Monday, November 10, 2008


A friend of mine had a wreck a month ago while she was on her way home from work. That was the tragic incident she had in her whole life and thank God, now she has fully recovered. One day, she came to visit me to my house and I am very surprised with her vehicle that is fully repaired from the wreck. It looks brand new and now back to good condition and kicking on the road.

I got so curious because my granny who lives in California has the same problem with car repair too. I asked her of what she did to her car after the wreck and she said, she found Repair Pal auto repair shop who did the great job in getting her car back to it's original form. Amazing! She also told me that their shops is just around the corner and very accessible to find, so worry no more when it comes to your car care.

As soon as I knew about their service, I immediately told my granny back in California who needs car repair too for her vehicle which is a Ford Taurus that happens to be one of the models they cater and has bunches of shops within California vicinity. I felt so great about this privilege of knowing a very trustworthy auto repair shop and I will surely recommend this to all friends and family.

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