Friday, June 26, 2009

Cops to Question Michael Jackson's Doctor, Conrad Robert Murray

Los Angeles police are looking for Jackson's doctor, who they hope can shed light on how the pop singer died. Cops towed a silver BMW from outside Jackson's Los Angeles home, which police confirmed belonged to Jackson's "personal physician" and which they believed contains evidence crucial to the investigation. The doctor's name has not been officially released by authorities. Law enforcement sources, however, confirmed to ABC News, that the car towed from Jackson's home is registered to one Susan Mary Rush. Rush is the sister of Dr. Conrad Robert Murray, who was the doctor with Jackson Thursday. Police interviewed Murray Thursday night, but have not been able to reach him since then. "The car was impounded," said Amanda Betat, a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Police Department. "One reason it was impounded was because it may contain medication or evidence that could assist the coroner in determining the cause of death." The British Newspaper the Sun has reported that Jackson was given a lethal dose of the painkiller Demerol before his death.


Anonymous said...

I like MJ but he'z not available to us any more :(

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Anonymous said...

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Sandy said...

Not a new problem, it seems common place among the rich and famous to buy the drugs/doctors they want to live the life style they want. Get rid of friends, family or doctors who won't give you want you want; then when something goes bad (and it seems it always does), blame the doctor. These stars have so little reality in the lives they believe the media, that they can do whatever they want.

Sad way to lead ones life; both for the stars sake, and the easily manipulated personal physicians. Seems the docs succumb to fame and money...a question about who's manipulating who, or using who...seems to be it's a 2 way street.

The rich and famous and their groupies should live by the same rules/laws we regular people do.

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Unknown said...

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Grace said...

Hi Ady, kumusta man ka diha? Nagwork na ka?

Ciela said...

Hi Addy! Seems like MJ's death is a never ending issue.

Anyway, I miss your posts for a while. But I'm back.