Thursday, June 04, 2009

A powerful Remote Desktop Software

With all honesty I don't really know about proxy pro 6. I am a computer geek but I haven't really encountered a software like this but when I heard about it, I did some research and I have learned a lot of information from it. At first, I didn't really know that it is a remote desktop software. I didn't that a powerful tool like Proxy pro 6 do exist. I feel so fortunate that I have learned about this technology which gives me more knowledge and the advance features while I'm working. Proxy Pro 6 has an excellent features. It gives a peer to peer remote access. It gives a fast and reliable remote control software. It provides an automatic discovery of remote PC's. Secures transferred files and most definitely safe and has very convenient remote management tools. This technology is absolutely powerful that could reach PC's anywhere and anytime because it has a remote control software to resolve support issues collaboratively as well as remote management software to monitor and repair PC's in real time. Wow! This exactly what I want and what I need when I am working. I am so glad to know all about this because it gives me an advance knowledge on the latest technology nowadays.

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