Thursday, November 13, 2008


New 999cc 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine for increased power, torque and acceleration with forged aluminum alloy pistons, chrome-moly shotpeend connecting rods, hollow camshafts, and a secondary balancer shaft for reduced vibration
New more compact fuel injection system features the Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve System (SDTV) - with twelve smaller holes for improved fuel delivery and steeper angle for secondary injectors
New intake and exhaust ports are reshaped and eight percent larger with larger titanium exhaust valves tappets, more aggressive camshafts, and iridium spark plugs
New Idle Speed Control (ISC) system for improved cold starting, consistent idle quality and reduced emissions
New high volume Suzuki Advanced Exhaust System (SAES) with equal length head pipes feeding a unique under engine chamber leading to two compact aluminum/titanium mufflers on each side
The new mid-pipe includes a Suzuki Exhaust Tuning (SET) system for maximum torque throughout the rpm range and an oxygen sensor used by the engine management system and combined with the under-engine catalyzer for reduced emissions
New larger 48mm ventilation holes between cylinders reduce pumping losses and the crankcase breather system now features a reed valve to prevent pressure waves in the airbox from reaching the crankcase
New self adjusting hydraulic clutch minimzes changes in clutch feel over a long race
Back-torque limiting clutch allows smooth downshifts, plus a rack and pinion operating system provides more positive clutch feel
New engine management system is four time more powerful than the previous system and allows the rider to choose from three engine settings to match riding conditions with a handlebar mounted switch
New larger radiator utilizes a trapezoidal shape seen on works racebikes with 10% more cooling capacity. The oil cooler now works with a larger oil pump.
New Chassis
All new aluminum alloy twin-spar frame is built using five castings for lightweight, unmatched handling and performance, increased production precision, and reduced weight.
New braced aluminum-alloy swingarm is more rigid and features an innovative new link system which pivots on the swingarm itself for increased traction and reduced side loads.
New DLC coated 43mm forks and rear shock now feature high and low speed compression damping along with adjustable rebound and preload settings
New forks feature larger 56mm outer tubes below the triple clamp for increased rigidity and fork offset is changed from 30mm to 28mm. Front wheel travel is also increased from 120mm to 125mm.
New electronically controlled steering damper uses a solenoid valve to move a tapered needle reducing or increasing oil flow to adjust damping force.
New adjustable rider footpegs can be moved into three different positions to suit rider preferences
New 310mm front brake discs are attached to the carrier with increased mounting points for improved heat transfer away from the disc.
Rear disc works with a single piston caliper and is mounted above the swingarm for reduced braking effect on the rear suspension
New wind tunnel developed bodywork features an aggressive new style, reduced frontal area and a taller windscreen for optimum aerodynamic peformance
New vertically stacked headlight features an updated shape with a compact projector bulb and when combined with the sleek bodywork and tailsection offer maximum rider mobility and improved styling
A new easy-to-read instrument cluster includes a step motor controlled analog tachometer, digital LCD speedometer, dual tripmeters, clock, convenient gear position sensor, rpm indicator light and a new LCD engine mode indicator displaying which performance setting has been selected by the rider
Close-ratio slick shifting six-speed transmission with an adjustable back torque limiter for smoother downshifts.
Bridgestone radial tires mounted on cast aluminum wheels featuring thin spoke design with optimized wall thickness to reduce unsprung weight

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