Sunday, November 23, 2008

Romantic Date Ideas


is in the air, or perhaps you are hoping to help it blossom a little more. Romantic date ideas can be hard to think of, much less plan. A woman wants creativity on the man's part, but it seems all of the good ideas have been done before. Candlelight dinners and rose petals aside, if you are looking to go the extra mile for your sweetheart, here are some romantic date ideas to get you started.

Ice Skating

Whether you are an expert skater or a beginner, ice skating has a zest that exudes romance. Why else do you think couples always hold hands while stumbling around on the ice? Guys, this would not be time to display your killer hockey moves. Instead, help your date find her balance, or even better, catch her when she falls to bring the two of you closer together. Do a little ice skating and then laugh about it later over some hot chocolate.

Take A Walk

Believe it or not, the most romantic thing a man can do is take the time to listen to what a woman has to say, and then open up and share his thoughts and feelings. What better time to do this than on a meandering walk? Whether you walk on the beach or through the woods, spend some time connecting on an intimate level through physical proximity and conversation.


Paint a portrait of each other and enjoy the closeness, or perhaps bring along supplies for two and both attempt to capture a fiery sunset. Once you're done painting, exchange your masterpieces and take them home with you as a keepsake.

Dancing / Dancing Lessons

Do you know how to dance, even if you don't really like to? Is dancing a foreign language to you, and you are terrified to even try? Don't be. Women love men who are light on their feet or who at least give it a shot. Take her dancing or attend a dancing lesson together. As we all know, a woman's body can speak volumes through dance.

Take A Scenic Drive

Enjoy the outdoors in true style. Rent or take your own convertible for a drive along the beach or into the hills. Let the breeze waft while you enjoy the stunning views and each other's company.

The Theater

Women love to get dressed up. Take her to an evening performance at the theatre and give her the chance to really shine in front of you. For extra style points, take her shopping earlier in the day for a new gown and accessories then pick her up in the evening to see her model your gifts in full splendor.

Cook Together

Gourmet or not, cooking together and sharing the same small kitchen space can be very romantic. Plan meals together, hit the grocery store and then sip wine as you offer tasty morsels to each other as samples.

Wine Tasting

Vineyards, hills, grapes, and wine - do we need to say more?

The Aquariums

Lights are dim and tranquil views await you around every corner. Enjoy the beauty and peace of aquatic life while strolling slowly through an aquarium.


While Italy has gondolas, there are many areas around the US with the modern equivalent - sailboats. Take your date sailing. If you don't know how to man a vessel, by all means book passage on a pleasure boat for an afternoon or evening sail. The gentle lull of the waves and briny air can serve as the perfect backdrop for a memorable kiss.

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