Thursday, June 18, 2009

Walk-in tubs for pregnancy

The moment we knew that I am pregnant, we got excited and thrilled. We were very cautious in everything I do for my pregnancy. I know being pregnant will sometimes put you and your baby at risk and experiencing it right now, I could relate the hardships and sacrifices were facing. I am in my first tri-mister and I could say that it is very hard to move and walk going back and forth because it makes me feel dizzy and throw up. I am having a hard time taking a shower because I am afraid that I might fell. But to prevent it, we were talking about buying a walkin tub for my safety and our baby as well. This tub will give me comfortable shower time with no risk involve. Be very cautious if your pregnant.


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I hope this help people that our out there in a similar situation to mine.

My wife is pregnant with our third child and she has trouble getting in and out of the bath tub. Im concerned about here getting in and out of the bath when I'm at work. She like to take relaxing baths during the day helps her stomach since it is being stretched.

I have had many disturbing visions of here slipping while trying to get into the tub.

After hours and hours of research I have came to a solution that works for both of us.

It a walk-in bath tub. I dont have to worry about her getting in and out of the tub and the hydrotherapy jets (use on low only) are relaxing on her body.

I shopped around forever looking for the best deal.

I ended up buying one from this site

I hope this helps other couples who are in a similar situations as me and my wife