Tuesday, March 17, 2009

No credit fee to reject paid ads

Latest News from Entrecard:

Guys n gals of Entrecard, there has been much controversy over the last few days regarding some proposed changes. Despite what has happened, I am very proud of each and every one of you. For you all to strongly share your feelings in some way, whether via blog posts, forum posts, comments here or via twitter, it humbles me that so many of you care. I appreciate all of your feedback.

As a direct result, and with the intention of moving forward as a team with the respect of our members, we wish to directly address your biggest concern with the new changes: having to pay a fee to reject paid ads.

We’ve listened to you loud and clear about the massive ad platform we’re launching, and over and over one piece of feedback kept popping up: “I don’t want a credit fee to reject ads!”

We were initially planning on charging a small fee to decline paid ads running through the network. The intent of this was to make sure that most ads run, while allowing you to reject ones you really don’t like.

But now it has become quite clear that as a community, you don’t agree with having to pay a fee, even if it’s just in the form of our virtual credits, to decline ads.

So, we have officially removed the planned credit-fee to reject. Rejecting any paid ad you wish will now be completely free when our new platform launches. As we move forward though, please understand that running these paid ads on your blog not only supports Entrecard, but also supports the entire virtual economy of Entrecard by providing the money needed to convert credits into dollars via our credit exchange that we are simultaneously rolling out.

I hope this has addressed all of your biggest concerns with the platform. I’d like to assure each and every member that we are here to work with you, not against you, and we listen at all times across all mediums.


Momgen said...

I did not really know if i allow big ads in one of my site because it does not allow for one of the paid post

Gorgeous MUM said...

hello there! i'm back! hope you still remember me!