Friday, November 28, 2008


This reservation-only adventure allows guests to experience the most exciting animal encounters the world has to offer – swimming with dolphins, playing with stingrays, and coming eye-to-eye with sharks and barracuda.

Located adjacent to SeaWorld in Orlando, interacting with bottlenose dolphins is the highlight of a day-long adventure that also includes snorkeling through reefs teeming with thousands of tropical fish including stingrays, and lazily swimming down a tropical river under a rocky waterfall into a free-flight aviary.

This "ultimate dolphin experience" starts with a brief orientation through an informative video and trainer talk. Guests learn about dolphin characteristics and how trainers use hand signals and positive reinforcement to communicate with these amazing animals. The actual dolphin experience provides a rare opportunity to spend 30 minutes in the water getting acquainted with dolphins through hugs, kisses, rubdowns and the occasional dorsal tow or belly ride.

Your day's adventure doesn't end there. Guests don snorkels and masks for a glimpse into the amazing underwater world at Discovery Cove's Coral Reef where thousands of exotic fish surround guests as they explore the remains of a shipwreck while coming eye-to-eye with sharks and barracuda. After enjoying a freshly prepared meal, guests may drift down a relaxing river as it winds its way through unique landscapes – a sunny island beach, a tropical rainforest, an underwater cave, and an interactive aviary where you can play with over 200 tropical birds.

"With Discovery Cove, we've created an extraordinary family adventure and have given guests an all-new reason to come to Orlando," says Frank Murru, Discovery Cove's general manager. "Discovery Cove has truly become Central Florida's newest vacation destination."

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