Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Found A Permanent Solution

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A week after I got here in the United States, the first thing I saw were squirrels in the front yard, raccoons on the side road ( they were dead) and rabbits at the back yard. At first I was very amazed with these creatures because I have not seen them in my country ( Philippines ). Well, not with the rabbits though because we also have rabbits over there. I got a close up look of the squirrels and raccoons one day and I was astounded. I don't know but probably the feeling of seeing them the first time made me so fascinated about them. Yes, they are so adorable at first but on the later part of the year, they become disturbing and threatening. Squirrels starts eating the bird seeds for our birds and the nasty smell of a dead raccoon starts circulating in our vicinity. I did not know they could create such mess in our property and it does bothering. Did a little research for a solution and stumbled on a website. I came across Havahart website and they have all the information we needed to a permanent solution. Upon reading the details in their website, Animal Trapping Tips was highlighted. I can't believe to what I've read and the solutions they have provided. I was very astounded with the different tips they gave such as Havahart Easy Set Large Animal Trap as well as Havahart Easy Set Small Animal Trap. Wow! never in my mind that the process is so easy but I'm sure glad I got stumbled in their website and found a permanent solution to our problem.
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