Monday, August 03, 2009

Summer dress

Do you think buying a summer dress is too late? I guess not because we are still on the summer season and my God it is really hot during the day. Our air conditioner is in full blast all the time. I really have to because I am pregnant right now and on my 13th week. I always feel hot and sweating although the air conditioner is blowing. My mother in law said that it's part of being pregnant. Therefore, summer and pregnancy are hard to combine. Lol! But anyways I plan to buy new clothes preferably comfortable clothes. I want something smooth, loose, refreshing, sexy and something I can wear all the time.

I found a website that has the kind of dress that I would like to have. Here's the picture. I so love this dress the first time I saw it on I can't resist not buying it because aside from it's very affordable, it will also provide me the comfort that I wanted to have during my pregnancy. I could definitely wear this all time and just the style of the dress alone, it feels so refreshing and very sexy. Check out the website now!

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