Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Princess Palace Bedroom Redesign

Posted by Gaylord Campbell

The little princess has turned three and is ready for some changes in her bedroom. The crib has been gone for a while now and she really loves pretending to be a princess. I wanted to make some changes, but just wasn't sure where to start. So, I went online with clear internet we got at www.cleartvbundle.comto get some ideas of what types of things I could do to redecorate the room.

The room was already a really pretty lavender, so we just added a darker shade and did some of the trim work in the room. Just that made a huge difference. She is always struggling with the closet doors, so we took them off and used a pole for a shower curtain and put it up with cute pink window curtains. Now, she just had to push the curtains out of the way to get to her shoes and clothes.

The biggest change was getting some new furniture and changing the irems she already had. We added different knobs to her dresser and nightstand. Each one is a crown or princess shoe or pretty dress. Then, we got a new table and chairs that is covered with flowers in all kinds of pastel colors. The overall effect is really beautiful. It just looks so feminine and I know that she absolutely loves it.

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