Tuesday, March 31, 2009


In today's generation sex has been thought in school. It's not telling younger ones to do it but as an awareness and an education for them. Not only kids, everyone has the right to now what is sex all about. This is not a topic to put you in shame or in trouble. But an awareness for you to know. There are myths about sex. Do you remember some when you were younger? Honestly, I wasn't really aware about this aspect when I was younger because it wasn't thought in our school and my parents will avoid talking about the topic. It is always for adult only and not for younger ones. I can understand that because it is a very serious matter and it really needs parental guidance. But most I have heard from others was when you have sex for the very first time the hymen breaks. It is very painful and will bleed. I don not know how true it is. It might be or it may not. Some will prove it that it is happens to them but some other will also say it never happen to them. It is really very important to know certain things when it comes to this matter especially our limitations towards this. Biblically speaking sex is only done by married couples and any act that is perform before marriage is a sin. So there are lots of aspect involving this matter. Know your limitations, know your right, know the risk involve before engaging into sex.

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