Wednesday, January 28, 2009

scrap iron

This is the other side I do not write many of these post so I will throw one in to let you know some about me. One of the things I enjoy and am good at is scrap iron. It is a weird industry but one that has given me and my family spending money for many years. I have seen prices go from a little of nothing to sky high . It is frustrating to watch when prices are high the people who bring in scrap in a wasted state by that I mean I have seen people take an air conditioner and sell it for $6.00 when 20 minutes worth of work they could have made $40.00. But they are there for the easy way out and as weird as it may seem even with scrap iron you get out of it what you put in to it if you just want the quick gratification take it but if you are willing to put in just a little bit of work the rewards will always be there. Everything can be drawn back to life lessons and you can always look at the bad and ask for the other person to step up and do for you but remember just like everything else you will only get out of this life what you put into it so give your life its all and remember bad things happen but if you want to be happy it is your choice to make yourself that way.

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