Saturday, August 15, 2009

Maternity Clothing Line

I am 14 weeks pregnant going on 15th next week. Everyday my clothes are getting tighter because I am gaining weight and my tummy is starting to show up. I do need a new set of maternity clothes to be more comfortable. Since this is my first pregnancy, all I used right now are loss clothes or sometimes my husband's shirt. I am glad to find Kikis Fashions Maternity. They sell a bunch of maternity clothes for pregnant women out there. They offer cute, unique and trendy maternity styles which is a break from the typical big, boxy maternity clothing. Their prices are much lower than the maternity boutiques. Often times up to 75% lower, which is nice to have during these tough economic times. They also rotate their stocks often, so there is always new and fresh maternity clothes to choose from.Check it out now!

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