Thursday, October 23, 2008


Last night,It was a huge surprise for me at the church because they gave me a surprise bridal shower. I'm so overwhelmed of what they did because I'm only new to their community but brought a huge party for me, that was so sweet. Everyone in the house knew about it and of course I'm the victim. The whole time, they were preparing for this without my knowledge and I am so very surprised. My mom in law had told me yesterday as we were in town, that were going to decorate and bring some of the stuff at the church last night so that we will have much time for the preparation and i said okay. When we were about to park the van, I've seen some vehicles there and I just thought,well today is wednesday and it's there weekly prayer meeting but never in my mind that there is a huge celebration for me out there. I sneaked on the window and I saw miss Vicky and I thought, what is she doing at the church and mom just told me,that maybe her mother in law had invited her but at the moment I stepped into the seminar hall,all were there and told them,what are yo guys doing here?It's not my wedding yet,they laughed and mom told me, babygirl it's your bridal shower party..OOhhhh my God,that was fabulous. I wasn't really expecting a bridal shower at all because my friends are not here and it really never came in my mind but I'm so thankful to God for all his blessing. It was such a momentum to treasure. My future husband knew about this whole thing too and manage to keep his mouth shut from all of this. He gave me a dozen of fresh flowers and a heart figurine. It was really a fantastic day yesterday and until now I can't beleive it. The people here are so loving. Members at the church are spectacular because I only see them once a week and I'm only been there for how many sundays but praise God for all those people. I really couldn't ask for more. I thank all the people whose been behind this event. I love them all. Here's some few pictures of my surprise bridal shower.Just getting started. This was my baby's present to me..The first gift I opened.The cake they prepare.Some of the church member. The people behind this surprise bridal partyThe bride to be.Flowers from my babyMe and miss Ruby our neighbor and will be the to make wedding cake.
Granny,me,miss and mom.
My baby and mom fixing the stuff we got.
The stuff we got so far.

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