Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Winter Clothes For The Precious One

I gave birth to a precious little girl 8 months ago. Wow! can't believe how time flies and before we know it she's already a teenager. But anyhow, I am in search for some girls clothing right now. She outgrown most of her clothes already so I needed to buy new ones. Especially now that winter season is almost here so I will needing jackets / coats for her.

I do love shopping for my little girl. Since she is our first child I want the best for her. I think she is spoiled but that doesn't really matter because we love her so much. But, aside from the jackets / coats I plan on buying some outfits for her too for her church clothes. I will probably include some footwear too since it is getting cold.

I cannot wait to go shopping for her winter clothes. I plan not to buy a bunch because you know how kids outgrow clothes pretty quick. I don't want to make another mistake again in buying a bunch of clothes to the point that she did not wear most of them. I am looking forward for a great buy when I go shopping. But sometimes you do not really worry on the prices that you buy if it's for you precious one.

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