Friday, June 26, 2009

Cops to Question Michael Jackson's Doctor, Conrad Robert Murray

Los Angeles police are looking for Jackson's doctor, who they hope can shed light on how the pop singer died. Cops towed a silver BMW from outside Jackson's Los Angeles home, which police confirmed belonged to Jackson's "personal physician" and which they believed contains evidence crucial to the investigation. The doctor's name has not been officially released by authorities. Law enforcement sources, however, confirmed to ABC News, that the car towed from Jackson's home is registered to one Susan Mary Rush. Rush is the sister of Dr. Conrad Robert Murray, who was the doctor with Jackson Thursday. Police interviewed Murray Thursday night, but have not been able to reach him since then. "The car was impounded," said Amanda Betat, a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Police Department. "One reason it was impounded was because it may contain medication or evidence that could assist the coroner in determining the cause of death." The British Newspaper the Sun has reported that Jackson was given a lethal dose of the painkiller Demerol before his death.

Flea Control

I've noticed with our dog lately that he keeps scratching and chewing himself which bothers me because something might be wrong. We found out that his got fleas and we all know how itchy a flea bites on humans is. It is very disgusting and very disturbing. We looked for a solution right away and thank God his free from fleas now and so we are.

Michael Jackson died at the age of 50

A sad news took place yesterday about a matinee idol, a legend of music and the king of pop. He is no other than Michael Jackson who pass yesterday at the age of 50. It was a very sad news to everyone. A very unexpected event and a tragic circumstances to his family. He will surely be missed.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Walk-in tubs for pregnancy

The moment we knew that I am pregnant, we got excited and thrilled. We were very cautious in everything I do for my pregnancy. I know being pregnant will sometimes put you and your baby at risk and experiencing it right now, I could relate the hardships and sacrifices were facing. I am in my first tri-mister and I could say that it is very hard to move and walk going back and forth because it makes me feel dizzy and throw up. I am having a hard time taking a shower because I am afraid that I might fell. But to prevent it, we were talking about buying a walkin tub for my safety and our baby as well. This tub will give me comfortable shower time with no risk involve. Be very cautious if your pregnant.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sheriff counting on new board to 'properly' fund office

Delaware County Sheriff Walter Davis could be breathing a little easier next week when county commissioners are expected to vote on increased funding for his office. Davis entered 2009 with a projected $750,000 deficit for the year. The budget had been allocated by the previous board of commissioners, but with three new commissioners joining the board at the beginning of the year, a budget fix could be in sight. "The previous commissioners listened to the sheriff's request and decided to go with their own numbers," said county Commissioner Ken O'Brien, who took office in January.


Both sides have expressed a commitment to find a solution and avoid the problems of the past.
"We want the tension and stress between the sheriff's office and the commissioners to be a thing of the past," Davis said. "I believe in them until they prove me wrong or someone proves me wrong." Commissioners enlisted Delaware County Administrator Dave Cannon to find solutions to the funding problems. O'Brien said he expects Cannon to present his findings to commissioners during their meeting Monday, June 22. "My goal is to fund the amounts on Monday," O'Brien said. Davis said he already has been able to chip away about $80,000 of the deficit by holding back on replacing employees who had resigned or were fired. The sheriff's office also has been awarded 29 grants, one as recently as last week, which provided $22,000 to fund a school resource officer. Starting this week, Davis has been able to raise further funds through the introduction of an online sheriff's auction. A link at the sheriff's office Web site directs visitors to where they can purchase seized or unclaimed items from Delaware County. O'Brien said he is confident next week's meeting will be the end of the financial crisis for the sheriff's office for 2009. While the money is there to fix the budget for 2009, O'Brien said the talk should include how to save money to avoid problems in 2010. O'Brien and Davis both said they were eager to cooperate for the future. "Through education, participation and cooperation with each commissioner, I think they will properly fund the office so we can avoid these kind of issues in the future," Davis said.

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

UFC 99 Results: Cain Velasquez Grinds Down Cheick Kongo in Three Round War

"Ladies and gentleman we have a new contender in the heavyweight division," said UFC announcer Joe Rogan after seeing three rounds of dominance by Cain Velasquez over Cheick Kongo. Kongo scored repeatedly on the feet in all three rounds, but Velasquez forced the fight to the ground again and again, kept it there and rained down blows from top position.

In a fight with serious implications for the UFC heavyweight title picture, veteran French kickboxer Cheick Kongo faced off with the fast rising wrestler Cain Velasquez. Not just a clash of styles, the bout pitted representatives of two of today's top MMA camps: Kongo's Wolfslair and Velasquez' American Kickboxing Academy.

In the opening action, Kongo rocked Velasquez with a two punch combination that forced Velasquez to immediately shoot for a takedown. Once there, Velasquez worked an aggressive ground and pound game, moved from side-mount to mount, then getting Kongo's back and working for a choke. Kongo fought his way back to his feet, only to go down again. Kongo fought gamely, surviving a battering from a range of dominant positions by Velasquez throughout the round. Kongo scored a moral win by getting back to his feet as the buzzer rang.

To open the second round, Kongo scored again on the feet but was quickly drawn back into a clinch fight where Velasquez had the advantage. It didn't take long in the clinch before the American fighter once again got the takedown. On the ground, the battery continued with Velasquez scoring with hammer punches while riding the Frenchman's back. Post-round highlights showed that Kongo dropped the American with a right to the temple, but it wasn't enough to deter Velasquez.

In the final round, Kongo connected again before scoring a takedown of his own. Unfortunately, Velasquez, the vastly more experienced wrestler quickly got top position and recommenced the assualt from top position. With two minutes left, Kongo fought back to his fight and scored in the clinch with knees. Once they separated, Kongo scored with punches only to be taken down again by Velasquez where he once again ate many many punches from the top. Kongo fought gamely to the end but couldn't do anything to win.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Maternity Clothes

We found out Monday that I am 11 weeks pregnant and I am so glad that I came across this website just in time and has a huge selection of maternity clothes I can go through and buy and wear during my pregnancy. They offer very low prices of maternity clothes that doesn't go over $30. Wow! that's huge savings. And right now they have this buy more save more promotion that offers 10%, 15% up 20% off by using a coupon on every purchase you made. Amazing! Now I don't have to worry about my maternity clothes anymore because I know where to get them in a very low price. Check it out!

Chastity Bono announces sex change

Chastity Bono is having a sex change to become a man. A spokesman for Bono, born a girl to Sonny and Cher, says he "has made the courageous decision to honor his true identity" and began the sex-change process earlier this year. Publicist Howard Bragman said Bono is proud of his decision and hopes "that his choice to transition will open the hearts and minds of the public regarding this issue."The 40-year-old writer, activist and reality-TV star came out as gay 20 years ago, Bragman said.In the book "Family Outing: A Guide to the Coming-Out Process for Gays, Lesbians, & Their Families," Bono describes the realization of being "somehow different — specifically different from who my mom expected me to be." A message left with Cher's representatives was not immediately returned Thursday. Bono's second book, "The End of Innocence: A Memoir," details how relationships with Joan, a lover, and Sonny and Cher changed after coming out. In 1995, Bono posed for the cover of the gay magazine The Advocate and began working for the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD).

Pesky Mosquito

During summer season my family and I loved to stay in the porch or do gardening. We enjoyed doing that during this season. We usually do it in the afternoon so that it won't too hot outside. But the problem is, mosquitoes are everywhere during this time. They bite us in every chance they got and it is so annoying. We can't concentrate on what we are doing. We are worried because mosquitoes carries diseases such as west nile virus which are dangerous to our health. Because of that my father in law decided to buy a mosquito traps to keep mosquitoes out of way while we are working. This is a trap that works by attracting and capturing the mosquitoes and other biting insects that are breeding in your yard. Good thing dad thought about this, so that we can work more outside without any distractions.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pregnancy Symptoms

I didn't know that being pregnant is this hard. I feel dizzy from time to time. Feel so lazy to move and sleepy all the time. Sometimes I throw up and really makes me feel miserable. I know my husband is worried about this especially that his at work and doesn't see what's going on. I just pray that God keeps me strong and healthy in my pregnancy.

Mosquito Magnet Trap

During this season mosquitoes are everywhere. One time when I was working in the garden, I was bitten my tons of mosquitoes and it's no fun. Good thing, there's a website that gives a certain advice and provide product to trap mosquito. They have this product called Mosquito magnet. It is an attractant and helps trap a mosquito. That once mosquitoes sense the carbon dioxide from the mosquito magnet, they need secondary attractants, octenol or lurex to hone in on the trap. The choice of which attractant to use depends upon where you reside in the U.S., since certain mosquito species are found everywhere. This is amazing! I am glad that we can buy a product to prevent mosquito as much as possible. I will probably use lurex for my mosquito magnet trap. Have yours too.

Chrysler poised to close sale, exit Chapter 11

NEW YORK (AP) - Chrysler was a step closer to emerging from bankruptcy protection Wednesday, a day after opponents of the automaker's planned partnership with Italy's Fiat exhausted their appeals in an effort to halt the Obama administration-backed sale. Late on Tuesday, the Supreme Court cleared the way for the sale of the bulk of Chrysler LLC's assets to Fiat Group SpA, rejecting an appeal by a trio of Indiana pension and construction funds, consumer groups and others to block the transaction. The deal will likely close early Wednesday, according to a person briefed on the company's plans who declined to be named ahead of an official announcement by the automaker. Chrysler released a statement late Tuesday saying it expects the sale to close "very shortly." The high court's action came on the heels of statements by Chrysler and Fiat that their deal would automatically expire if the sale didn't close by June 15 and a White House warning that there was no guarantee a new agreement could be brokered in time to save Chrysler from liquidation. The sale of Auburn Hills, Mich.-based Chrysler's assets to Fiat had been expected to close more than a week ago, but Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg decided Monday to delay the sale while studying the appeals. A federal appeals court in New York had earlier approved the sale, but gave opponents until Monday afternoon to try to get the Supreme Court to intervene. The Indiana funds, which hold less than 1 percent of Chrysler's secured debt, claimed the sale unfairly favors Chrysler's unsecured stakeholders such as the union ahead of secured debtholders like themselves. Justice Ginsburg ordered a temporary delay just before a 4 p.m. deadline on Monday. Chrysler, Fiat and the Obama administration warned that the high court's intervention could scuttle the sale. Early Tuesday, the pension plans seized on comments from Fiat officials that they would not walk away from the deal even if June 15 were to pass without completing the sale. The plans tried to persuade the justices that there was no reason to rush to meet that deadline. But Chrysler, Fiat and the Obama administration stressed in response that Chrysler was losing $100 million every day its plants remain closed and that the deal would automatically terminate in less than a week, with no guarantee that a new agreement would be reached. If the closing is delayed by more than 10 days, the government will need to "either to increase its overall funding to the detriment of taxpayers, or abandon its role in the transaction," the administration said.If the closing is delayed by more than 10 days, the government will need to "either to increase its overall funding to the detriment of taxpayers, or abandon its role in the transaction," the administration said. Late Tuesday, the Supreme Court turned down the opponents' last-ditch bid. The court issued a brief, unsigned opinion explaining its action. To obtain a delay, or stay, someone must show that at least four of the nine justices find that the issue raised is serious enough to warrant hearing a full appeal and that a majority of the court will conclude the lower court decision was wrong. "The applicants have not carried that burden," the court said. The court did not consider the merits of the opponents' arguments, only whether to hear their full-blown appeal. Indiana Treasurer Richard Mourdock expressed disappointment with the decision and said options seem limited for opponents of the sale. "Obviously the supreme court of the land is the supreme court of the land," Mourdock said. "The United States government has, I continue to believe, acted egregiously by taking away the traditional rights held by secured creditors." "The Chrysler-Fiat alliance can now go forward, allowing Chrysler to re-emerge as a competitive and viable automaker," the White House said in a statement applauding the decision. Chrysler has passed swiftly through about five weeks of bankruptcy proceedings, partially as a result of the involvement of the Obama administration's auto task force, which provided billions in financing and helped negotiate a deal with the company's stakeholders. Also Tuesday, a bankruptcy judge approved Chrysler's plan to terminate 789 of its dealer franchises. U.S. Judge Arthur Gonzalez's order says the franchises, which represent about 25 percent of the company's dealer base, can no longer act as authorized Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep dealers, effective immediately. A written ruling explaining the decision was expected to be filed later. Earlier in the day, more than 25 attorneys representing hundreds of dealers from across the country argued in court that little would be gained by terminating the franchises, while Chrysler maintained that the move is a necessary part of its plan to cut costs and quickly emerge from Chapter 11. Many of the dealers were trying to sell the last cars on their lots and preparing to shut their doors for good at the end of the day, while others planned to sell used cars or other brands after severing ties with Chrysler. At Tuesday's hearing, Chrysler attorneys also said the automaker would extend until Monday its program to help the affected dealers send any unsold vehicles to other dealers. Under the agreement brokered in the days leading up to Chrysler's April 30 Chapter 11 filing, Fiat will receive up to a 35 percent stake in the automaker, in exchange for sharing the technology Chrysler needs to create smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles. The United Auto Workers union will get a 55 percent stake that will be used to fund its retiree health care obligations, while the U.S. and Canadian governments will receive a combined 10 percent stake. Meanwhile, the automaker's secured debtholders would get $2 billion in cash, or about 29 cents on the dollar, for their combined $6.9 billion in debt. Some of the debtholders balked at the deal, saying as secured lenders they deserved more. The Indiana funds involved in the Supreme Court appeal hold about $42.5 million of Chrysler's $6.9 billion in secured debt. They bought it in 2008 for 43 cents on the dollar. The funds have also challenged the constitutionality of the Treasury Department's use of money from the Troubled Asset Relief Program to supply Chrysler's bankruptcy protection financing. They say the government did so without congressional authority. Consumer groups and individuals with product-related lawsuits also contested a condition of the Chrysler sale that would release the company from product liability claims related to vehicles it sold before the asset sale to Fiat. Compensation for such claims would have to come from the parts of the company not being sold to Fiat. But those assets have limited value and it's unlikely there will be anything to pay out. "The Chrysler and GM bankruptcy plans will take away the the public's right to hold these companies accountable for when their defective cars injure and kill people, which is the incentive that has forced such car companies to recall defective vehicles," said Joanne Doroshow, of the Center for Justice & Democracy, in a statement. Congress continues to scrutinize the Obama administration's restructuring of Chrysler and GM. The Senate Banking Committee said it planned to call Ron Bloom, a senior adviser to the auto task force, and Edward Montgomery, who serves as the Obama administration's director of recovery for auto communities and workers, to a hearing Wednesday.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Healthy Chocolate

I love chocolate. I can eat any kind of chocolate as long as it is a healthy chocolate. It is very popular anywhere in the world and most people eat chocolate. Even young ones, chocolate is their favorite. Chocolates can be given as a gift, could be a topping in one of your food, could be one of the ingredients of the cake you are baking, a dessert and many more. Chocolate is extremely popular. A billion people ate chocolate yesterday. 9 out of 10 people report that they crave chocolate, I am one of those. Aside from that chocolate has been touted as one of the best business opportunities for the next 10 years by Entrepreneur Magazine. So business minded people out their, this a great opportunity to start.

Jon Voight asks Republicans to 'bring an end to this false prophet, Obama'

Barack Obama "portrayed himself as a moderate but turned out to be wildly radical", so said Jon Voight, Angelina Jolie's father, at a Republican fundraiser in Washington last night. The actor was the host of a dinner at the Washington Convention Centre that raked in nearly $15m for conservative candidates. Voight ripped into the president: "Everything Obama has recommended has turned out to be disastrous." Voight then aimed his venom at other Democrats including Senate leader Harry Reid, White House aide David Axelrod and House speaker Nancy Pelosi for contributing to what he claimed was the "downfall of the country". The presence of former Republican vice-presidential candidate and current governor of Alaska Sarah Palin added to the drama of the evening. In March Palin was slated to be the keynote speaker at the dinner. She was then replaced by former House speaker Newt Gingrich. After much public squabbling, Palin agreed to attend the dinner but did not speak at the event.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Guide to kill fire ant

During this season fire ant is everywhere. It is hard to control them and most especially it is hard to element them. There are certain website that provides an information in killing a fire ant. This is a website that gives a guide to how to kill fire ants. This site will explain all of the basic information you'll need to know and more an introduction to how they live and operate, how they spread into different areas, the dangers they pose to people in terms of property damage and stings, and how you can stop them and exterminate any that are infesting your land.

Soon to be mom

We are so happy and excited because today it is confirmed that I am pregnant. They said that I am 11 weeks pregnant but we are not quite sure of that. She is just basing it on the first day on my last period. But I already had an appointment to my OBGYN next week, so we are excited to know the gender of our child. We'll keep you posted.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Human Growth Hormones

I am only 5 foot 3 inches tall and I wished I was blessed with more height but oh well that's life. Sometimes it makes me think, where do people get their human growth hormone? Is it in genes or they a re just gifted. It makes me feel insecure with my height sometimes. Believe it or not, when I was in elementary grade, my parents use to give me a liquid syrup that says it helps me grow. But unfortunately I didn't really gain much height. I think it matters on the genes of your parents. To understand further The human growth hormone is produced in the pituitary gland of the human body and under normal circumstances is responsible for a great number of body functions, including regulating the growth process as well as the stimulation and production of a number of other vital hormones. When the body is not able to produce enough human growth hormone on its own, there will be a deficiency and the individual will suffer a number of problems as a result, including dwarfism. HGH benefits can be seen quite easily. A deficiency may result either from a congenital issue or from a surgery or other defect that occurred after birth. An article talked about human growth hormone, on the ways to achieve it. It could be injectable or through pills. But also be aware of scam and fraud product of hgh for sale. Some will take advantage especially if you want it so bad. They recommend to take the injectable form. Although this form is much more expensive but does deliver the best improvements in your condition.

Silver Morgan Dollar Coin

The Comstock Lode, the greatest silver strike in history, was discovered in Nevada in the late 1850s. The strike put downward pressure on silver prices worldwide. The greatest silver strike in history was followed by the greatest coinage boondoggle in history. In 1878, to protect the interest of the western states, Congress passed the Bland-Allison Act which required the Treasury Department to purchase large amounts of silver, and to strike it as coins. For reasons of economy, the Treasury chose to strike the silver as dollars. The mintage was far more than was needed in circulation. These excess silver dollars quickly began piling up. Some original mint bags of Morgan dollars remained in treasury vaults until the 1960s. This strange past has led to one of the greatest collectible series in American coins providing collectors with many dates and mint marks readily obtainable in mint state condition along with challenging rarities. The Morgan Dollar is a silver United States dollar coin. The dollars were minted from 1878 to 1904 and again for one more year in 1921. The Morgan Dollar is named after its designer, George T. Morgan, who designed the obverse and reverse of the coin. Morgan's monogram appears near Lady Liberty's neck on the obverse. The dollar was authorized by the Bland- Allison Act of 1878. It has a fineness of .900, giving a total silver content of 0.77344 troy ounces (24.057 grams) per coin. When the Morgan Dollar was minted in 1878, it was the first dollar issued for American commercial use since the last Seated Liberty Dollar of 1873. The Trade Dollar was minted during this time period but was for trade in the orient. The Morgan Dollar was continuously minted until 1904 when the supply of Morgan Dollars in circulation was high and there was an absence of silver bullion. Then in 1918, the Pittman Act called for over 270 million coins to be melted for silver content. In 1921, the coinage of the Morgan Dollar resumed for that year and was replaced by the Peace Dollar commemorative that would become standard issue. Since 1921, many Morgan Dollars have been melted, mostly when silver prices escalate and they yield silver bullion. Caches of Morgan Dollars produced at the Carson City Mint were discovered and were sold to coin collectors by the federal government in the early 1970s. These dollars were un-circulated and are called GSAs (named after the General Services Administration) and come in holds that mimic the holds used for proof silver Eisenhower dollars.

High Tech Facility

I am working from home and do all my work in my computer. I do a lot of typing, printing, scanning and everything like that. But sometimes I am not satisfied with the outcome of my work. Well, maybe the facilities that I have is not that advanced to do my job perfectly. I have been wanting to own a high technology facility that makes my work a lot more easier and a lot more visible to my clients when I present it to them. Just like my scanner, it is not really a high powered scanner that captures every object or every details of an object that I am working at. I want something that has data capture systems that could bring a great presentation to any objects I scan. I also want something for my business to where I could organize things properly. So that I won't end up losing some files for the clients and files for myself. It is so tough if I lose something important and my facilities are not that reliable to do another job. I feel so disappointed sometimes. What I really need for my files is a document management software, where I can save all my files, well organize and protected. And anytime I need it, I know where to pull it out.

David Carradine Murdered?

Questions about David Carradine's death have led many to assume that he was murdered.

What initally looked like a suicide, the death of David Carradine is now believed to have been accidental. When asked, a representative told the media that David Carradine was hung accidentally by his neck and other body parts- the natural assumption from this statement is that he was engaged in some sort of auto-erotic asphyxiation. There is evidence that David was not alone in the hotel room at the time of his death, but the other party has either not come forward or has not been named. Speculation that David Carradine was murdered is just that - speculation. Auto-erotic asphyxiation is a sexual act that involves choking or otherwise cutting off the blood flow to one's head during sexual contact; it is considered very dangerous as these kinds of accidents are all too common. In any case, I think we should be celebrating this man's life, not making light of his death; it has to be very embarrassing for his family.

Toaster Oven Guide

Do you know where the best toaster to buy? I certainly don't but there's a website that gives information before making a purchase. The website is the toaster oven guide. This is a website that is devoted to giving all the information you might need when you're considering buying a toaster or a toaster oven. That might not seem like a big deal compared to many other purchases most are pretty cheap, with even the extreme high end topping out at a few hundred bucks. But you'll be cooking a lot of food on whatever you buy, and getting a good one can make a huge difference in how it tastes. If you want to avoid burnt foods and uneven cooking, look no further - this site provides reviews of different models and general information you'll want before making your decision.

National Donut Day

Dunkin' Donuts celebrates National Donut Day Friday. Stop by participating locations, buy a cup of coffee, (or any beverage), and you'll get a free doughnut. Information: What's the one holiday that can bridge all divides, bring together all Americans regardless of race, color, gender, age or favorite college football team? National Doughnut Day. Celebrated the first Friday of June -- that's TOMORROW -- it's a great excuse to treat friends, co-workers and most importantly yourself to a few dozen doughnuts. (Heck, who's counting?)

The perfect marriage of starch, sugar and fat, the doughnut is the quintessential working man's snack. Perhaps that's why nearly every doughnut shop in the city -- Magee's, Spudnuts, Winchell's, Krispy Kreme, Yum Yum or any of the thousands of strip mall vendors -- offers a passable version. As long as they're not horribly stale, I'm happy to eat these miraculous deep-fried concoctions anytime, anywhere. But as a self-proclaimed doughnut aficionado I do have a few favorites. While I still weep for the demise of Frittelli's, here are 9 Los Angeles doughnut shops worth the drive. (And if you buy from Randy's Donuts, you'll be helping the Salvation Army. BakeMark will make a donation to the Salvation Army for each doughnut sold on June 5, 2009 at participating shops.)

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Cosmetic Surgery in Utah

If you live in Utah, you better check with salt lake city utah liposuction. They have an amazing services and a very trustworthy company. They offer a very excellent job when it comes cosmetic surgery. Well being in the business for over 15 years, there's no doubt that they always give an excellent performance. With experienced staff and advance facilities it is the best place to go. They specialize in breast augmentation, body contouring, liposuction, laser hair removal, spider hair treatment, face enhancements and many more. Call now for free consultation and experience the new you with Utah Cosmetic Surgery

Severe weather alerts across Oregon

SALEM, Ore. – A series of powerful and dangerous thunderstorms began roaring through western Oregon Thursday afternoon, prompting multiple warnings from the National Weather Service. A rare Tornado warning was issued briefly for parts of Marion County. In a rare move, the Rose Festival announced the closure of the Waterfront Village for the remainder of the evening. East of Salem, Highway 22 was delayed at Mill City due to multiple trees down along the highway. In Stayton, the Fire Department reported isolated trees and power lines down. In Albany, a KGW viewer captured a photo of lightning strikes over the city. ODOT reported trees down on Hwy 213 near Silverton. The right lane of I-5 NB was blocked by a downed tree at MP 268 was between Woodburn and Salem. KGW Chief Meteorologist Matt Zaffino said the storms were coming off the Cascades foothills and developing very rapidly. The storm was also causing power outages across western Oregon. At 5 p.m., PGE estimated that about 18,000 customers were without power Zaffino said the storms were developing at nearly 30,000 feet -- making an intense combination of wind, hail, rain and lightning. An intense line of radar activity could be seen from the Oregon Coast, through Albany and across the Cascade Range. The threat of thunderstorms was expected to last through about 9 p.m. A 14-year-old La Pine boy was in fair condition in a Portland hospital Thursday after he was struck by lightning on Wednesday outside a high school gymnasium in LaPine in Central Oregon. More than 5,000 lightning strikes were recorded across the state on Wednesday.

A powerful Remote Desktop Software

With all honesty I don't really know about proxy pro 6. I am a computer geek but I haven't really encountered a software like this but when I heard about it, I did some research and I have learned a lot of information from it. At first, I didn't really know that it is a remote desktop software. I didn't that a powerful tool like Proxy pro 6 do exist. I feel so fortunate that I have learned about this technology which gives me more knowledge and the advance features while I'm working. Proxy Pro 6 has an excellent features. It gives a peer to peer remote access. It gives a fast and reliable remote control software. It provides an automatic discovery of remote PC's. Secures transferred files and most definitely safe and has very convenient remote management tools. This technology is absolutely powerful that could reach PC's anywhere and anytime because it has a remote control software to resolve support issues collaboratively as well as remote management software to monitor and repair PC's in real time. Wow! This exactly what I want and what I need when I am working. I am so glad to know all about this because it gives me an advance knowledge on the latest technology nowadays.

Church building fund

It has been raining today so we didn't do much yard work but tomorrow and Saturday will be a busy day for us because we will be having a garage for the church. It's a fund raising garage sale for our church building. Hopefully we will do good for this 2 days sale and hopefully we can collect money for our church building. With God's help, we believe that everything will be great.

Customers feedback or survey leads to improvement

Customers is the life blood of a business. It is important to know their views and opinion on the services and product you offered them. That's why most companies do a certain customers survey in order to know their standing on the market. They usually hire somebody to do it for and Generational Equity is one of those. They are the nation's leading middle-market mergers and acquisitions companies, providing private business owners with the information and expertise they require to exit their business successfully. So as customers lets be true to every survey we encounter.

Calling Earth from the Air: world release of green movie 'Home'

PARIS (AFP) – World Environment Day on Friday sees the worldwide release of a movie billed by producers as "the greatest green event ever", a high-budget documentary to save the planet from Yann Arthus-Bertrand. From New York's Central Park to the Champs de Mars by Paris' Eiffel Tower, the French photographer known for the "Earth From The Air" books and "Seen From The Air" on TV, is releasing the green-awareness movie "Home" in over 100 countries simultaneously. "More than a movie, Home will be a major event," the producers said. Shot from the air in a chopper, the environmental documentary will be available across the globe June 5, mostly free of charge, in open-air spaces as well as theatres, TV, DVD, and the Internet at "The idea is to explain what's happening to the planet by beginning at the beginning, by the miracle of life on earth," the photographer-director told AFP. Kicking off with stunning aerial views of the earth's natural wonders before focusing from the air on polluting factories, airfields and oil platforms, the message translated into more than a score of languages is: "It's too late to be a pessimist." "Although there's a general trend towards an awareness of ecological issues, concrete action is still too little, too slow," he says. "In 200,000 years on earth," adds the film, "humanity has upset the balance of the planet. Humanity has barely 10 years to reverse the trend. The commentary, narrated by Glenn Close in English and Salma Hayek in Spanish, was submitted for editing to 2007 Nobel-prizewinner Al Gore and Lester Brown, the US environmental guru. It took almost three years to finalise the mega-movie, shot over 217 days in 54 countries, providing 488 hours of footage. "We have the power to change so what are we waiting for?" it asks. French movie mogul Luc Besson is distributing the 10-million-euro movie, a huge sum for a documentary put up by the luxury consortium PPR headed by Francois Henri Pinault. "The massive and free distribution of the film will enable anyone, anywhere, to see it, whatever their income," Pinault said. Speaking to AFP, Arthus-Bertrand said it was time to call a halt to a world where 20 percent of the population consumed 80 percent of the planet's riches. "I explain what is happening, I don't offer solutions," he said. "But we all have solutions within ourselves." "We would live better by consuming less and sharing more, and we need more courageous policies". "The idea is to convince people to push politicians to action."

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Green Path Chlorella

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Shooting claims life of rapper Tega

ST. LOUIS, May 31 (UPI) -- Rapper Ortega Devon Henderson, who performed under the name Tega, has died of wounds suffered in a Missouri shooting, a friend says. Kyjuan Cleveland said his rapper friend was shot May 16 in Wellston, Mo., marking a tragic end to a life filled with musical promise but dangerous social allure, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported Sunday. "He got mixed up in the streets, but he was so talented, we thought we could pull him out of it," Cleveland said of Henderson, who died Wednesday. "He was on the right path for a minute, but times are hard and he started getting around the wrong people." Cleveland said Henderson performed as Tega in Da Camp, adding the rap group had been working on an album when the shooting occurred. Details of the incident were not reported. Blu Bolden of Derrty Entertainment, which was founded by St. Louis rapper Nelly, agreed Henderson had been attempting to flee the street life by embracing music. "He was an aspiring rapper, a really talented guy," she told the Post-Dispatch. "He was trying to do his artistry and get out of the streets."

Seiko Dive for Hubby

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Four youths held after incident at Princeton

Students at Princeton University were asked to remain indoors briefly Wednesday after a report of an armed man on campus, but police determined that there was no gunman, according to the university's Web site. However, four juveniles with a toy gun were taken into custody, New Jersey State Police said on the Web site Twitter. The state police said they had been given the information by Princeton University police. The university Web site said the investigation continues "with Princeton Borough and Township police, who have reopened the campus." "Shortly before 11 a.m., a male with what appeared to be a handgun was reported near the vicinity of Dod Hall dormitory," the notification said. The all-clear was issued at 11:25 a.m., the university said

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Air France Crash Update: Data May Be Lost

A very devastating news. According to authorities a crucial Air France crash data may be be lost at sea, but Brazil hopes to find the jet under the ocean sea. Brazil's president believes it will be technically possible to find the wreckage of the Air France jet that crashed in the Atlantic earlier this week, and salvage the black box. France has said the flight recorders from the plane, which went missing en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris with 228 passengers and crew on board early on Monday, are unlikely to be found due to the extreme depth. However, President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was quoted by the Globo daily as saying: "I think that a country that can produce oil at a depth of 6,000 meters will be able to find an airplane at a depth of 2,000 meters." He said Brazil would continue "doing everything possible and impossible" to find the black box and the passengers' bodies. Brazil's Air Force said on Tuesday it had found fragments of the wreckage floating in the area where that the plane last made contact. The French Bureau for the Investigation of Air Accidents said the black boxes would probably not be found due to insufficient information the mountainous terrain of the ocean floor, and that the wreckage could have sunk to a depth of 3,000 meters. "I am not very optimistic that we will be able to find the flight recorders," Paul Louis Arslanian told reporters. France has sent a research ship with two mini-submarines to the area. The debris was discovered around 650 kilometers (390 miles) north of Brazil's Fernando de Noronha archipelago. Before losing contact, Air France Flight 447 had sent an automatic signal to airline maintenance computers from the area, indicating several technical failures. Lightning has been suggested as a possible cause of what, if confirmed, would be the worst civilian plane crash since 2001. However, French authorities are not ruling out terrorism. The Brazilian Navy has dispatched five vessels to assist in the search effort. The operation also involves five planes, two Air Force helicopters and four commercial vessels.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Walk-in tubs

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Kim Kardashian plugs her family's new clothes shop... by posing in ANOTHER new bikini

When the Kardashian family decided to expand their clothing store business to Miami, there was one surefire way of generating interest... get Kim to wear a bikini. The reality TV star, 28, showed off her curvaceous figure in a skimpy purple psychedelic-print two piece from the store as she strolled through the surf on Miami Beach. Kim spent last week in Florida to support the family business as her sisters Kourtney, 30, and Khloe, 24, opened the second branch of their Dash clothing boutique.

You too can look like me: Kim Kardashian plugs a bikini at her family's store as she strolls along Miami Beach The socialite has recently slimmed down after overhauling her diet and fitness regime as she was pictured with cellulite during a photoshoot earlier this year. She has revealed the secrets behind her new shape in a fitness DVD collection, entitled Fit In Your Jeans By Friday. The DVDs, which went on sale in the U.S. last month, are sold in three seperate sections Amazing Abs Body Sculpt, Ultimate Butt Body Sculpt and Amazing Abs Body Sculpt. Clearly pleased with the results, Kim has been taking the opportunity to show off her figure during her recent jaunt to sunny Miami. So her day at the beach wasn't just a chance to relax in the sun - it was also a way to plug not only her DVD by showing off what it can do, but also a bikini from the new Dash store.

Kim Kardashian and sister Kourtney took some time to enjoy each other's company rollerblading in Miami

Fright: Kim (L) and her sister Kourtney's roller-blading fun was interrupted by an angry dog Writing on her Twitter micro-blogging page, Kim said: 'The purple bikini is from Dash Miami. Later that afternoon, Kim covered up in a coral playsuit to go roller-blading with Kourtney. But it wasn't all fun and games when an angry dog started barking at the two terrified sisters. The Miami branch of Dash opened last Wednesday and is run by her sisters Khloe and Kourtney, who have temporarily relocated to Florida from the family home in Beverly Hills. Kim also co-owns the original Dash in the LA suburb of Calabasas with Kourtney and Khloe. Last week, both Dash stores on opposite coasts were vandalised by unknown gangs.

Kim Kardashian and sister Kourtney took some time to enjoy each other's company rollerblading in Miami

Police believe the LA attack was a copycat response to the Miami store prior to its official opening. Meanwhile, Kim recently fuelled rumours she is getting engaged to her boyfriend, American football player Reggie Bush, when she admitted she had been looking for an engagement ring with her friends. The couple only celebrated their two year anniversary in last month, but divorcee Kim is determined to marry the New Orleans Saints running back. She said: 'He definitely knows all of us went ring shopping. I definitely scared him and told it was probably way more expensive than it is, just so that when he goes he feels like he's getting a good deal. 'He knows what it looks like. I think I've emailed him enough pictures.' Kim was previously wed to music producer Damon Thomas, but they divorced in 2004 after four years of marriage.

Have fun this summer

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Brüno Lands On Eminem During Awkward MTV Movie Awards Moment

While the show has not reached its halfway point, the award for most outrageous presenter at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards surely goes to Sacha Baron Cohen's Brüno, who surprised an unamused Eminem with a front-row seat to his manhood. When it was his turn to present the Golden Popcorn statue for Best Male Performance, Brüno, the fictional gay Austrian fashion reporter, descended from the rafters dressed as a sort of angel. He lowered himself directly over Em, who had just returned to his seat after performing a medley of two tracks from his new album, Relapse, until his legs were on either side of the rapper's head and his bare buttocks were exposed. Em then seemed to utter an expletive and request his bodyguards to get Brüno off of him. A minor melee ensued and Brüno dangled above Em, who quickly got out of his seat and left the auditorium as cameras followed his exit. Somewhere in there, Brüno announced the winner of the Best Male Performance: Zac Efron, for his performance in "High School Musical 3: Senior Year." Efron had a tough act to follow — "That was weird!," he said — but he was gracious in his thanks for his award.