Friday, September 24, 2010

A Evening at Fort Yamhill

Posted by Gaylord Campbell

We hiked the trail at Fort Yamhill this evening. It is only about a mile long hike with the first half of the trail wheel chair friendly. This is a very historically interesting place having been manned by General Sheridan and his troops as they watched over the western side of the Willemette Valley during the formative years of Oregon.

The Generals house is still standing and the first thing you visit on your hike. On up the hill there are plaques describing what type of building or other use was found in that area. Once on top of the small hill you find this is where the log fort stood and can realize the commanding view that was offered to those on duty there. From the site of the Fort the trail took us past the flag mounted on a whole tall log as it would have been originally, then down into a wooded area that is quite a pretty walk. We even found the calling card left by a bear who had been feeding on berries.

Knowing I had set our home alarm system before leaving we hurried home before our company arrived and tried to enter setting it off and raising the neighborhood watch.

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