Thursday, September 09, 2010

Fall In Love

Posted by Heriberto Fuentes

My best friend Lauren and I absolutely love our chick flicks. Almost a new one comes out every week and we go and see it. It truly is roommate bonding time for the both of us as we swoon over the male lead in the film and wish we were the woman he was pursuing. Every Sunday night we set the ADT security system in Balcones Heights on our house and head down to the theater in the next town. We choose to go on Sunday nights because they are far less busy than Saturdays and Fridays.

We purchase our tickets and we always sit in the front row. Although it may cause a bit of a neck ache after the film we have found that the closer you sit the more real the picture becomes. If you sit somewhere in the middle or the back of theater you get caught up with what is happening around you. Girls are usually crying and guys are usually rolling their eyes. Kids are very impatient and someone always seems to be throwing popcorn. Sitting in the front eliminates or at least reduces the little aspects of life that pull you out of the movies. Lauren and I go to the movies so we can fall in love all over again.

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