Friday, June 05, 2009

High Tech Facility

I am working from home and do all my work in my computer. I do a lot of typing, printing, scanning and everything like that. But sometimes I am not satisfied with the outcome of my work. Well, maybe the facilities that I have is not that advanced to do my job perfectly. I have been wanting to own a high technology facility that makes my work a lot more easier and a lot more visible to my clients when I present it to them. Just like my scanner, it is not really a high powered scanner that captures every object or every details of an object that I am working at. I want something that has data capture systems that could bring a great presentation to any objects I scan. I also want something for my business to where I could organize things properly. So that I won't end up losing some files for the clients and files for myself. It is so tough if I lose something important and my facilities are not that reliable to do another job. I feel so disappointed sometimes. What I really need for my files is a document management software, where I can save all my files, well organize and protected. And anytime I need it, I know where to pull it out.

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