Sunday, October 05, 2008

Went to the church today

It's always been a great feeling when you hear the word of God,yes I went to the church today.I went alone because my other behalf is still offshore but we go to the church together whenever his home. The word of God was great and I am very blessed. Since I got here in the states, I'm glad that we found a church to were we could go every sunday and hear the word of God. Our church here is THE UNITED METHODIST and it's been 3 sundays since we first went there. The members are very friendly and accepted us wholeheartedly. You feel like you belong to them as a family and to think we are a new member of that community. You won't feel you are intimidated by other members because they will open their arms for you and will welcome you completely. God is really good all the time. He is good because he will always send his people to welcome you,who will accept you of who you are or whatever you are..Hope you all had a great sunday service guys...God Bless

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Catherine said...

My hubby and I are serving in a Methodist Church too. Yes it is the greatest moment to be with God. May God bless you and your family all the days.

Thank you so much for adding me. I have added you too.... Do keep in touch always!

Catherine from Newife