Monday, February 02, 2009

Drug Addiction Hotline

Many kids today are involved in so many addiction and one of those is drug addiction. It is a very serious case and a very hard addiction to get rid of. Some truly commit suicide because of the effect of the drug physically, emotionally and mentally but can we stop this and help those people renew themselves? Yes, because a drug addiction hotline was launch to help resolve some of this addiction. This site was created by drug addiction industry experts to provide an online resource with information and a number someone can call to get help. This site is geared toward people who might not necessarily be looking for a treatment center, but have questions and are looking to get real answers. The phone is answerable 24r hours a day and it's owned by a nonprofit treatment and addiction center. So if you know someone that needs help, don't hesitate to call and help them get out from addiction.

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Life Works said...

Thanks for sharing that information with us. Having a drug addiction is a very difficult condition to deal with. Drug addictions can be difficult to overcome and it negatively affect a persons life in so many ways including the loved ones around them.

I would also like to suggest a site with some great information about all types of addiction.

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