Saturday, November 22, 2008


Few days ago, I went with my in laws and visit a particular shop here in our place. I forgot the name of the shop but it is a huge shop with full of stuff like furniture, clothes, Christmas decorations, Flowers, candles and many other things to choose from in a very affordable price. My mom in law bought some stuff and we really stayed there for a while. As we were touring around and were looking for some stuff that will struck us, I saw this cute jewelry box that catches my attention. I was amazed on how it was built and how beautiful it is to have. Well, I didn't really mentioned of buying it. As we stepped out of the shop, my dad stepped back to go to the bathroom but we were wondering on why he was taking so long but surprisingly as he stepped out at the shop, I saw him carrying the jewelry box that I like. Yes, he bought it for me and I love it. Thanks dad, I appreciate it and that was so sweet of you.

Here's what he got for me:It has a mirror and at the same a picture frame at the back of it.In the middle is a clock and has a music box as well.

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