Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Software Solution

Have you heard about Bently? If not, this is the right time to know them. Bently is a company that is dedicated in providing comprehensive software solutions for the infrastructure lifecycle. They have proven applications that help engineers, architects, contractors, governments, institutions, utilities and owner-operators design, build and operate more productively, collaborate more globally and deliver infrastructure assets that perform more sustainably. They offer MicroStation Tutorials for whosoever is interested. They also provide Arcteryx and CAD Software work. Bently has this innovative and comprehensive software solutions from buildings to bridges, transit to utilities and clean energy to clean water. Check out their website now and learn the different products and services they provide for eveyone.

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Unknown said...

Hi..Thanks for telling us about Bently. I own a company where all the system installation, software development and other network handling job was done by Teligy ( And I would like to tell you that these guys completed the work before deadline, which was more profitable for me. Till date, I don't have any plans to change my service provider, but yes if required, I would definitely consider Bently.