Friday, March 13, 2009

Amazing Creature perform

Have you ever seen a dolphin perform? If not, you must watch this video and I am sure you will not only love it but you will be amazed like I was. They are a talented and special mammal. They have the ability to perform a certain task and are very well trained. As I was watching the video I could not help myself from admiring them as they were performing . They are such beautiful creatures and they can capture your attention as they showcase their talents. You can no longer see them anywhere in today's oceans like an ordinary fish because they are an endangered species but if you would like to see them for real, you can visit sea world in Florida. See them as they artfully create and play with underwater bubble rings and hear what Sea World’s trainers, educators and guests have to say about this fun and fascinating behavior. Witness as they create Dolphin Bubbles underwater. Personally, after seeing this video I can't wait to see them. We will be in Florida a few months from now and we plan to visit Sea world. This will be a great experience to witness a very talented creature, and Not just witness them but will also given a chance to interact with them. When I say interact, you can touch them and the most exciting part is you can swim with them. That is awesome. See for yourself and experience the adventure of a life time.

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