Friday, March 20, 2009

Gowns Everywhere

As shown in the picture it is one of the different kinds of gowns in the world of fashion. If you are watching fashion shows, reading magazines or in the internet you will see all kinds of gown. Sometimes I get to ask myself why there are so many gowns? In different kinds, different style, different color, fashion, trend, designer and a lot more. In my opinion, they do this to classify it based on what occasion is all about. Just like when you join a prom, you don't want to wear a wedding gown for this occasion but instead a prom gowns or prom dresses or you are lost. You simply match your dress to the occasion to be more appropriate. The above mentioned gown is just one of the huge selection of gowns. There is wedding gown if your getting married. There is cocktail dresses when you go to a cocktail party. And if you are a celebrity you simply wear a celebrity gown. There are hundreds of gown to choose for your party need or in any type of occasion. You just have to look and find the right gown that suites you best and appropriate for the occasion.

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LIZZIE said...

I like the dress in the photo. It looks gorgeous and sweet at the same time