Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Seaweed Wrap

I love to treat myself by way of going shopping and going to SPA center. It gives me so much joy seeing myself well treated and pampered. The thing I love when I go to SPA is the body scrubs and Thai massage. These are the kind offer I get when I was still in the Philippines when I go to Spa. Now that I am here in the States I started looking for a Spa but what I found is a product of Body Swap, the top seller in Spa's. They offer Spa products & wraps for home wrap treatment such as seaweed wrap, clays and herbal extracts. They are amazing when it comes to the fast or quick results and with repeated use the results become lasting. You can expect your skin to firm up and also you will see a reduction in cellulite patches. This is great. We will surely try seaweed wrap soon.

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