Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bathroom Furniture

As I got up this morning I went straight to my computer and started browsing some website and I came across this website name Max furniture. They sell different kinds of furniture particularly for the bathroom. I got interested and surfed their site. They have bathroom vanity furniture for a perfect match in your bathroom which I like when it comes to home furniture. Aside from that they have a huge selection of single vanities that comes in 53 choices in this section alone. They also have 21 choices for double vanity in your bathroom. And if you are the type of person that likes traditional piece, they have traditional vanities for you to choose from. For the modern type of person, they offer modern vanities just for you in different kinds. If you want it more simple but with elegant appeal in your bathroom they have 15 choices of teak vanities that comes in a solid stone and bath cabinet. And not only that, this winter season they offer discount bathroom vanities and save 45 up to 75 %. Wow! That's a huge savings especially when buying home furniture. I am so glad that I came across this website because I know where to buy my home furniture now when I need a new one.

This is one of my favorite in their huge selection of furniture:

Description: This beautiful birch wood single vanity has an antique finished brass sink and brass faucet with a marble top. It also has a multi layer 12 step hand glaze finish to prevent pealing, cracking and fading. The classic, traditional look with a modern feel will transform any bathroom.

Item Included: Vanity w/ Sink & Faucet

Wood: Birch wood construction

Sink: Brass w/ Antique Finish

Faucets: Brass w/ Antique Finish


  • » Vanity (33"w x 20"d x 35.5"h)
  • » Natural marble top finished and sealed to prevent stains and water marks
  • » Perfectly matched 100% heavy gauge brass faucets & sink
  • » Solid Birch grade A wood
  • » Multi layer 12 step hand glaze finish to prevent pealing, cracking, fading

There are a lot of factors going into making top quality furniture. Here at Max Furniture
we follow all the latest technological advances to make sure we give you the highest
quality product at a best possible price. Please read below what makes our furniture
one of the best in the industry today.

Bathroom vanities are one of the most challenging pieces of furniture produced today.
Elevated humidity levels, and heavy use, command use of very best materials and most
advanced finishing techniques available today.

All of our vanities use Kiln-dried selected hardwoods. All wood is properly dried to
prevent warping and cracking.

Inner construction:
All of our wooden vanities use framed type construction. This ensures stability and
unsurpassed durability for many years to come. We do not produce knock down or flat
pack type of cabinets that are joined with bolts and staples.

Vanity tops:
All vanities feature natural stone tops only. Whether is marble, or granite, you can
depend on its natural beauty and durability. In addition, all of our tops are sealed to
prevent watermarks or common stains.

All of our vanities have properly sealed finish to prevent pealing and fading in elevated
humidity levels.

Model: 164-001-5156

Visit their website now and start looking for your own bathroom furniture.

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