it or wind up not liking it. To me when I like a particular game a lot, I would play it everyday. It always makes me feel anxious to play that game everyday.

Right now I am so hooked up to poker online. It's a new game to me that my husband has introduced to me recently. It is very addicting even though I am still on the learning stage. It wasn't really but a very user friendly game. Of course it requires intellect to win and beat your opponents.

I have been playing for a while now and made me so curious to learn the proper hand on my cards. I want to learn the different strategies to win and play the game with a good standing on cards. I've read there is a professional poker school that teaches you the different strategies and teaches you the smart way to play the game. This is awesome because now I can learn more on the game that I am so hooked into today. I will definitely research about this school.