Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Going Viral GaGa

Guest post written by Stephanie Noble

I’ve been a Lady GaGa fan for a while and she has amazing videos but I think that no matter what lengths she goes to, her official music videos will never outdo funny fan videos on wild blue broadband internet. But I’m sure that she’s fine with that because she always adoringly refers to her fans as her “little monsters.”

Her and Beyonce’s video for “Telephone” was beyond crazy, almost so much so that it’s overwhelming. But there are so many cute videos of kids acting it out to watch on wild blue internet packages, like one with a little girl that looks like she’s about four years old dressed up in crazy Lady GaGa-esque costumes while adult female dancers dance in the background. Then every time during the chorus she picks up a call on a toy phone from a cute little boy that looks to be the same age.

Then there’s the video of a mom filming her pre-teen son dancing and singing along to the “Bad Romance” lyrics and he knows every move and line!

But the best part about watching these videos is that Lady GaGa has probably watched them all.

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