Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Columbia Southern University offers Learning Partners Program

I found a website on the internet that is very interesting and very helpful. This website is featuring Columbia Southern University (CSU). They talk about how to become a successful individual in the future and how to be a partner of their organization that offers many benefits for you and to everyone. They have CSU Learning Partners Program that offers many substantial benefits to any company or organizations, employees/members. They also offer great tool for employee development, retention, and recruiting tool. If you are an employee or a member of Columbia Southern University, you are benefited for a 10% tuition discount, no application fee, no application fee, an online associate, bachelor, master, doctoral, and certificate programs are available, benefits are extended to spouse and dependent family members and a flexible on demand courses that do not interfere with career or family obligations. For an employer / organization, they are benefited for a zero cost(s) to become a learning partner, it is available to any size of business or organization, there is no commitment nor no contract is required, it creates a more educated, qualified workforce, it also increase employee retention with new educational benefits, they also provide an additional incentive tool in recruitment and hiring operations. Become a partner now and experience the career coming your way.

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