Friday, October 03, 2008

My 1st month in the United States

It's been a month now since I got here in the United States. Things are doing pretty good and still adjusting to my new environment. Thanks to my parents in law who are always there to guide me on all the thing i need to learn and also to my beloved forest who's been supportive from all this and patiently teaching me of the things around here. It feels so wonderful that finally the waiting is over,things had happened already as to what we are expecting to happen. I know I still have lots of things to learn here but I am very much willing to learn them all in my utmost capability. Some things might be so hard for me or some things might be so easy but I'm looking forward to learn that all day by day.

My 1st week here was a bit rough because I'm having a hard to sleep. My days and nights are all mixed up. You see, when it's morning here I'm so sleepy but when it's evening here I'm wide but things are getting better now because I am wide awake in the morning and slept good at night..thank goodness. I also had a hard time to there facilities here but have learned almost everything already,so things are going smoothly.

All in all i can say, I love my stay here because I'm with my future husband now and aside from that I am able to learn new things that I wasn't be able to learn when I was still in the Philippines. And also I am so looking forward to gain some new friends here in our area. Yeah, I miss my family back home but that's just part of it and I have a constant communication with them, I also miss my friends but they will always remain in my heart and will always be my friends..So that's it for now guys and may everyone have a wonderful evening..Goodnight

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Dezz said...

I can relate to your story, but don't worry sis, in time you will get adjusted esp when you drive na, and find a job u can go whatever u want, and make lots of friends in ur area.
For now, make yourself busy, u might as well join paid blogging that will occupy your mind.
Welcome to the US of A-:)I know you really like it here esp being with your beloved is the most precious things we experienced.

I am here always, don't hesitate to buzz me when you have some questions.
Good luck to your new life!

tc always,