Thursday, November 13, 2008


It's been few days that we are very busy setting up our Christmas tree at home and some other Christmas decorations for the upcoming season. It's so fun to do those things and I never really had a huge Christmas tree that we have now when I was still in the Philippines. Our tree is taller than I am and I really had fun placing the different kinds of ornaments on the tree. We also set our sleigh outside our house and I find it so cool. Here's some of the pictures:


Daddy said...

Morning. Sounds nice. Post some pictures for us to appreciate. :)

Grace said...

what a coincidence! my mom-in-law and I did the christmas decorating yesterday, too. and yes, it was fun. :)

Ria Stevenson said...

well done ganda. our x'mas tree is already up now too. i did it by myself.