Saturday, January 31, 2009


I always feel grateful that God has given me so much blessings in my life. I have a very loving husband who is always there for me and loved me. I have a family who supports me in all my decisions in life. I just feel so great that despite of everything I have gone through to reach this stage, God has truly given me so much strength and so much blessings that I am experiencing right now. I never dreamed of having so much in life but God is great and good all the time and he knew what his kids deserve to have. I owe everything to God. In this stage of my life, I could say that I couldn't ask for anything more because it has been given. I know saying thank you is not enough to say but I really am thankful for everything that I have. So guys do not forget everything that God has done for you. We know we tend to forget to thank him with all the blessings he gave but his very great and loving who never forget his children no matter what and will always be there for each and everyone of us. God Bless!

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