Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Lady Gaga Says "NO" To Sex

It was all over the news yesterday when Lady Gaga says "NO" to sex. Everyone was surprised I guess because i did. that Although Lady Gaga is famous for her raunchy and sexy albums, where she does not mind to expose for her fans, but what seems to be rather funny is that now she is promoting and suggesting her fans to keep away from having sex, who have it just for the sake of it. This is really something. Well, we must respect her decision and her views on that. If she is really serious with this "no sex" thing so be it.

Lady Gaga is especially keen on educating women, telling them to keep the courage to choose and make decision related to having sex. Her new concert 'Bad Romance' is going to preach this ideology, a Viva Glam campaign by MAC's AIDS awareness, also propagated by pop star, Cyndi Lauper.

Lady Gaga said that she is single now and prefers to be so because she has no time to be in a relationship because that is not going to make her happy.

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