Friday, August 14, 2009

Football Once Again 2009 Season

Winter season is coming once again and as we all know when this season comes, It's "football" time. Yeah, football fans it's that time of the year once again which is great. I just signed up with WaiverWire to get the latest update on the NFL games this coming football season. It may sound too early but hey it's free and I don't really want to missed Troy Polamalu of Pittsburg Steelers update everyday. I like him, he is good and so smart during the game. He leads the group and is really determine to win. As we all know, they won the last years "super bowl" and I am very glad about it.

As I've read the sports news lately, each team has been practicing a lot in preparation for the upcoming 2009 season. Well, I don't blame them, everybody wants to win. To me I hope my team will win again like they did last year. Their game was spectacular last year and hopefully they will do their best once again for the 2009 season. It was a momentum for them and I was very happy when they won. Nothing beats the Pittsburg Steelers..hehehehe..I know each of us has it's own favorite but team so I will brag on my So guys mark your calendar for the football season.

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