Tuesday, November 18, 2008


For the past days, I have been listing down all the items I need to buy as Christmas presents for my family back in the Philippines and here in the United States. I have been confused for a while on how to buy all those stuff with a limited budget on my pocket and on what to buy that will fit my budget as well. But still, I wanted to give them something special for the upcoming holiday.

I come to realize that I have registered at Sears before and I immediately check their website. I am surprised with the products on sale for the holiday and now they offer Sears Layaway promotion for everyone. Wow, I am so thankful with this great opportunity given to me because now I can choose the items that I'll be sending back home for my family and in here as well without worrying anymore. It's a big relief for me that I can get my mom a
home style modular storage for her kitchen so that she won't be worrying anymore on where to put all she bought. The craftsman 3 ton jack with creeper set is just so perfect for my husband because he travels a lot and I always want him to have the complete set of tools on his truck when his on the road. I will also send my dad a craftsman 26 pieces 12 pt. combination wrench set for his owner type jeep. I am just so happy that I am about to accomplish my goal for the holiday in sending my loved ones the best gift I could give them through Sears Layaway


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