Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Game Is On - Baseball Time

I am s huge fan of baseball. Gosh I just love the excitement and the thrill when the game is on. You cannot get me out of my seat when my game has already started. That is how I am when my favorite sports is airing. I do not know what's with baseball but I am head ever heels in love with this sports.

I mostly watch it on the television but given the chance to watch it live that would be awesome. I know Americans do love this sports and some would really invest on the tickets just to watch their favorite team live. I would love to go in one of the baseball stadiums here in the US and watch my New York Yankees and Kansan City Royals play. Hopefully one day I will be able to afford tickets for me and my husband and just have fun. He is a big fan of baseball too and his teams are Boston Red Sox and Detroit Tigers.

I might save some money now so that we can afford to buy each of those tickets. I want to purchase for New York Yankees tickets and Kansas City Royals tickets. I know my husband will still go with me if my teams are playing. This is so much fun and I do look forward to it. Since his birthday is coming up, purchasing a Boston Red Sox tickets and Detroit Tigers tickets would be a great gift. I know he will be excited watching his team live on the game and of course I'll go with him.

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