Sunday, October 19, 2008


This is my cousin Sheila Mae Baluran. She's the eldest daughter of my dad's elder sister. We grew up together but she is a year older than me. We are like sisters. We use to go out all the time when we were still together and I really miss her since I'm already here in the states. But we still talk online. She is a teacher and this woman as I call her a small but terrible woman. She's not afraid to do things and will really stand on her belief and will fight for it. She is such a wonderful woman and she's always there for me whenever I need her. I also use to call her my diary because I just tell everything that I've been through in my life. She never complain but instead she's always a shoulder to cry on. To my cousin I thank you so much for always being there for me that eventhough I'm here in the states now you are always there to support me and will always give some advice. I know saying thank you is not just enough for all the things you've done for me and I know one day I will give it back to you. I know you are not asking for any payback but you deserve it. I only wish that you stay strong. Stay as good as you are and to be always happy and I know you are with your special someone. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUZ, I just wish I was there to greet you personally but one day soon we will see each other again. Just a bit of information about the two of us when we are together. We can stay up all night long and just keep talking of everything underneath the sun. We love to share stories,we love to share updates in our lives and I really miss that. But to my cousin, you are such a blessing to each one of us. I love you cuz and HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

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