Sunday, August 15, 2010

Work from home

Since I am a stay at home mom, I get bored sometimes. I was used to working weekdays before but when I get to the states, my husband and I had agreed that I will just stay at home and he will provide for the family. At first I was okay with it but in the long run I was beginning to miss the lifestyle of working. What I did is I started working online specifically ebay. At first, I thought it was hard but I did learn it right away. By and by, I am discovering the tricks on ebay. What stuff to sell and proper customer service to provide my clients. I have experience ups and down in selling too but that's not unusual. There are just clients that are hard to please. I was able to learn more each day and I am loving it. So now I have been selling for almost 2 years. I can say that what I am earning is not enough because I am still on that stage that I am enjoying what I'm doing. But now, I guess I am ready to take the more serious selling profession way on ebay. What I am going to do is just list all the stuff that I do not need anymore. Firstly, I need to clean up my closet again and start selling the clothes that I don't necessarily wear and just there for a while now. I have tried this before. List some of my clothes and I was really surprise on the outcome. Little by little I am learning different tricks on ebay now and sooner or later and hoping I will master it. Right now, my status is a "top seller and a power seller as well. I was so happy to receive a certificate stating this category and made me more confident to sell more. I hope I can achieve the goals that I want to achieve with ebay. It may not be to soon but with patience and hard work I know I can achieve it. I always treat this job as my contirbution to our finances in our family and it does helped us in so many ways.

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